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  2. Do the rejuvenation chambers not heal light wounds?
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a fully modded playable character! I'd like to be able to commission someone in funds up to 50 USD or less. what I require : 8-month due date WIP pictures/videos every month High-quality character, crisp lines, and color; communication to fix any issues or bugs that may arise Free access to dialogue files, etc. SEEKING: Fully colored and rendered character model with animations One custom ‘attack’/technique Custom sanity, hunger and health levels; custom attack damage; custom movement speed Custom dialogue One custom item Mod quality similar to that of this mod - Comment below or message me on Instagram @spooky.ct (I will most likely respond faster on Instagram) If I like your art and previous DST mods done by YOU, I’ll show you the character and what i’m looking to use for this mod, and we can talk specifics, price, etc. Most likely i will not go over 50 USD dollars. ( Paypal only) thanks!!
  4. Okay crew! As your new temp overseer my goals are as follows: The installation of Hygienic Toilets & Sinks As colony physician I can tell you with certainty germs are bad!} An Electrolyzer so we can all breathe a little easier. A more hands off power grid than all these hamster wheels. {Tho running keeps ya fit, so they'll still be around for a loong time to come! "New overseer? What happened to the old one?" "Not a thing! She just has her hands full cooking now the kitchen is up and running." "Yeah, I got this, {really!} we're gonna have top of the line plumbing, atmo production and zero disease issues during my stint." "Uh.. Boss lady?" "What now? I'm a bit busy trying to convince everyone they're in good hands." "The portal thingy just popped out another person, they call themselves ColBBQ!" "Excellent, we could use another chef." "They're a miner actually..." "Like I said we could use another chef, someone mentioned eating dirt a while back didn't they?" Welcome to the crew ColBBQ! Whatever happens I'm pretty certain you won't get ill easily, unless of course a future overseer notices your digging aptitude as well and assigns you to mining slime... A few cycles later and the new washroom facilities are up and running! "This is pretty sweet, maybe this new overseer will out okay after all." "Sure, they're only holding the spot for another 18 cycles, what could possibly go wrong?" "Uh guys? Not to be a downer or anything but we got food rotting in piles down on the lower levels..."
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  6. Deathofbarney's Dont starve

    Illustrator , all done with vector's , Chances are ill go over the glommerxspider as well in illustrator, also have a beefalo and friends one Im working on as well.
  7. eh..thumb.png.db0b6b4a0a63829b0fcbdec3e79f04d0.png

    I can't really commit to having an entire just ds art thread so here's a unrealized ancient warrior just trying to get along. such a cute lil dummy

    1. DragonMage156


      Aw look at the forest cutie ^_^

  8. You spelt Wes wrong in the lucky pond video.
  9. Hello, I'm glad to present you my first mod - Dig your pond! with Set Piece and Full Moon based event! This mod offers the ability to create a pond, so you can make dwellings for fish anywhere! Also the mod contains the Set Piece "Lucky Pond”, which consists of the pond together with the pigs that protect it and the associated Event that occurs during the full moon. A manmade pond is a copy of any other pond that can be found in the world. In the Lucky Pond an unusual “fish” may be fished out – a whole bunch of items similar to those that occur in Tumbleweed. During the full moon something strange is going on near the Pond. If you have enough courage, you’ll find out what. Dig your pond! Mod video presentation Dig your pond Set Piece 'Lucky Pond' video presentation If you’re interested - visit mod page at Steam and let me know what do you think about the mod.
  10. i tried to make a big electrolyzer system due to the size of my colony and have gone through a lot of roadblocks but now im just completely stuck on how my pipes are blocked, stopping me from distributing oxygen throughout my colony, and i would like to know how to fix this.
  11. You bring up a *really* great point: in order to build anything, the materials need to be Delivered and that is a separate Job task. The reason I disabled Delivery from my Builder dupes is because often I would watch them dig/build something right next to a whole block of high-priority tiles, then stop after the first block to make a Delivery-task run on the opposite side of the map. This inefficiency is exacerbated when you use Exosuits. Im just not sure what is most efficient. I think the real root cause problem here is that job tasks are not assigned based on distance to/from the last job the dupe just finished (or was scheduled). Do you think it's more efficient to have all your Builders *also* running Delivery jobs? Thanks! Atlas I would add my observation that just simply the first step of dividing up the jobs into two categories is so significant that--if you havent done this yet--you will 'feel' like you've nearly doubled your staff of dupes in terms of their work efficiency. I can see that as the Job prioirity UI gets further developed by Klei this will continue to be an area for huge gains in productivity and time management of your Plebs.
  12. Bumping for controller support. Made an account just to post!
  13. Ah, that's unfortunate. I think this problem may be a little out of my league, but thank you very much for the information. I would be interested to hear if you ever do find a solution, but as for now, listening for anim changes seems to have solved my problem. It's just... a very stupid way to do it. Well, I guess my original plan wasn't much better. But at least that one didn't need to run every frame.
  14. I couldn't agree more to pretty much everything here. You mentioned Woodie being outmatched by pigmen in the late game. Obviously bearger does an even better job but that only comes around once an in-game year. So on the topic of pigmen Woodie would have an advantage due to bonus follower time but that dosen't make Woodie any better because A: unless the entire place is well lit the pigs will panic and not do their jobs for the extra time you have since it will most likely be night/dusk at some point and B: If you go beaver mode on all the trees the pigs stop what their doing and just stare at you. If the pigs would actually do their job while you're going beaver and not require constant light to do their jobs at least during dusk then the bonus time perk might actually be useful for something and noteworthy in some way. It's a change that would probably make Woodie at least a little more worthwhile and on top of that I could maybe use it more than twice in nearly 500 hours playing Woodie.
  15. Character Mod Voice Repeating When Hurt, Help

