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  2. Traps only capture hatches from my testing in debug - couldn't even trap a morb...
  3. Don't the Rainbow Jellyfish only spawn during new moons?
  4. Gesyer Farm

    Disconnect the pipe after the left-most generators input.
  5. I once find 20+ rainbow jelly fishes nearby the volcano. They were all moving at the same direction. May be for some reason they all respawned over there at that same spawner?
  6. I've been patiently awaiting a seed drop from my thimble reed plants and none have fallen. I know there have been at least 86 harvests, the three seeds I do have were recently dug up. Activities were in build 234177, these plants stifle frequently but a harvest comes due eventually. Information suggests a 33% chance of a seed drop. After nearly 100 harvests (used some fiber) I haven't seen a single seed drop.
  7. I build a different layout every time I play The basics always remain the same : Ceilings are 4 high unless they're temporary floors - i.e. early game mealwood spamming floors. If i'm building electrolyzers inside my base and want to utilize hydrogens properties of floating to the top left, I make a bell tower to collect it slightly off to the left - if not, I do whatever I creatively feel like Temporary outhouses placed somewhere out of the way until lavatories/showers are brought in much, much later (I never rush for them) Since OU I now build a large perimeter wall around my entire base, and dig out 2 tiles from my walls to prevent constant disinfecting from slimelung creep. Plenty of floors, but overlapping ladders to prevent the dupe-drop issue from plaguing my bases. Leave plenty of space - if you don't fill it, never mind - but if you struggle for space, your base will become an overcrowded mess. In the pics below you'll see i have large open areas on either side of my base - these are for growing rooms on the left (when I finally get around to them) and refinery rooms on the right (below the geyser tank). They're some of my basics - obviously now we have these dumb ruins cluttering up the place, my bases tend to incorporate a few of them - like my current offline base which has 3 set pieces in/on/adjoining it....
  8. Well, most organic materials ends up as coal after heat and pressure treatment, which is why coal is so much more commonly found than oil, although now that we're using fracking and other techniques to extract 'oil' from shales and tar sands that ratio is equalizing a bit. Obviously converting vegetable oil to crude oil is a lot easier than converting, say, the animal protein of meal lice to oil. A hybrid idea would be for the machine to be able to use both rot, and a specifically designated crop that converts more efficiently into crude oil and doesn't have to rot first A fun idea would be for the conversion to take place via a special bacteria as well as a special machine, and then that machine would be a source of a new especially deadly disease, how's that for a drawback?
  9. I shared some tips and tricks here of my last outbreak game. It's a small 10-12 colony, open style base, self-sufficient. There is many mistakes I would not do in the next game, but it was overall successful. I guess with the new update, closed rooms becomes a bonus, so I need to look into that...
  10. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Two complete opposites... classic XD
  11. I found this same issue but I fixed it I'd made a mistake, some place and as soon as I fixed it the person in question went straight to the bed. but sometimes it takes a while before they seem to realize they need to use it.. but everyone Ive added went the bed in there own time. When I have more then one med bed down I run into the issue of not being able to set them to use the second bed instead they say pending..
  12. Doro's art place thingy

    Noo, not pineapples! (Jk, I don't really have a prob;em with them). Nice work! ^_^
  13. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    Making mistakes is how we better improve ourselves for next time Do I sense a hint of Willowson? ^_^ Great comic btw.
  14. Rate my mod's art

