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  2. May i ask which quote?
  3. The thing is, inside the caves, Wolly can never go insane due to complete darkness, his sanity doesn't drop in there, he loses sanity during surface daylight.
  4. Oh i'm more than well aware of this, but it still hurts my soul :,)
  5. Didn't that start theories about WX-78 having a human inside of him or something
  6. I didn't really bother doing the math, mostly this turn I got super lucky with Caprice turning into Bulldoze, drawing Bolstered, 0 cost cards, and second winds. guess what I meant is it's easy to to do 30 damage in the first turn since I have several high damage cards and several ways to combo cards into each other. If I were to get lucky enough first turn, I could play Obtuse, Lucid Threaten, and Bolster all in a row to rack up 4 dominance, causing 21 free damage + 5-8 card damage + any damage from 0 cost cards like Pale Impression and Veiled Anger.
  7. Same,i got pretty disappointed tbh.
  8. Merm hats?

    For some odd reason,any interaction with merms other than attacking and examining is not possible with merms. But they re-use pigs' build and animations,so they can wear hats. I'm not sure if they're going to make Wurt able to do other interactions with merms that others characters can't.
  9. I remember way before Wormwood was introduced into DST, I thought that his "Hollow" skin was going to be this. It would've been very different, but very neat!
  10. you can find all predefined consolecommands within consolecommands.lua in scripts folder of the game To make sure it is indeed caused by the componentactions you can add this to modmain: AddComponentAction("USEITEM", "fuel", function(inst, doer, target, actions) -- this wont overwrite anything, it is just an additional check if not (doer.replica.rider ~= nil and doer.replica.rider:IsRiding()) or (target.replica.inventoryitem ~= nil and target.replica.inventoryitem:IsGrandOwner(doer)) then if inst.prefab ~= "spoiled_food" and inst:HasTag("quagmire_stewable") and target:HasTag("quagmire_stewer") and target.replica.container ~= nil and target.replica.container:IsOpenedBy(doer) then print("is returning without checking FUEL",inst) return end for k, v in pairs(GLOBAL.FUELTYPE) do if inst:HasTag(v.."_fuel") then if target:HasTag(v.."_fueled") then table.insert(actions, inst:GetIsWet() and ACTIONS.ADDWETFUEL or ACTIONS.ADDFUEL) print("ADDFUEL action should was added",inst) end return end end end print("end of function",inst) end) you can add more prints if neccessary. In case the action is not added to the actions table and you can not fix it by changing your previous code, you can also use the code above to simply add the action yourself. So lets assume this is called "print("is returning without checking FUEL",inst)", then you could simply remove the first part of the code above, to only have the "for ... FUELTYPE..." function in it. This will then be executed after the checks written in componentactions.lua and will add your action. (so AddComponentAction is only adding, not overwriting)
  11. i cant move

    i load in an i wont be able to move
  12. Simple quick question! Can you put hats on merms? And if not will you be able to as Wurt?
  13. This one definitely reads like it will tick a lot of missing boxes in the player character department. I can already agree you guys outdid yourselves on this one.
  14. dokinary's gallery

    Unfortunately JJBA doesn't published in our country, but we able to read it online Actually, there a lot of russian JJBA fans, seriously, russian fanbase is huge! I have read all parts in Russian and now I'm planning to re-read them in English. i don't know, i just use bright colors that i think will match well together tee-hee Maxlie is my OTP since 2014 *wink* Also i thought Charlie could talk about Max a lot, annoying her sis
  15. there are other ways, yes. But if you overwrite that function, make sure to save the old funciton and call it within your new one. So you new function should only contain the preishness stuff and then simply call the old function. This way it is totally okay to overwrite the original function (cause you are calling the old one within yours new one). The other way might be the "dropitem" event you see within container component. I see no reason why it should not work.
  16. Having Toadstool get repeatedly frozen with Ice Flingomatics gives the player much more time to take care of what they need to when it comes to the boss. It makes it use all of its attacks less frequently, giving players much more time to run away because of a spore bomb or chop its Sporecaps. With how freezing works, though, a mob will only stay frozen as long as it's not attacked. You can't completely disable all of Toadstool's abilities by freezing it repeatedly during battle, as you do need to attack it to actually kill it. It makes the fight much more doable when doing it alone - the combination of spore bombs and spore caps often leaves you with little time to actually chop the Sporecaps, allowing Toadstool to keep spawning even more Sporecaps and have an 80% damage reduction that basically doesn't go away. In fights with multiple people, on the other hand, Ice Flingomatics barely do anything. Having multiple people means you can easily chop Toadstool's Sporecaps as they spawn, and you can even have people attacking Toadstool itself during the spawning process. Ice Flingomatics wouldn't really make a big difference, and I don't think the slight difficulty decrease is going to be worth it. There are reasons not to use this setup. I never build Ice Flingomatics when playing with friends because The gears, ice, flowers/feathers and Star Caller Staff do take time and effort to get, and I don't think it's worth it when I have others to help Said resources could be used for something better A friend might accidentally destroy a flingomatic while fighting Toadstool and end up wasting some of our resources because of that I wouldn't be fighting Toadstool more than once or twice. And as I've said earlier, someone might want to not use this setup just because they think it makes the fight boring.
  17. Today
  18. Yeah. I learned this the hard way too. Put in doors to keep my guys from cutting through my water reservoir and literally killed my entire population of pacu cause I didn't notice until 40 cycles later when I ran out of food.
  19. That’s assuming Wurt will only have the monster tag. According to the character preview, Wurt hates pigs which might make her not want to interact with them at all. Monster meat on the ground probably would work though.
  20. *laughs in 200 gold from ruins rush*
  21. My inner Sea of Thieves player desires massive tentacles to grapple the boat in place for the ensuing fight.
  22. I memed my own playthru
  23. I think its fine. The character appears to be great at exploring caves, where gold and rock are abundant. Though it kinda sounds like old Woodie all over again - great at collecting minerals but eat those same minerals to avoid going insane.
  24. last I checked, Werepigs can transform from eating monster meat on the ground, so that's not much of an issue either.
  25. what does freezing it do? also why wouldn't you use this?
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