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  2. Wouldn't you need like 8 conveyor lines full of regolith for that? I don't think you get anywhere close to that from the sky.
  3. Agreed. I have a video for a regolith melter and I had a cool idea yesterday for a whole new approach to melting it. I think I can make 125kw of regolith power. It's completely ridiculous.
  4. So you gotta feed the Merm King? I wonder if he eats food off of the ground
  5. I suppose this means the exchanger boxes could be made of anything down to igneous... Good news and bad news I guess. Frankly, I should have known this, I'm a bit embarrassed. Also, I don't get to play with molten aluminium. It is counterflow right now, except compartmentalized... Ideally it'd be one long snake of 2 conveyor lines running parallel, encased in something, but the conveyor bug doesn't let that happen, so this is the next best thing I could come up with. The hot regolith comes in at 1403+, and the magma drips down at 1420-ish, you don't want those two to meet. I'd get molten regolith on the cooling platform and the whole thing would grind to a halt. Besides, the cool regolith takes that heat energy with it into the first exchanger box, so it's not like it's lost or causing spikes. Thanks, it means a lot.
  6. I'm guessing that you actually can read, english, @wandeka, but just in case, since you asked in portuguese, I may as well assure that you get your answer, so: Primeiro, verifique se a sua conta da Klei está vinculada a sua conta no Twitch (precisa ter ambas, obviamente). Dá pra verificar no link, e se não estiver, na aba "rewards" deve ter deve ter o link pra vincular. Daí, é só assistir as lives de dont starve together , mas lembre que você deve estar logada na sua conta da Twitch e o streammer tem que estar com a opção de drops habilitados (em baixo do nome dele tem que aparecer a frase "Drops habilitados! Assista a uma transmissão para ganhar loots.". E é basicamente isso, com seis horas assistindo você deve liberar as três recompensas, e elas vão ser disponibilizadas assim que você entrar no jogo =)
  7. The bottom line is Wurt players can live off Birchnuts and Carrots and Berries Forever.. Right?
  8. You know what else grinds my gears my old main, Wx78, felt too dependent, with needing Wickerbottom to unlock one of his perks. That's why I've switched mains but old mains count I guess
  9. there is, but the game doesn't really follow real-world definitions a lot vegetarians are people who avoid meat products (so they still consume eggs and milk), vegans are people who avoid animal products (so they'll avoid eggs and milk) but i think this isn't a useful definition in the game, because the game seems to think that eggs are meat and that milk is solid food
  10. Basically, vegetarians don't eat meat, while Vegans don't eat meat or things that come from meat. Eggs are probably the biggest item there. Milk varies a bit more.
  11. Ban Lammarr because i'm perfectly of good health!
  12. (most) Entities inside of a cell q = k_low・ΔT・Δt・1000 Igneous rock only has a conductivity of 2, and will be k_low whether you use diamond or thermium. Going higher than diamond will improve the tile to tile transfer but I'm not sure that will matter much for this design. Plus, because rock has such higher capacity than regolith, you don't even need high efficiency, just enough time. You could also cool the lava with the hottest regolith rather than the coldest regolith. I like the build. Inspiring.
  13. When trying to speedrun this level, jumped and somehow landed in this spot....
  14. yo guys there is a difference between vegetarian and vegan you know that right?
  15. well i hope that "vegetarian" in DST just means she doesn't eat anything classified as "meat" such as jerky, pierogi, fish, eggs, drumsticks, etc rather than only being able to eat whatever's classified as a "fruit" or "vegetable" basically, she wouldn't be able to eat anything that wigfrid can eat (except for jellybeans and halloween candy) a good way to tell if the game considers something as meat or not is how fast your character eats them: a slower animation means it's meat
  16. Started thinking about this a little while ago... I'm wondering how they'll behave in caves following the update and the (presumed) ability to create villages of Merms and swamp turf wherever. Like...will they come out in the endless darkness of the caves? Will they still cram several of their kind into single houses, enabling condensed murder zones that could permanently overtake the Ruins with a bit more ease than current methods? Actually looking forward to experimenting with this character.
  17. Well regolith is pretty stubborn, I'm pretty sure the best way to get it to budge is to encase it in something very conductive, and with diamond this is how much it takes. Aluminium would be much better but it'd melt in anything but the 1st box (if it'd even last there). Thermium is the only step up, but if I had that much thermium I wouldn't need anything like this... You can make it smaller and worse, or bigger and better, but short of going to thermium, I don't see how else to make it better. I guess molten aluminium is a thing, I'll have to see how that'd work.
  18. The more you flow, the more efficient the system is. And the reason they're huge is usually because you're running a ton of space just for the temperature exchanges you might as well attach a few things along the way. Even Petro boilers pre-space can get pretty big just on the exchanger alone.
  19. SAM_5447.thumb.JPG.953c937509de02bad3d0a4581fa4678f.JPG

    Here's the reason I was silent today. I went to another haunted maze. Again, the monsters there were very helpful to my father,



    We got free parking due to bringing the new hearse there for the night:




    Okay okay, I'M SANS. Happy now?:wilsondisapproving:(though this one was just a glitch from my phone).


    1. Canis




      So it was you in my closet all along.

    2. minespatch
    3. galaxybread


      Now I need myself like that but stupider

      I must see if I can make something stupid with sans in the closet

  20. i asked about it and i'm going to prepare my 5 paragraph essay on why wurt should be able to eat butterflies on the 24th. That's if klei gave butterfly wings some sort of veggie/fruit property and we don't know of it, or they might make her be able to eat them regardless, which could make some early game butterfly farm strats
  21. Wurt

    To be fair, it was Peter's account.
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  23. I am more than kinda concerned of vegan characters for DST I mean most times you join right before winter (day 10-15) so you wouldn't have much to prepare and most stuff would have been picked by then so really you will more than likely be forced to A. take all cactus and eat that which would be annoying because the swap and desert could not be next to each other which also deprives others from that discount lichen and sanity B. farm and eat mass amounts of sea weed so you would have to sail around nowhere near a swamp and lose sanity C. find the luner island and eat stone fruit and ignore your own downside D. go to the caves and eat lichen witch you may not even be prepared to find and they spoil so fast they can't be stored locking you down there
  24. Top four are Sleet Wheat, Pincha Pepperplant, Thimble Reed, and Waterweed. This will let you make Pepper Bread (tier 5), Frost Burger (tier 6), and Insulation. It will also let you use the Espresso Machine.
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