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  2. Warbucks was a horrible character, he had no interesting abilities. Why would Klei add him to DST.
  3. Atmo suits

    I find if your running more than one atmos station and dupes have access to both from the outside ittl get messed up. Or your airlock room has no air for them to breathe upon return. Thatt'l force a drop as well. Open your base door and ittl flow some in for a simple fix.
  4. Does anybody else's atmosuits just dissapear randomly? Dupes don't load them back in the stations and they just poof out of existance
  5. I'm thinking it's Billy, he says "Little goat" I've been hoping for a good character that cooks.
  6. I'm really hoping it's one of them. I would love a character that gets access to some Gorge-based cooking mechanics.
  7. It's an old bug that hasn't been fixed so far, but I haven't seen anyone exploit it yet. When a carbon dioxide item melts and then evaporates quickly, it (sometimes? always?) doubles in mass. Easy way to reproduce this is to drop a big chunk of solid CO2 into a multiple tiles deep hot oil bath - this will produce a "bubble", which will make measuring mass trivial. While CO2 itself is pretty useless, this might be useful for something (other exploits, like gas type change? possible to replicate with other gases?). In other thread, player reported that his sour gas -> natgas seems to produce more mass than expected. This suggests that this bug may cover other gases. Natgas has a small liquid temperature range, just like CO2. The thread I'm talking about: The bug also reproduces itself reliably without trying, so keep it in mind when cooling things down heavily.
  8. I have 24 duplicants on differnt schedules (all shifted by one time slot ^^). => One recreation room is enough to keep everyrecreation buff (except the espresso) up all the time But the arcade cabinet and jukebox are not used in a power efficient manner. (More simultaneous breaks or less shifts could help, but if your so late into the game the wasted power shouldn´t hurt.) So back to our topic: I would turn that around: How much morale can my current base/schedule provide ? => Look at your current morale and assgin skills based on this value. (If your duplicant has not enough time to gain all the buffs in his downtime, you have to investigate if he just arrives to late and has no time or if the machine is blocked/in use already.)
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Last one was a request from my father.
  10. I hope that too. When Minespatch shared this info Sudura uncovered, my first though was to go to Mumsy. I love her <3
  11. Wheeler isn't that good right now, she loses 5 whole inventory slots, for two half baked tools, and a slightly good mechanic. These are my thoughts on what I'd do to change her: Wheeler has a pretty big downside and not a lot of good upsides. Her dodge ability is alright, I guess. It isn't anything amazing, but it is a little nice. I think the best way to describe it would be an off brand lazy explorer. I feel like the intended use of dodge, being that you can dodge enemy attacks, is kind of pointless. I mean for the amount of effort that you put into dodging, someone else could've just kited them. Plus some people play differently than others, I kite in such a way where it only requires one hand, I press W A S D for the kiting, and then 1 2 3 4 5 for my hot keys so I can switch weapons and such. Wheeler only supports this way of playing. If I were to put my mouse over the inventory and switch weapons that way, I would be put at a disadvantage, same thing for if I were to play with a controller. I feel like they should either embrace the dodge mechanic, make it amazing, or get rid of it. I'm leaning more for the side of get rid of it, simply because it doesn't really work with certain play styles. What I would instead do is maybe buff her speed, make it 1.5x that of Wilson's normal speed. This way players can actually dodge things instead of relying on a finicky two second pattern. This would still help Wheeler get around, as some people like to use dodge as basically a lazy explorer with infinite durability, so this movement speed buff would still support that play style too. Now for her two tools, clearly they must be useful if they take up some of my inventory, of which I don't have a lot of. Well, not exactly. The navigadget is useless, straight and simple. I don't really know any good use for this thing, especially late game uses. The pew-matic horn, well it isn't useless, but that doesn't really make it good either. It is way too confusing to use, so let me explain, at least what I got from it. Depending on what ammo you put inside the weapon, it will do more or less damage. The damage numbers are as follows: 0, 17, 34, and 37. That is just weird, like who thought of these numbers? Besides, 37 damage isn't a whole lot, especially considering some of the items you can put in there, such as centapiece oincs and obsidian. Not only this, but there are other, and better, alternatives for ranged weapons too that do almost 3 times as much damage. Not to mention that because of the low damage numbers, you are going to have to reload a lot, because you can only load in 6 shots at a time (also the fact that when pressing right click to put away items, it prioritizes Wheeler's dodge mechanic, so you have to manually put items away). Unlike the navigadget, I do feel like there is some potential in this. First, buff the damage so that it is something reasonable. I'm thinking of it being like this, 0, 15, 30, 45, and 100. Zero would be the same, obviously, as in items you cannot put in it. 15 would be items that are weak and soft, such as beefalo hair, reeds, and grass. 30 would be the "default" one, where anything that stacks up to 40 and wasn't already in 15, 45, or 100 goes here. These would include items such as sticks, corks, and oincs (I'll explain later why oincs are here). 45 would be where the item would actually kind of hurt if it got shot at you, like it is hard, or pointy, such as rocks, flint, cactus, and tenpiece oinc. Lastly, 100, these would be items that are expensive, such as the centapiece oinc, gunpowder, and obsidian. So the reason I put the oincs where they are, is because right now, the pew-matic horn treats all the oincs as the same. This means that if you put in one oinc, you'll do 37 damage. If you put in a centapiece oinc, you will do the same amount of damage, effectively wasting 99 oincs. If they don't buff the damage, at least change this. Next thing I would buff about the pew-matic horn would be the clip size. Right now, you can only load six shots at a time into the pew-matic horn, which is stupid. Literally every single item that can be used in the pew-matic horn has to stack up to 40, so why not let the clip be 40? My last suggestion would probably be something new. Something like her own unique crafting tab, or maybe she can access certain areas that other characters can't or at least can't early on. I'm not very good at thinking of new concepts, unless if I wanted to be here for even longer. No matter if my ideas will be taken exactly or not, Wheeler does need a change.
  12. What if Winnie comes?

    I think Wigfrid and Winnie are the same person, just a different costume and role.
  13. What if Winnie comes?

    Or during full moons, weregfrid becomes a pacifist angelical voiced vegetarian
  14. Yeah, CarlZalph is right, I don't want to lose access to .dyn's for a lot of reasons, if we spread stuff, even if small, we might get a .dyn 2.0 with harder encryption. .dyns are basically encrypted texture holders for mostly skins/paid stuff, also credits for some reason... yeah they encrypted the credit art... which you can mostly get for free from the base game...........
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    *Walks to berry bush* Gobbler:
  16. Both have their "monster side".
  17. I know, I was just kidding It could be something Klei added to lure our attention though. However, If it is a real hint at what's coming, I hope it is Billy or Mumsy from the gorge. They said they'd follow when you escape the gorge.
  18. Guess Who?

    ewh? what is happening?
  19. What's the file name for this? I really like the way it looks, and I'd love to look at the textures and animations myself.
  20. many people done it . it will cost a lot of time
  21. What if Winnie comes?

    imagine actual wigfrid rework make wigfrid able to change roles but with 15 day waiting time.
  22. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Why is woodie and webber in the "I wont hesitate" category? They are the two nicest characters in the game!
  23. As far as schedules, I have half an hour of bath time and an hour of downtime both right after and right before bed. I split half my dupes bath-first recreation-second, and the other half the other way around, so that I don’t have everyone trying to use the jukebox (and whatever) at the same time. This works ok for me, even if it’s not perfect. As noted by other posters, sometimes a dupe gets back to base so late, that by the time they are done eating, it’s already well past their bedtime. But I find that, at the very least, everyone gets their play time in the morning.
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