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  2. A pitcher pump can destroy more heat than this new device. It happens on accident without people knowing, and it can be abused brutally to cool just about anything. Maybe one last plug to @Ipsquiggle to look into this thing. It might actually be a very simple fix (might). Details are in the bug report, especially the comments section where the bug is greatly expanded upon.
  3. Indeed... xD... I don't get why you explained that Wagstaff is in vanilla ds...
  4. There's a mod in the workshop which does this.
  5. Definitely, as this makes it difficult in a larger base to have someone who does the pillmaking but does not go and operate heavy machinery.
  6. What exactly is the purpose of this 'device'? Having a place for dupes to eternally mop to train something?
  7. My point isn't really that he isn't there.. that was Zeklo's point. I believe he has like a reverb echoing effect from a crappy portal that materialized him with some sort of distortion cuz his portal didn't use the "runes" of the "forbidden knowledge".. that's why he doesn't really now know who Maxwell is ik they did... xD... looking for the stating the obvious meme.... where is it??
  8. I have a better clue: Devs literally said he'll be added to vanilla ds
  9. Wheeler & compass + rock

    Does this happen in the latest version? I just tried it and my framerate doesn't change at all.
  10. She really needs something that brings value to all of the players. Her lighter and Bernie don't really add value to other players. Could be simple things to bigger things. Maybe if there is a firepit and she's standing by it she randomly adds fuel to it at no resoure cost. Maybe things like wood, grass, and sticks count as a bigger fuel count than other players do. I think fire immunity is a solid must
  11. Ya know what, yeh. Increased speed *might* validate the idea of less inventory space in the first place, but that's a really big might. Also, the Pew-Gun is garbage, it doesn't really fit into anywhere, at all. Why is it a blow horn? Why does it even have the chance to do 0 damage when it destroys the item? Her other character item is, meh. It only has like, one or two practical uses early game before it becomes a waste of an inventory space. tl;dr Wheeler desperately needs a *huge* buff, or a rework entirely. She is easily the worst character in the game.
  12. he shall be my new main now! after may 22
  13. Winona and him went missing both the same day... the events probably occurred in no longer than 10 minutes Wagstaff didn't go to Hamlet initially.. He spawned in Vanilla/RoG .. The game already gives a clue .. When you select him as a character you find them right between Maxwell and Wigfrid... that's why he is available in all dlcs..
  14. Ancient Hulk Idea

    I had a dream about a month or so ago where I was fighting the Ancient Hulk boss (looked different), and what it dropped were blueprints for an extremely expensive recipe for an Iron Mech suit (figure power armor from Fallout). It wasn't something you would equip, rather it was something you would drive. From what I remember I was walking very slowly in it, and it was powered by alloy. What it did in terms of functionality I can't remember. Sounds cool though from what I do remember though.
  15. Wortox and offline.

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Most of us actually paid money to play as him.
  16. Wortox and offline.

    I was really surprised the other day when my power went out and I went to play offline and couldn't pick Wortox. This needs to be added. We paid for him and should be able to use him offline.
  17. I think a shadow creature with a little bit of a range attack would be a good addition. Or maybe one that when you kill it it splits into two smaller faster creatures.
  18. Images can be transmitted to another location and so can sounds, but I don’t see how Wagstaff can smell or, especially, eat anything in the Constant if he isn’t physically there.
  19. I honestly don't see any real purpose for it anymore. Disease originally existed because resources would change, and it was a way of getting rid of the old ones. But they changed that mechanic, and now normal resources and their variants can exist side by side. They recycled disease in a way that it doesn't really do anything other then destroy nonrenewable materials. It's just a relic of an outdated system and either needs to be removed, or reworked from the ground up.
  20. Wortox and offline.

    I feel like this could actually work with some additions, such as once you come online, the game checks the similarities between your file and your klei account. If it detects something off, you get beaned.
  21. hello! this happened in a previous world (with no resurrection things) so i tested this without mods installed. when you die before a full moon and wait for woodie to turn, you can be resurrected. the "you are dead" screen sticks, but you can gnaw and attack things like normal, and when you turn back, you can move around and go about your day as if you were alive. the hud disappears and you cant interact with what youve picked up, plus the dead screen stays with you, so its not exactly an exploit, it's just something interesting i found. kind of like when the roc carried your dead body and you could move around on the island she sent you to. the first shot is my death before i turned, the second is me as the werebeaver, and the third is me after turning back to normal. the morgue also catalogs both deaths. thank you, i hope this helps!
  22. The issue is it was already confirmed Wagstaff went missing the night his factory burned out. It has to have been him who got sucked in.
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