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    For me it's 871 hours behind the screen, minus a few minutes for getting coffee
  3. pigtails aren't hair.. they are butt skin + the tail which has bones.. Interesting with the "projection" in the code... I'm going from the evidence in-game as I always do tbh.. I did notice that holographic effect and I assumed it was a reverb effect for the lack of "runes" from the portal cuz it's different for Winona since she wasn't really taken by the portal alone but by Charlie directly... and as long as we don't get to the trailer for Wagstaff and Wheeler we are not gonna know for sure where is Wagstaff really.. as far as I know there is no second factory... all the event refer the voxola factory
  4. Why? Do whatever makes you happy. Life's too short to not code from the heart
  5. @FreyaMaluk i was saying about if the original factory were to burn then a second factory with less budget would be made the possible first factory could have been when Wagstaff disappeared leading Winona to come to the conclusion that the factory may have something to do with her sisters disappearance thus give her a motive to work at the factory
  6. maybe Wheeler could have 1.2x speed due to the fact she travels lighter than others (Klei could drop the Pew-gun, as it's basically Wilbur's poop throwing ability)
  7. Pigtails as in hair. Skirts and other clothes have them too. Not to mention, I'm not just assuming, the code literally says "projection" in Wagstaff's files.
  8. I wouldn’t mind a partial reintroduction of the tier system, where for example your highest tier determines your food quality, decor, and entertainment requirements. So, for example, a dupe with a tier 2 job would need tier 2 food, an average decor of 30 (or whatever) and 2 sources of entertainment, or suffer stress penalties. I don’t think it’s going to happen though.
  9. question 1 and 3 kinda contradict themselves question 4 can be rephrased a bit better... more creatures yes... impossible to kill .. not so much.. with a good brain and irregular kitting patterns.. yes also stalkers could probably be the death of people with bad ping cuz they wouldn't even be able to see them before they strike.. that can be a problem honestly...
  10. Balm lily farms are easy....if you have a caustic biome near. My points were: Certain bases, like mine with 100% slime coverage, make that cure not worth the effort. A second, that newer players would certainly not set out on a balm lily farm as a top priority at 30 cycles. So if they are trying to make this newb friendly, it is not. So it bores experienced players and new players will still also ignore slimelung since the cure is not within reach. For my game, I could just set up some buddy plants and then ignore slimelung. No more infections without any boosters or cures. This was with full naked slime biome digging.
  11. Is it a bug? So I am not supposed to let it reach liquid state? Either way 330k sounds much more than 10 times..
  12. Iron Hulk has hardly any payoff

    As has been said, you can Telelocate the parts once you wake them up, so they're actually pretty easy to assemble. I do agree that it needs to be more rewarding though. I will note that The hulk is easily the best stone farm in DS
  13. winona didn't get the same way tho.. charlie might have imbued the portal with the magic of the "runes" Wagstaff was missing... who knows.. skeletons kinda prove if an entity really exists in the world and if it has an internal structure.. that pretty much is the point Wooden legs have them cuz the joke is that the legs work as normal legs, pig tails are anatomically correct.. they have bones irl and robots have skeletons as a sign they are alive somehow.. I guess
  14. Setting up a Balm Lily farm early on is actually pretty easy. I have done it two times in two games now. Also you are complaining that game is to easy, why are you complaining something easy is too hard? I don't get it.
  15. [Game Update] - 327257

    also works tentacles in RoG... pretty useful
  16. My immediate thought is the portal too, but we can't forget Winona went through it as well without issue. As far skeletons, those are gimmicky as is-robots have em, pigtails have em, wooden legs have em.
  17. [Game Update] - 327257

    Wagstaff's spectoggles create these marks where the flups and poisonous gas are present. it makes walking through the swamp biome easier.
  18. Bug Submission Please choose a category *Pick the option that fits the issue the most. Ideally use this in your thread title aswell* [Gameplay] Pig villagers are not paying me taxes anymore. As a mayor, I built my own city hall, then around 10 village houses with pig villagers those who supposed to pay me taxes. Platform * Pick your platform. For instance, standalone on Mac is also possible.* Steam Do you use mods? - Yes, 2 mods - Geometric Placement and Ice flingomatic range check. Version Number - most recent one, found on 2019-04-19, without hamlet_interior beta version. *Press backspace whilst into the Steam/standalone version* Issue title Pig villagers with built townhouses not paying taxes Steps to reproduce(not certain) Build personal city hall near pre-built village resources, such as advanced farm, grass and twigs - which pig guards become aggressive and villager becomes horrified from your stealing act. Pig villagers from your built townhouses must also see your such activity, so that they get horrified from your stealing, shouting for help while running around in chaos. Describe your issue : This prevents my further tax income from villagers. *Type a detailled description what the bug is and how/when it happens
  19. Playtime record

    In the earlier game, I do it mostly to see how things will develop. It is quite common that I let it run overnight, see what has happened and reload the save from the evening before and plan accordingly. Later, I more often do it to advance things and keep the changes.
  20. that's not what i meant i meant that the gramophone and radio look discolored
  21. Thought the reason might be because it's a bug but spiders do get highlighted.
  22. nope the color is perfect.. that's the whole point... his colors are absolutely perfect for ruins with those googles.. that is maxwell's throne btw here googles in the ruins..
  23. That also happens if you put in stuff that is warmer. If it stays exatly at 4C or below and there is no PO, no spoilage.
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