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  2. Hi friends of the forum! Yes, even to you who will put the face "confused", I also love you <3 Now, as you all know, yesterday came the queen of the merms, the empress of the fishmen, the god of the swamp... Wurt. We then analyze her ability, taking directly what the good JoeW wrote to us: Wurt can spot where danger is hiding in the swamp Wurt can craft the Royal Tapestry and make a home for the Merm King and his Guards: The Royal Tapestry requires materials from all over The Constant The Merm King provides all Merms extra strength to fight Wurt must feed the Merm King to prevent him from starving Wurt can craft Merm Houses and Merm Flort-ifications She moves faster while on the swamp and can craft tiles to expand her turf Wurt is a vegetarian with a particular appreciation for Durians Wurt can craft a Clever Disguise to get other survivors to blend in with her swamp friends Likes to keep Pet Fish in her inventory Strongly dislikes Pigs Being wet does not affect her strong grip Many interesting things, of course, the enhanced merms, cool, steady hands when wet, great,... but... did you notice the "bomb" power? There, put together with the others as an ordinary thing, as if to hide it: Wurt is a vegetarian with a particular appreciation for Durians particular appreciation for Durians ... Let me explain what we have before us: Normal Wurth Quite normal, can build something cool, walk faster in the swamp, ok, neutral. But what happens, if we feed her a lumpy, acid and disgusting... Durian??? Open up the sky God Wurt His power is immeasurable! Ancestral! Divine! Beelzebony was destroyed by such power! Bow to the new God ...
  3. So your saying it's possible it could be Wilba mermified?
  4. something i think is op is he being able to recruit merms, and merms can atack in the night. Imagine killing a cave boss using merms or yeet another way to kill the bq.
  5. Not sure why, but she just reminds me a lot of Wilba, with her being a pig and this being a merm...also WIlba having a queen mother and Wurt having to feed a merm king.
  6. My guess is that it's something like how Webber handles monster meat, and the sanity and health penalties of durian are removed for her.
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  8. просто прыгал и оказался тут
  9. Currently main Wormwood and Warly. So I guess small nitpick for both... Wormwood: You can heal using "fertilize" but you still "eat" rot and glommer goop. Warly: The whole not eating crockpot food's a single line of code and his SW debuffs for non-crockpot food is still in the files. So it's just functionally the same (encouraging you to eat mainly crockpot foods), just more inconvenient. Especially as I will often do stuff like eating minor items to remove them from my inventory rather than stop my stride to drop them.
  10. I wonder what 'Likes Durians' means? Are Durians Dragonfruit 2.0 for her?
  11. Well that would turn her into the best nightmare fuel farmer in the game.. which would make that more of an upside rather than a downside.
  12. Trivial. Hardest part is tapping into your volcano, and not letting your dupes trap themselves while building it. And it's cheap too.
  13. Just realized now while it's on my mind...but while Wurt may not be able to eat meat or eggs, she can still technically use the meat in her recipes (in another way). If you convert meat into eggs, the game has its own "egg value" that does not correlate to a "meat value" allowing you to use them as filler. Say for example you wanted to make an automatic spider farm with merms; you can use the monster meat for eggs, and then use the eggs as filler in say a Dragonpie dish. Works with many recipes like Butter Muffin, Taffy, Fancy Spiraled Tubers (still needs a twig though), Salsa Fresca, just to name a few as it works as a filler in those dishes. Twigs work just as good, but this way it gives meat a higher purpose while leaving your twigs for the more important things, think of it as a...small benefit.
  14. That's the most compact regolith melter I've ever seen, but how much of a pain in the ass is it to build in survival?
  15. out of bounds

    this map ive faced so many "out of bounds" death that make zero sense and im not able to get a checkpoint by jumping or walking. its fusterating and needs to either have the boundry line redrawn or trash the map!
  16. Maybe she will use durian to make super lasting, super filling food but of course it should be only edible for her
  17. Use it in a clay farm for filtration. So just very indirectly. Sorry for the confusion.
  18. Wh...huh? Can you make ceramic with regolith? I'm confused.
  19. Why not give Wurt the ability to make her own custom food? you could make it out of mushrooms and swamp junk and call it something weird like "shroomy swamp gumbo" or a new food she can make with durians? I dunno, I had some thoughts on her and thought id share that. looks fun, lets play her when it releases and make farms and merm houses. I was rushing farms on warly anyway because I love all the new foods so Im prob just gonna do the same on ol' wurt. should be fun!
  20. I mean it could be a little scandalous but vegetarians can eat meat just choose not to so maybe she can eat but loses sanity or something like that?!??
  21. how? they're reacting to each other, btw
  22. Screenshot showcase

    i think the seed for the world is: 1571321402 but not 100% sure its acxtually much better than i thought. i'll put in spoiler, in case someone wanna play this world.
  23. That definitely explains it. Morbs excrete slimelung po2 under 1800g pressure. But don't be too scared of slimelung, it's not what it used to be. Embrace it. On my new map it's cycle 60, I've mined out one and a half slime biomes, put down a ton of deodorizers, and only just built a spom. Haven't used any algae or rust either. My base is wide open with no waterlocks or doors... In some places the po2 was up to 5kg/tile due to slime and pwater, and I guess co2 interaction. Half my guys have been perma-slimelunged for 40 cycles and things are just fine. The other half doesn't have it only because you get immunity for a few cycles after recovery.
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