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  2. Freeze dragonfly (or any other boss) and push him into the boat and keep freezing him while the boat bounces from side to side an instakills by sinking.
  3. Showcase for Boats

    Oh come ON, you left out the amazing and not at all anticlimactic Fuelweaver v Salamander. Match of the century.
  4. combine same items

    i usually hold shift and click on my resources. if there is another one, it will stack.
  5. combine same items

    yeah, its usefull when i know i have uncombined items, but usually i even dont expect of that
  6. elegants drop chances

    as i understand daily drops generates during log in (not even after opening present) and same must be happening during gameplay, computer just send my data and server return it with gift if generating will be local - cheaters will drop elegant prises to zero
  7. each guide that I can see for implementing modded worldgen or new modded biomes is one thats seemingly outdated. (it was posted in 2014 or something like that.) Does anyone have a new guide for doing that type of thing?
  8. DST Forum polls

    I didn't know so many people bais in the votekick of ShadowDuelist.Banned
  9. Me on my simple boat. Couldn't use any of the boat stuff because RoT is quite new and the mod needs to be updated. I hope I can sail somewhere without changing character in the future.
  10. Let Bosses Swim!

    I agree, that should be changed. I was just imagining that the Dragonfly and Bee Queen would fly over to attack normally, and the other giants like Bearger and Deerclops would also act normally, and they would just walk half submerged in water. The farther and deeper the ocean gets, the more the giants walk submerged in water, until they become a dark blob under the ocean with angry gurgling bubbles rising to the surface, waiting for you to move into a shallow area so it can attack you.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The devs showed this in a stream. I think it belongs here. God bless Klei XD
  12. God bless the devs! XD


  13. I was about to say how I can see Bearger swimming but not Deerclops— Genius.
  14. ban Ivo because wes is bes? More like wes is worst
  15. Today
  16. elegants drop chances

    The problem with rng is, well, it's random (to a degree). You could end up with people who get above the expected drop chances, and you can get people who land under it. Now I could certainly be wrong, but I highly doubt it's based on global playerbase. It would require significantly more complex code with no real payoff. It would need to keep track of how many players there are. But not everyone is playing the game weekly, so it would need to take into account the active playerbase. Otherwise drop rates would just get worse and worse the longer the game exists. Active players are going to fluctuate a lot, and as a result so are drop chances. And it just kinda becomes a hot mess from there. Or, you could just, you know, roll a number each time a drop is issued, and give an item based on the number. It's a lot simpler and a heck of a lot less convoluted.
  17. Showcase for Boats

    Kitty gives me a jumpscare, I help @Raspberry Shake get a moth, @Dorozco joins as Wortox, we have a skeledork-cap party.
  18. It seems like they do follow the ship until they get distracted with a puffin or something.
  19. how is meatbulbs a powerful item in the ruins? To push yourself off the edge?
  20. DST Forum polls

  21. [Game Update] - 337090

    vs (old with "beard") @Jason it seems like last update deleted the outer "beard" layer ... is that intended?
  22. Here...I don't know why the bigportraits didn't come out right the first time but its fixed I think. There were some syntax errors that didn't make your character's quote, name, and description not show. Other than that theres some weird fill for the names_adam in the images folder I was confused on how to remove, so I'll let you sort that out.
  23. My theory on this is that it's caused by the recent fix to set pieces: I think the cave stairs formation is a naturally generating set piece, and that when it happens to spawn (partially) on water it gets removed, causing there to be less stairs than sinkholes (The game will take you to the florid postern if a sinkhole you enter doesn't have matching stairs, or if stairs you climb don't have a matching sinkhole).
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