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  2. Wurt

    Yeah I agree, I'm just saying part of the blame is on us. Honestly, I'm just glad we almost have an actual release date.
  3. Wurt

    I wouldn't say so, getting excited is a natural thing! They could have let the thread know it wasn't coming today, since a lot was pointing to it ... actually coming today. I also don't think a little news would have hurt. I mean surely any updates or character information is pretty much finalized at this point right? Also kind of lame how they did it on Twitter and not here! Some people probably still don't know.
  4. Im mad with this update... Wes was remove from the game ;-; But...but..he's my main
  5. Wurt

    It was kinda fun though, loved seeing an extremely active thread.
  6. To celebrate one of our most beloved times of the year,we came to tell you guys about the new update !!! The new update will be live on 31 of December,we had a little problem with the gameplay and balancing but now it’s all right !!! Winter’s Feast will be delayed to January 10 until February 1 due to rearrange in the schedule. And Year of the Carrat is going live mid June. Major Changes includes : •Wes was removed from the game. •Pumpkins now have the same effect as mandrake soup. •Webber is confirmed to be a 9 year old. •Wortox is getting a Maxwell skin. •Darkness now kills everyone instantly. •Wigfrid can eat non-meat itens. STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES NEXT WEEK And if you didn't liked the post here are some memes so you can laught a little : (This post is just a joke and should be treated as such,I’m REALLY disappointed for not having a Halloween update yet but whatever,this is just a way to release my sadness ;-;)
  7. Wurt

    I'm gonna be honest, we kinda set ourselves up for disaster. I know there were a lot of things pointing at Wurt being released today, but we got way too hyped. I'm sure they'll release him when they release the short, and I'm excited to least have a more specific release time.
  8. Mine could be scaled down, you can make it narrower and decrease the output but if you mess with the height, the efficiency comes down, meaning more heating and more cooling needed. Pre-space you have to get the most out of heat exchange between the gas, the input, and the output, and it takes a lot of room to do that effectively. (It helps to do this with supercoolant too, but it's far easier when you can put the gas into pipes.) Hm actually you could use steel pumps after the oil stage and pick up the gas, put it into radiant pipes, and make like half of the tower collapse, I'll tinker with that... It'll cost 1.5kW of power for the pumps, but if the whole thing gets a lot smaller, it'll be worth it. Gold amalgam would work too after the top turbines.
  9. Wurt

    But still in war with pig
  10. Wurt

    Fun fact about Merms:They aren't monsters,they're just agressive af like Tallbirds. This means the new character won't be a monster.
  11. Wurt

    Me, back from the Macdonald's just after 5 hours :
  12. Y'know I like to think that Klei has changed when it comes to dst. They've already proven to understand what we expect from characters (compare original Winona's perks to Wortox's ones) etc. And by looking at the fact that they've decided to change background ocean into a playable area, I also want to believe that they're ready to add these changes that we're being suggested since NR into the game.
  13. Wurt

    I suppose so. I'm just not so optimistic. It might just be a fail-safe on Klei's part. If it gets delayed then it's just "news", but if all goes well it's a release. Who knows.
  14. Does anyone have any pre-space sour gas boiler builds eighth the size? Everyone's builds are always soo huge and run soo many generators, they're way overkill for my needs. Problem is they all seem to be hyper tuned to their specific flow rates and such, so it doesn't seem like they can be and scaled down.
  15. Wurt

    ”This is unacceptable“ -Medic We literally discussed in this topic for more than 9 pages and not even one admin came to tell us about the update(not even a single “nah dude,not today”). Im creating a joke post about the update right now and I hope to not get banned ;-;
  16. Wurt

    I think we've just been saying "news" so much we've forgotten it isn't just information. I might be wrong, but I assume they meant a release.
  17. I may not have watched the video until just now, my b
  18. Wurt

    Klei used to give a lot more news until the fanbase and community turned toxic every time they had to delay something or it didn't originally line up with the estimated time. They stopped a lot of the communication so they didn't have to be the victim of toxic blowback. It will come.
  19. Wurt

    The tweet states we're getting "news" and an animated short next week. It's hard to imagine that the news will just be a straight up release—at that point it isn't really news at all (though I welcome it). Which begs the question of what the exact news will be. I'm guessing: Wurt's perks teaser (akin to the refresh ones). Hallowed Nights info. Maybe the next RoT/Character Refresh news? It's gotta be more than just a release date—since it seems pretty narrowed down based on the info we have.
  20. Wurt

    Oh, that weird image wasn't a meme? lel. Then probably some news will follow later today.
  21. Morbs spawn slimelung and some polluted oxygen. Morbs usually spawn in caustic biomes so they are present on every map, can also spawn from an uncleaned outhouse after 2 cycles. This might be how it appeared on maps with no slime.
  22. Wurt

    Well, they said the short will be coming next week.
  23. Wurt

    Normally they've released animated shorts along with the related content, I.E: Wormwood's short releasing on Wormwood's release day, etc. But we're also getting news next week, and so far updates always have come out after a week's notice (minus the celestial portal, which just got kinda added) so I'm confused. I'm probably not going to watch the animated short until Hallowed Nights is also in-game, I couldn't maintain my hype if I watched the animated short a week prior to the update.
  24. Wurt

    News, not shorts, aka: hey chaps, next week Macarena character goes live, dancing like a madman being their perks, tripping balls their cons etc. They preview the character's abilities and whatnot.
  25. I need help with the forum itself

    @Chintam So, I have a couple questions. I'm reading through guides and tutorials. I know that wiki has a link preview feature for its own website. Does this apply to other websites as well like youtube, this forum, etc. Idk how wikipedia or gamepedia determines this. I'd like the uni to still have previews and not just be a list of links if possible. So far, I have found these which seems more suited for developers which I have little experience of coding with. I have no idea how to use these extensions. Any help is appreciated. Shoutout to @metallichydra. He's the only other name I recognize on that list.
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