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  2. Wurt

    Speaking of dying a brutal death the new Halloween Event in Apex Legends should keep me busy enough until Klei decides to give us some news on Hallowed Nights, I’m hoping for some cool stuff I can unlock just through playing and not having to purchase within a limited time period because money in my household has been tight the past few months and I’m a extremely broke Mofo.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  4. that i know if you do not create any bed for them or they aren`t able to go it. they will sleep in the place where there are. but i think the charm of this game is duplicants are a little stupid. illumination update i`ts a real old request never solved. so dupes not care about if its to dark or light, only some plants care about it.
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  6. me atasque contra ña estructura al hacer shift
  7. Character Help

    Thank you, you both have solved my problem.
  8. From my knowledge the basic premise of DS at its core was "trial and error". That alone. No info at all, like one would be dropped in wilderness irl: survive to the best of your deductive abilities - thus no tutorial. Or die. Die 1000 times and more (remember "1.000.000 dead Wilsons"?). From there it came the "uncompromising survival wilderness" aspect. And, I repeat, just that. Rest was a so-and-so classic narrative thread, the story around which your adventure exhaled. You had the Sandbox World in which you learned via trying and dying. And when you considered you're ready, the Adventure Mode. At its end - a conclusion. Le fin. Yes, you mostly are correct in your assessment of current DST, @Crimson Chin and @Sketched_Philo: beyond those DS points in multiplayer you only have Sandbox and optional bosses. No Adventure Mode to have an ultimate goal, no epic obligatory battle to conquer the world for an epilogue. A perpetual limbo... that doesn't go beyond initial premise of those 4 static seasons with a final 10-dogs-cap per player on randomized periodical attacks. And yes, there is where developing direction hit a wall, hiccupped and only filled the void with optional, aesthetic stuff. Us veterans, that stuck with the game, found other creative ways to overcome this problem. I suppose is from person to person, preferences and how we entertain ourselves with given tools. I for one still am entertained - by other players in pubs. Seeing them, what they do, how they do it, the chat, etc while also enacting my standard mojo for duration of that respective Survival pub run: usually Ruins rush, mush a boss or 2, teleporting animals in communal base etc. Imagination is the limit. From time to time I hop on some dedicated Endless servers as well and usually make hidden base models that I print-screen after I do pretty much everything one can do in DST. But i concur: if my only goal would be fighting, and/or "hardcore" surviving.. I would be long gone. (And yes, always I nomad first 2-3 seasons, and usually camp in deep Ruins, at Labyrinth's entrance, Main Ancient Pseudostation extension loop, Cave Swamp, Moon Island or make a Boats Base) Much to write about, yet for now... will wait Wurt's update for some quality mermy time, heh. PS: I also learned the game via "trial and error", being way too lazy to read pages upon pages of what basically is random fantasy i don't bother with on principle. And the last sweet bits of "hidden knowledge" (advanced farms, exploits, bugs etc) I got from discussions on pubs (Dedicated ones mostly, where advanced players "dwell") or... these forums *thumbs-up*
  9. Ok, ok. I see you need time, as we all do, these are just things that are wanted, not needed, if it takes you a while, then it is normal.
  10. Going in by memory alone. Probably got a few things wrong. Also experimenting with different brushes.
  11. Count to 200 without interruption

  12. To be honest I'm surprised it isn't a thing. Would fit perfect with the Lunar Island's animal + fruit/veggie theme.
  13. Come on Klei, I know you want this...
  14. Retrofitting world

    This is an issue that we are facing on Steam as well, if you can pass the word please. I reported here with a save file, but the report has been buried since I've reported it on Oct. 3rd :'(.
  15. Nerf Poison

    Man, if people still whine about poison nowadays, imagine if they were around back when it used to last forever in early Shipwrecked days.
  16. I personally don't like this one cause anyone who does this never cleans up the stingers
  17. Once again here be the refs:
  18. Throwing the dog onto the sidewalk seems to burn him in lava, even though it is safe to walk on. This was tested on 'Back to Class' with the buddy.
  19. Wurt

    Sigh, I had hope, it died a brutal death
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    What are you doing step-bro?
  21. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Get in.
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