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  2. Too Many Showers!

    Heh. That might work. Great ideas.
  3. Too Many Showers!

    Something simple like this would suffice maybe ? Left most door is set to only allow exit, rightmost door is locked on the time sensor that you set. 1% of the cycle equates to 6 seconds, so how long you give them to shower is upto you
  4. What to craft with spools as f2p?

    Don't forget spare spools will be stored and can be used for future events too. Now if i could only pik 3, i would do Wx, Webber, and Hambat out of what you listed
  5. Extoller's Art

    Sorry, it's just a really tiny sketch. I'm not feeling so well tonight. Maybe I'll fix it up tomorrow, or work on another Forge pic before it ends.
  6. i'm currently making a character mod and i have all the animations done, the only problem is with coding, as i am sort of new to lua the character is supposed to be an error, so they don't exactly work right, what i'm intending to happen is incapability to speak, kinda like a ghost, so whenever speaking it will say one of a few lines temperature works backwards- for instance an endothermic fire will make them heat up and a regular fire will make them cool down, during the summer they need warm stuff to prevent freezing and in the winter they need summer stuff to prevent overheating, when at max wetness, they overheat and you know, basically temperature works backwards start with a random item- not from a list, like any random item, just there, any item from the whole game in their inventory when they start, like completely unpredictable (this one isn't necessary) so if anyone who knows how to code this could help that would be great
  7. "The best" healer

    Now i can safely say Best healer is Wickerbottom changing hats plus using the golem book. Just confirmed CDR armor lower your cooldown while you wear the item not when you cast it, casted a heal naked, picked up the CDR armor and Tiara thats 20% the heal was ready in 20 seconds.
  8. Too Many Showers!

    Yeah, that was my first thought. How, though? I can turn off the water, but that only affects the shower-after-next. And for public showers, one person can wind up taking all the day's showers. I might could lock the door, but that could turn ugly if I lock it while it's in use.
  9. I managed to get 4k spools after some time at lvl 100 i will open 25+ more chest i assume i can get around 5.5k spools by then. I already crafted my favorite character elegant heads wickerbottom and maxwell so i finished their costume, i got the elegant head for wes but i dont use him xD gonna keep it anyway, also i got the marbel suit the 90% one the bloosom garland and the 10% MS grass suit skins. If you were me what would u craft taking this into consideration I like WX and Webber and wolfgang so i want those 3 heads I also like that helmet and hambat for skins. I would need 6750 spools to craft all those 5 items, if i can only pick 3 what you craft? PS; taking into account that i dont get any of those 5 items in the 25 chest i will open at lvl 100
  10. Too Many Showers!

    Or use automation to only permit access to them for 2% of the day WE'VE JUST HAD AN AUTOMATION UPDATE GUYS, CMON NOW!
  11. Monoxide Memes

    ALL THE SINGLE LEGGIES *leaves before regretting this post*
  12. Indeed, but sadly I try and avoid things like this lest I develop a dependency on them
  13. That's pretty disgusting indeed. Can be pretty useful while the devs don't fix it. Also that's an improvement for your system, right?
  14. Today
  15. Too Many Showers!

    The solution to this particular annoyance requires micromanagement, but denying them access to the showers via door permission will keep them in the field. Just make sure they have access to an outhouse/lavatory somewhere else and remember to give them access to the showers once the job is complete.
  16. Hello one and all, I'm CasualRaz a semi-longtime lurker on the oxygen Reddit/forums, always checking out builds/ideas to use in my base. Today I've been working on an easy way to cool down a self powering electrolyzer setup which is normally difficult due to its tiny nature of the build. Its close to impossible to drip water on the system so here's my take on cooling it down. heres a link to the album . Here is the main overview of the two setups, the top is the normal setup of a single electrolyzer although I did add a chamber for future cooling. the top chamber quicker hits its working temp from outputting gas at 70oC, flooding the top base with top oxygen. The lower test is dumping the heat into the oil chamber with shift plates and bridges to shift the heat into the medium. The mini pump is setup to return the fluid to its balancing chamber if it reaches 15oC (although you can change as you like). The Oil is supplied from a pump that sends the oil to an aqua tuner (with a split and liquid cutoff depending on if the oil needs more cooling) the oil flows up even if the aqua tuner is off (standard bypass but using a cutoff) Oil flow is stopped using vent pressure plugging :). In a normal base the extra tiles that are located over the oil chamber are unneeded and just an oversight to keeping the two rooms thermally isolated. all insulated pipes/tiles are abyssalite Here's the heat overlay for the two rooms, the setup is abit rushed and could use some cleaning but it still works like a charm even if it is abit late game for needing plastic for the mini pump to save space. Automation Overlay, not much to say here. the doors on the right lead to void and open when pressure hits 1000g, mainly to simulate a dupe or two, it destroys some heat from the test but its the same for both rooms, (well the top room has better heat loss due to air flow in this case but still overheats) A close up for your inspection And a final revised (cleaned up abit ) (I had trouble getting the Oil to stay within the airflow tiles on the main experiment.) I like this system as its very modular so all you have to do is connect into a oil cooling system and it doesn't require much extra space to do an amazing job without the need to pump gases to a cooling system then back out and yes I did have it set abit cold (15c in this case) when I first built it it was set at 5c and super cold O2 was rushing out. maybe someone can find a use for that considering oil can go to -40oC. let me know your ideas and such on this probably over engineered madness CasualRaz away!
  17. Too Many Showers!