    Yeah, the scratchy shadinf looks good but the purple's too bright (like what the others said) and it could use a bit more texturing.
  15. I have a very similar problem in the Oil Preview, as the Dups add either of the alge genertor or Terairium. the Carbon DiOxide sprials up out of control, it is showing very high numbers and a base that actually has very little CO2 in it. I think it is seeing the whole map as the base at some point or for some reason. But the output of CO2 becomes impossible to deal with in the daily report. but the map of the base is showing very little of it..
  16. Any filter - set the output to a random element that it'll never encounter, i.e. gold - then use the green output. Acts exactly like a powered valve. I use these on any rooms that need a set pressure, i.e. maintaining my hydrogen within wheezewort co2/chlorine cooling bubblers, or topping up polluted oxygen in your liquid oxygen maker etc. I had an idea to use thermo switches on a seperate bank of small batteries to trigger power gen off - but never got around to building it as I rarely care about wasted power so long as I have enough The idea being that when these end of the line batteries are filled, the entire system is full - they would heat up and the switch would toggle the gas pumps that feed the nat gas generators. Not the most elegant, but if efficiency is your thing, then i'm sure every little counts
  17. Stuck in an asteroid with commodities - wouldn't mind finding a galactic trading post, maybe get rid of some igneous rock? for some plastic or maybe something else.
  18. Here's an updated DLL for OI-234293 OI-234293 The changes are: Storage capacity of suit locker set to 205 kg. Oxygen capacity set to a comfortable 5 kg. Mass of oxygen in storage is actually checked now when recharging. Improved suit locker's search for the suit marker. Implemented experimental code for preventing suits being taken off at checkpoints they shouldn't go to. Fixed Empty Pipe bug on suit locker so that suits can recharge from storage even if the pipe is empty. There is another bug related to dupes being prevented from idling in front of suit markers and suit lockers. What this actually does is prevent them from moving at all so they will never wander away from where they are standing once they start idling. They will only run off once they are given a task to do. Couldn't quite figure out the proper way to fix this bug so I left it as is.
  19. Hmm I just end up with Air Borne Virus when I open and shaft between the Dups and the Virus. and that still infects the walls and eventually gets into the base.
  20. Ahh sorry, nah they're bugged to high hell at present - I haven't figured out how to farm them without them getting stuck occasionally on their own slickster-made-mountain of strangely moving oil
  21. Coal generators need fuelling, cooling, and processing of CO2. A refinery generates 5kg/s of petroleum, generators consume 3kg/s - solution, split off the surplus into a reserve tank. One dupe running the machine for a little portion of every cycle for 2kw of power seems like nothing to me, if said dupe would be spinning their tiny legs off along with 4 friends on manual generators anyway The idea of being able to just slap down a pump and painlessly power something that generates 2kw is laughable to me. The whole point of this tech (in my eyes) is that by the time you're ready to use it, you'll have progressed through other means of power. The coal gens you used would have created co2 (along with dupes breath) that you'll have dumped/stored/liquified/solidified somewhere - that can be fed to slicksters for supplementary oil. Let's face it, unless you're at a late game "done everything and now just bored" stage of the game, you're not going to want to build much out of plastic other than traps (if you failed to trap your hatches propperly) and beds (if you care). Currently plastic is a worthless resource, and once you've made a couple of hundred kilos (which doesn't take all that long - let's face it) can be pretty much ignored. There is plenty of oil in high pressure pockets on the map, plus numerous (normally) wells that CAN be tapped if you have surplus water. I really don't think there's a problem here. If you can't handle the gasses output by the refinery/press and generator - don't build them. Seriously. Dealing with a spot of co2/nat gas and steam is nowhere near as hard as balancing the infrastructure to use the generator efficiently Depends on whether your initially trapped hatches are close to where you eventually built your power station How many times have you trapped your hatches on one side of your base at the start of the game, then when you finally come to want them they're in an inconvenient place I think the plastic cost should be lower tbh - 25kg per trap or something.
  22. I try to keep my ladders out of the middle. The decor is ridiculous in the mess hall area - think my maximum value in the middle off to the left a little is around 471. ..yes, the decor bleeds through the mesh tiles.
  23. Use a "blind key". Take a key bind you you want to keep. Set the control you want to set to "none" and set that to that key then do the same with control you wanted to keep. The control you didn't want now is set to "none" and the control you wanted to keep is set to the key you wanted. I did that to remove all numerical key binds as I otherwise can't use number inputs in debug mode on my laptop that doesn't have separate num keys.
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