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  2. Merm hats?

    You read my mind.
  3. Renewablity of bone shards in DST

    I open my world to public pretty often. Without traps and even actively trying to keep everyone alive, I still have get a pretty steady supply of bone shards coming in from the countless visitor deaths. Just open the door. Other players will do the rest.
  4. Merm hats?

    Please let "can give merms hats" be one of her abilities. I need to equip the new merm army with helmets made from the hides of their enemies.
  5. This is a new playstyle that hasn't really been addressed. This is really good execution for a caving based character, something we don't really have. I really like this!
  6. Well it's clear I also don't play much of ONI, because I only know that thing as "cookstation_gourmet". I know that's not how it works...but I'm just imagining methane being wafted around the cooking food.
  7. simply search the game code for the specific event. So in case of death, search for - PushEvent("death - with notepas++ in all files. Then you will will see that usually a table of information, like "cause" and other info is provided with all events. This means you ListenForEvent("death",function(inst)... should look like ListenForEvent("death",function(inst,data)... and this data will include the said information
  8. Let's start with the general guidelines for ranching critters: If you feed them, you might as well breed them. Limit your "crowding" critters consumption for max efficiency. This is not necessary and people feed the crowded critters for their byproducts anyways which results in greater media cost&byproducts per meat&critter. It's best to have a breeding chamber and a crowding chamber. Your crowding chamber is best kept to one tile to minimize lag. This does not mean there will be no lag for excessive critters, just minimized lag. When designing a build, pay attention to the needs of your critters; space, temperature, calories, morph chance, and material consumption/production. The critters themselves can change these factors. What is the efficiency focus of your design; space, power, production, etc. No need to actively kill critters. They are basically meat when the egg is laid. You only need to kill your critters if your colony is hurting for food. There is always a chance to get another morph. If you want true sustainability, plan ahead for this. Going from oni-db, we see that pufts will have two morphs that they actively shift between; pufts and puft princes. We need to limit them from morphing into squeaky and dense pufts for a "Fully automated regular puft ranching for slime". I would recommend: Build 2 breeding chambers for both pufts and princes Actively sort eggs between these two chambers. On the off chance that you get a squeaky or dense, you will have two choices. 1. kill them or 2. build another chamber to hold/breed them. Usually people build puft ranches for all the morphs all at once. Your crowding chambers (plural) will have to do the exact same thing. The only difference is now you don't have to get them to travel to the groomer and they don't consume as much for being glum. It comes down to efficiency again as in how much will you feed them. Most people over-pressurize the area and feed them all they can. As long as a critter eats something within 10 cycles it will not starve. In theory, just using a valve and a vent can net you a large quantity of meat with very little media for pufts. Here is a pic for different crowding chambers that handbook used. I'm curious, does the picture show up if I didn't save the file for it and just copied and pasted.
  9. Hey pal, let's develope this thread: As to make a design for regular pufts ranching. I seriously believe you can help with your knowledge.
  10. A Don't starve journey to the moon

    it was a pretty normal night, the survivors were preparing their costumes for hallowed nights.
  11. Sorry but most of the ideas I've presented were based around non-combat actions: years survived, exploring the sea and lunar Island. Some parts of the content should be locked behind Fuelweaver fight as it's an important event in the lore.
  12. Music thread

    Fear Before The March of Flames - Taking Cassandra To The End of The World Party Modest Mouse - Wild Pack of Family Dogs Run the Jewels - Blockbuster Night Part 1 (LANGUAGE WARNING) Mos Def - Life is Real
  13. Count to 200 without interruption

    + the answer to everything
  14. Thank you, its working now: local require = GLOBAL.require --Bosses that spawn and are aggresive towards players local Bosses = {"deerclops", "bearger", "toadstool", "klaus", "stalker_atrium"} --Bosses that passively roam around the world local PassiveBosses = {"dragonfly", "moose", "minotaur", "antlion"} for i,v in ipairs(Bosses) do AddPrefabPostInit(v, function(inst) print("[Boss Spawned] ", inst) inst:ListenForEvent("death", function(inst) print("[Boss Killed] ", inst) end) end) end for i,v in ipairs(PassiveBosses) do AddPrefabPostInit(v, function(inst) inst:ListenForEvent("death", function(inst) print("[Boss Killed] ") end) end) end AddPrefabPostInit("world", function() GLOBAL.TheWorld:ListenForEvent("resetruins", function() print("[World Event] Ruins Reset") end) end) Do you know if there is a way i can track who killed them? Or even who's been hitting them before they die
  15. Today
  16. Not really, you would still need to prepare for whatever impending doom you see on said clock, that's for the first few years tho
  17. Count to 200 without interruption

    One hundred plus the meaning of life.
  18. If that's how you think of it. They do not produce PO2 when submerged in any amount of liquid anymore.
  19. Yes, and they can fall through pneumatic doors to keep your crowding tank separated from the rest of the asteroid.
  20. Ban GNIO because the link to my ONI thread is literally in my signature. You have no valid excuse.
  21. Is there a way to change your username?

    Scary, makes me think "Do I want Sero1, 2 or 3 or a completely different name" Thank you though
  22. The only thing you demand is our attention, Dont Starve has 0 pirate aspect outside of 1 skin. Dont force them to reuse content. Also go to another thread if you gonna keep going off topic I heavily doubt it because lunar wouldn't play it but everywhere else would. Plus in my experience going from either lunar or caves back to mainland fixed it
  23. So based on this. Its ok to dump a ton of pacu in a single tank. They will still lay eggs as long as there are no eggs in the tank with them. So I'd want to put in a sweeper that drops the eggs in a platform above the tank for the eggs to hatch. Then they can flop into the tank.
  24. so they have fixed that just like if it was an exploit?
  25. I've checked it and couldn't find.
  26. No. You used to be able to prevent the pressure limit so that they could always produce PO2. The way that morbs should be used is that they should never be used.
  27. The swamp

    No regrowth mechanic. But also see below. Reeds, like many other wild plants, can't start wildfires. Other examples are planted carrots, cactus, not withered grass/saplings/berry bushes, spiky bushes, mushrooms, planted mandrakes, etc. Obviously these things can still be set on fire in other ways, but at least if you play with people you trust and are careful with more predictable things like red hounds, your reeds will be safe even in summer. Though I believe spiky trees can start wildfires, so make sure the fire won't spread to reeds.
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