    Disable them, burn their clothes, turn the heating up and cut off the water supply - it's your only hope! God speed, mucky one.
  18. Think you may have missed the purpose of my video, which is odd considering how closely your design resembles the one i'd posted on youtube many hours earlier - but no matter, i'll explain to you the idea that you adopted The thought behind this was to use liquids to create a vacuum using minimal power, i.e. in my design I start with a 9 tile vacuum, which then increases to a 21 tile vacuum using nothing but liquids and gravity. Any gas that enters the system is then compressed back into a 9 tile space and quickly pumped away to re-prime. I used a larger space than necessary to demonstrate this visually (I didn't "need" to use 6 airlocks to drain it, I didn't "need" to use gas perms, nor multiple pumps). The main chamber can be cut down to a single vertical airlock beneath a "v" shaped floor like the traditional water locks we've all seen/used, but again, this wasn't the idea/concept I was exploring. Your builds main chamber of 20 tiles could be reduced to 5 tiles had you been approaching this from a min/max stance. Yes my build could (and should) be smaller, yes i'm sure the logic could be far cleaner, and yes i'm positive it can be improved upon all round - I didn't claim it was a finished "ultimate" build, merely the first iteration of an idea. I wont be revisiting this build, because i'm not obsessive and I created what I set out to build - then I shared it with folks on my discord and youtube, and obviously yourself. Hope you enjoy tinkering with it, see you on stream xox
  19. My dupes are showering way, way too frequently. The problem is that I'm in the ice biome and it's slowly, but surely, melting all over the place. I'm doing the best I can to mop up the mess, but it's getting really problematic. Every time a dupe goes to mop up polluted water, he mops once, then discovers he's grimy and goes to shower. I can't see any way to reduce the priority of showers, but it's slowing the entire base to a crawl. Is there a way to reduce showering frequency or priority?
  20. Hey, it's me again! I finished doing some tweaks to the mod! Now I have a question. I'm in knowledge you need to rename this and put this back together. How I can do it? Sorry for all the questions but I'm really new at modding :'> I have tried using this program: But it shows like "cut" at the end of the window, it doesn't show the buttons even if you stretch it. Any tips or ideas? It shows likes this btw. I don't know what to do or how to fix it.
  21. Conveyor of material could be achieved by mechanized door with buffer gate.
  22. If you have more try-out in automation, you will find the setting is just appropriate. Open/lock setting provides an application of mech-door as conveyor or compressor. Air lock could be achieved by traffic light. And that is why it is created.
  23. Hey guys, got the game a few days ago and I was able to play it only once, today I've tried a ton of things to get it to work but I haven't been successful. My Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro (x64) Processor: Intel i7 3770 RAM: 22 GB GPU: NVidia GeForce 1060 (6 GB) Category: Crash Platform: Steam Do you use mods? No Version Number: Don't know exactly, but I just reinstalled it so I'm guessing 242441 Issue Title: The game won't Start Steps to reproduce: Just try to run the game I guess? Describe your issue: The game won't start, when I try to run it (from Steam o directly from the .exe) the game windows open but It get stuck on a black screen most of the time (sometimes I see a splash with a loading text on it) and then crashes with a "dontstarve_steam.exe has stopped working" message. I have already tried everything on this link but nothing works. I have tried verifying steam cache, reinstalling it several times (from steam, then deleting the Documents/Klei folder), rerunning VCRedist and DXSetup redists, updating/reinstalling my graphics card driver closing apps, moving it from my E: drive to C: and rebooting my pc. I don't know what else to do, I feel like I've tried everything. I've attached a couple of files that maybe can help to diagnose my problem. I hope someone can help me, I played the game once and loved it, really want to play it again Thanks in advance! dontstarve_steam_242441_crash_2017_11_20T1_51_45C0.mdmp client_log.txt
  24. Forge Skin Pack for trading

    @DwerBomb where you able to solve your thing?
  25. Agreed. It's not currently possible to use the automatic switch in conjunction with high-pressure rooms. :/
  26. What is your favorite game?

    Some favorites: LittleBigPlanet 1-3, they used to be pretty dang fun... Too bad the game is dead now. That really sucks. You must be wondering why I wrote this so small and so grey? The answer is simple: I am searching for delta unit members of the illuminati. Katamari Games DS(T) & ONI TF2 (still relatively fun) Unturned Uncharted Wow, that game was my sole purpose when I was really young. Minecraft and Roblox PUB... I mean uhhh... Half Life 3 You can go on with your day now.
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