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  2. [Game Update] - 335195

    It’s all about the world gen for me. Optimally, the BFB’s caves exit onto the main island, but if it goes to the Pugalisk, I can’t use the BFB as a taxi home. I think some maps might have mobs that go extinct, etc.
  3. Swimmin' DST

    i mean, boats already move at a snails pace. going any slower than they do now would be basically not moving at all.
  4. This sentence could mean anything.
  5. Webber & Wormwood synergy

    Or just ask wortox to heal you, it is faster progress.
  6. The inventory adds up all the piles and all the storage buildings. The number I mentioned would be the upper limit for the combined mass of all of those. However it doesn't really matter because the number is so big. You need to place 3.46 * 10^30 tons on each cell to reach that limit. It doesn't sound particularly realistic to me for anybody to get anywhere near that amount.
  7. Note that if there's more than 25t on a tile of one material, it splits into piles of 25t each. These are treated as separate entities. So the upper limit described by @Nightinggale above is probably that number of separate 25t piles.
  8. It was a big risk to implement so many changes in such a short time. How to release a product for a failed release has recently shown me Stellaris. 3 months were needed to get it "ready to go". I'm always happy when the developers take their time and publish their product ready. ANNO 1800 has shown that customers prefer to wait rather than accept bugs. Maybe they will change their decision and publish only a biome every few weeks. That would make testing easier. But with 983 hours of play, it has already earned its money for me anyway. Thank you for the nice game (and my confused crush for Gossmann )
  9. I'm so in love with these new creatures!!!
  10. Drawings and Drivel

    That was intentional! The compositions are very similar.
  11. [Tool] ONI Recipe Maker Helper

    you download it and run it. if you fear about me stealing your granny's naked pictures, there's the virustotal webpage, or just pass by. no source code and no exlanations for anyone. The name is self-descriptive. i just wanted to share it. P.S. Don't forget, Nightinggale, that you are just as "random person from the internet" as i am, so i don't owe you nothing. And don't tell me about my dead mods link. they are feeling pretty fine theirselves on the discord.
  12. Don't at least three of each spawn per world?
  13. My prediction

    What about the Forge? They seem intent on killing Them, so if Pugna ever gets his mind back he could help us.
  14. Using the technical limit of floats in C#, the upper limit is 340282300000000000000000000000000000000 kg. While I haven't actually tested what happens when you hit this limit, I assume nothing bad will happen as long as no number in the inventory (upper right list) exceeds this number.
  15. Today
  16. You´re smelting and refining raw ore to pure metals. What do you expect? The byproduct is heat, lots of heat, and even more heat. Its part of the refining system to get this under control. You can, btw. bypass this, if you use a rock crusher. The downside is, you "loose" 50% of the raw ore. But it does not heat anything.
  17. Sounds like a bug. I'd report it.
  18. Interactable waters have been added to DST, along with boats to sail across them to find new lands ...and getting out of bounds is now easier than ever, it's also the quickest and most cost-effective way to traverse the seas. An easy fix would be to have the player be killed as soon as they're standing on the water, as they are in Shipwrecked, but I think there's a better solution to this: swimming. Instead of being able to walk on water, perhaps we should be allowed to swim. Swimming would be slow, especially in comparison to boats, and it would leave you defenceless against enemies. You'll gain wetness rapidly while in the water, making it another way to cool off in summer (or die due to frigid waters in winter and spring.) There could be items that allowed you to swim faster or keep yourself dry, like a wetsuit. A prominent issue, or rather, a character plagued with a host of issues right now is Woodie, as a werebeaver he could swim faster and have immunity to wetness, beavers are semiaquatic mammals for crying out loud! They're proficient at swimming and diving.
  19. Why would a low-FPS option increase sales? It does not change how the game´s FPS go down in late game, it just caps the FPS in early game. Besides, you can already do that with your driver-panel from Nvidia or AMD, if you think its worth the effort.
  20. It's a bug that was like, 80% fixed. It's fixed for almost all structures except the mast, ironically. In most cases, placing the mast too close to the edge of a boat will confuse it, and attach it to the ocean, rather.
  21. return of bugs

    If these are bugs, you should report them in the bug section. Be sure to check to see if any of these have been reported or not before hand. And that last one there is a suggestion. Nice title name pun, tho.
  22. Burried material is still there, and has to be processed. Everything present is there, regardless if you see it or not. The easiest way would be, if you have sandbox mode enabled, to accumulate the material at one spot, and every now and then, use the "clear floor" utility to get rid of it.
  23. Yeah it was supposedly fixed but... it's not. I already posted the bug in the bug tracker.
  24. oof. If this stays it's gonna make shadow piece rushing a nightmare. I liked to rush chess piece blueprints by full moon on day 11. No way I'm gonna be able to do it if they're on the island.
  25. Boat speed and balance

    This is a bug, you can do this, you just need to have a world without caves, and be the host of the boat. In the future, you should be able to repair boats with caves, and probably without being the host. Now, for boats? Skins, and different types are what I'd like. I hate being the downer here, but as people say, it's my job. I doubt we're getting housing, DS and DST's versions are so different at this point, they're far apart and aren't apply to properly transport something so heavy. Plus, that's what Hamlet has that's unique. Hamlet is just a ROG reskin with slight edits if housing is taken out of the picture, or in this case being added to the second game. Plus all the balancing, and functionality of it all would be really confusing. It'd be insane if we did get, I'd like that, but I'm doubtful. Maybe RoT will bring in content that's just as good.
  26. I found the rook nose on one of the islands. Thanks to the boat was easier to get it closer to set piece.
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