    OH, PFF. THAT WAS TOTALLY IT !! i'm a little embarrassed that it was something so small... thank you so much !!
  16. Geni's Random Art thread

    yiss I am the ultimate memeber
  17. hello! before i start asking anything, i do want to state one thing: I am very new to this forum page, to if this topic is posted in the wrong place, please forgive me. i am also new to modding, so im sorry if i sound like a noob. Okay! so first all, i am trying to get familiar with coding and such, as im trying to make a character for myself and my friends on DST. but i have ran into questions and problems. 1) how can i make my character immune to cold? 2) How can i make my character considered a monster (like webber i believe?) 3) is there a way to add custom voices (like bass instruments) 4) can i make my character gain sanity at night, and picking flowers lowers it? 5) how to i make my character start out with items at spawn? 6) I have played the tecolin mod, and how do i make hounds and clockworks friendly to my character? 7) On the character menu, if i hover over a character (ex: wes) then switch t my character the name doesnt change, but the stats and such do? Im REALLY sorry for so many questions!!! also, could anyone possibly link screenshots if they have an answer? sorry. edit: forgot to mention i have also followed dleowolf's tutorial for making dst characters.
  18. No, I'm not. I'm talking about soley the transfer of heat between two different gasses with all other aspects equal. One with a higher conductivity will absorb heat faster. Don't be an ass. I'm clearly talking about the rest of your statement, where you give a very unclear example. Why would we specify that? The scenario I gave was that it would reach equilibrium faster given new heat in the system. And of course the transfer will be near zero with no temperature difference. The thermal spec is still the most important when dealing with how much heat is removed by the wheezeworts, but even if you had another gas with the same thermal spec, it would be less effective at getting the heat into the gas circulation. And the less heat in the gas, the more heat in the thermal plates and equipment.
  19. Spindlewick's Art

    You can never go home
  20. Played around with liquid gold and dropping it into water. I had it flow into a mesh tile and it stayed a liquid despite cooling down. I decontructed the mesh and it looked really weird. I saved the game and reloaded. It turned into a solid. But now the game crashes constantly. I think it happens shortly after I resume the time. I will attach the save. Test Realm.sav
  21. Looks like I've misunderstood purpose of checkpoint. Tried to make something that keeps dupes locked at work site during day and lets them out just before night. Can't use a door for that because once it is locked, it does not let dupes in, and there is no way to automatize restrictions.
  22. SomeJackass Art

    Banana man ...No? I can draw them however I want to. Not every single tall bird oc has to have one eye.
  23. Hi there. I just bought the mega pack on Steam and installed it. My computer usually crashes immediately upon launching DST, but one time I managed to get to the screen where I could look for games to join. That time, it crashed as soon as I selected one. My friend who is sitting next to me downloaded it at the same time and launched no problem. He has the DS and DST bundle rather than the mega bundle - not sure if there is any unintended difference in the software. Steps I've taken: verified files (multiple times - the first time 4 files were missing, verified good after that) ran dxsetup ran vcredist disabled firewall and antivirus did lots of rebooting between the above steps Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  24. Thank you so much, you're a life saver!! How can I thank you?
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