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  2. I'd prefer difficulty to be linked with time than by player action. The latter allows for players to control difficulty artifically which is more or less the same problem with optional bosses. Having year two bring new stuff compared to year one is the way I think it should go. Thus constantly applying pressure on players with everpresent danger they need to overcome.
  3. Arboria map Thimble Reed

    Or, if you don't want to use a mod, scum save until you get the seeds. Still, Dreckos aren't hard to farm, and you could also just shear wild ones.
  4. Idea for next beta

    Well considering the mermified goats swam into the [Gorge] ocean and wound up in the Constant, AND Warly ended up shipwrecking on the Constant from Shipwrecked/Hamlet I'd say there's a bit more to traveling between these places than just portals. Portals are just the quick means of connecting distance. It's not like you can't just walk/sail to places connected via Lazy Deserter/Telelocator Focus. It just makes it significantly faster.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It would have been so much better if you said "Wurt?"
  6. Don't starve quiz

    I think crock pot questions might be fun. List ingredients, give four possible outcomes. For example: What will you get if you cook 1 monster meat, 1 berries, and 2 eggs? a. meatballs b. pierogi c. fist full of jam d. bacon and eggs
  7. So a while back I made a thread where I asked if dst needed a progression system. Most people answered 'yes' but I decided to ask that question once again in a form of this poll. In this thread I'll give my own ideas regarding the progression system. Imo the progression system should happen throughout the entire game, as 1 event that changes the entire game would be too much of a Terraria rip-off. I believe that a progression system would be a way for Klei to make game more interesting for experienced players while still keeping early game simple for the majority of players Anyway here are some of my ideas: -After launching a boat for the 1st time neutral turtles would begin spawing near the shoars. Could be a source of a new material to make armor/structures with -After surviving a season the next time it'd happen it'd get more content to it: Winter: Snowstorms could occur (no they wouldn't slow you like sandstorms do) which would spawn piles of snow around the map. Source of a new material: snow. Could be used for crafting. A new enemy would also spawn from those piles of snow. Cave entrances could get blocked and would require a shovel. Ice bergs begin floating around the sea making sailing a bit more tough. They would also be a spawnpoint for a new enemy. Deerclops get's an update. More attacks, a bit toughter when it comes to stats, maybe equiped with a 2nd phase Spring: New enemies start spawning in the swamp and around ponds: giant worms, walking fish, tentacles respawn (if they don't already). Small rivers start flowing through the map. They wouldn't block your path but would slow you down and make you wet. Moose/Goose gets an AoE attack Acid rains could accur which would require a new type of protection. Umbrellas, eyebrellas etc wouldn't work Summer: Lavae naturally spawn from lava ponds Sea levels decrease revealing a new island to explore or a sunken ship Small volcanos activate in the caves creating magma biomes Autumn: Winds that spawn piles of leaves. Something simmilar to tumbleweeds Sunflowers- an actuall flower that causes overheating when you're near it. Would only spawn while you can still over heat from the world temperature. A source of a new material New type of merm invading from the sea. Something similar to how some real life fish travel back thousands of kilometers to the place where they were born. These merms would be aggresive but also drop some unique items. -After surviving an entire year Pigs could begin getting smarter- collecting stuff from the ground, creating tools, planting seeds in the ground (like Wormwood) and protecting them, chopping nearby trees and crafting stuff. They'd reach their 'full inteligence' after like 3 in-game years -After making the Luanr Island crafting station full moons could have more stuff in them: gestlats spawning, influence on more creatures, moonglass chunks appearing randomly of the ground for the durration of the night etc -Defeating the Fuelwaver would have probably the biggest impact on the game: Mumsy and Billy either being a wandering npcs or having their (undestructable) houses spawb somwhere. You'd trade with them We can craft some Forge-like items Anything related to Them would start happening after that -Defeating Toadstool for the 1st time could result in creatures with mushroom parasites spawning in the caves and maybe surface Please know that I do not want the progression system to be only based around making the game harder. I simply think that progression system is a way for Klei to add a lot of content without making the early game feel like it's overpacked. For example imagine Mumsy and Billy walking around the map when you're on your 1st Autumn. Also... Most of the ideas I presented were described quickly as to not make this post an even bigger wall of text. Everything that i mentioned would in one way or another be usefull for a player. Either by dropping a new materials for crafting or something like that. So don't think that all of my ideas mentioned above were only about making the game harder.
  8. wat Panel six is the second panel (which is used twice). Left to right.
  9. Don't starve quiz

    True, I also think jelly fish in SW might work for this to, but its also not in DST.
  10. Don't starve quiz

    it can also be zero if you use 2 Durians
  11. These concepts are so incredibly cool......Gosh now im dying for a wormwood jack'o'lantern skin.. I'd love to see effects added like this... Really awesome ideas... I really do hope we get a nice Halloween pack this week. Its been quite a while since the last set so maybe they will do something special, hopefully.
  12. For this and for new dupes, I use the "Refresh Selection" mod from the steam workshop. You can just refresh the selection until you the Thimble Reed via care package.
  13. Don't starve quiz

    A few basic questions: How much monster meat is needed in a crockpot to make Monster Lasagna a) 2 b) 4 c) 1 >d) 2, but is negated buy twigs How much damage does a walking cane do? >a) 17 b) 36 c) 27.5 d) 0 What is the max speed boost possible? a) 25% b) 45% c) 60% >d) 125%
  14. the thing is If they are added in the new hollowed nights set they won't be on the market only weavible
  15. No idea. The stress was the main concern, at least back when "alergic" was new.
  16. oh god. Wait.. i dont remember making this post!
  17. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Games never die.
  18. Today
  19. Where did I ever say that I don't care about the game? Quite obviously I do, otherwise I wouldn't be here on the forums. I love DS and DST, and I obviously enjoyed the games enough to stick around this long. Its unfair of you to assume that everyone here is still here just because of the gameplay, that is 100 percent false. Sketched is absolutely correct in saying that a good chunk of DST's positive reviews are thanks to its aesthetics. I'm still not sure why you are saying these things when you yourself don't like the current road the game was taking. People have reasons to play games, stop trying to be the judge of whats a good one or not. I'd argue asthetics are the 2nd most important part about a game after gameplay! Its what draws people in and if they like how the game plays too, they will stay! Thats the problem, DST fails to keep players engaged after playing for a while. I dont know what suggestions here are destroying your idea of a perfect DST, but DST is as easy as its ever been, we are asking for content that is engaging... and would probably in return be more challenging. Anyways, I have a question, what do YOU want DST to be. I'm saying your idea is flawed because DST is a mutliplayer game that has the intention to keep you playing long as possible, but your idea destroys its replayablity. The system is fundamentally flawed if the goal is to keep players playing when you need to be blind to get much enjoyment out of it. As pointed out reading the wiki completely destroys what it has, and what it has wears off after a few playthroughs. Other games encourage exploration and discovery just as much as DST does and you can't simply read the wiki to ruin that entire experience.
  20. The Melon's Art Thread

    @Xenologist I never want to draw buildings again...
  21. The Conspiracy Pig

    Maxwell could in fact be the magician "William Carter".
  22. Will the game ever be available on steam for mac? So i don't need to buy the apple arcade subscription and can just buy it independently
  23. Wurt

    truly the genius mastermind we need!
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