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  2. Add smaller inventory drawback back Remove the airhorn entirely, it's really not needed at all to be completely honest. Speedbuff's ok, she's an explorer right? Covering more ground faster is good and makes up for the smaller inventory. The way the compass is loaded needs to change. Right now it counteracts anything you can do for a "smaller inv" debuff by adding another slot to your inventory without cost. Not to mention, it bugs out like crazy with a backpack. There should be a new way to tell the compass what to search for and it should not use the anim at the player's feet but rather the compass UI from Don't Starve Together colored blue. To compensate in combat for the runspeed and dodgeroll (making kiting VERY easy) she definitely should have a very small health pool. If these changes are made made this makes her an exciting challenge character that has plenty of STRONG pros to compensate for the challenge. I really would love a character like this. Right now though she's just way too powerful and I feel like her items were poorly implemented.
  3. Yopyop ! Noob's comin' !! Knowing I'm mostly (almost only) playing ONI as video game. But hey, wait a minute, no AFK at all, & just bought this game in January, the 9th to be precise. So only 106 days ago. Not that bad, yeeeh ?
  4. I would like to add that this in not just squeaky puffs. It's all puffs, they are getting stuck on expelling waste. They might work normally a few times but then get stuck.
  5. Sure thing. I had to remove the code from the .lua file so I could continue testing art assets, but I'll put it back exactly the way I had it. Give me just a bit, and I'll have that PM sent.
  6. I like the idea of her speed buff getting negated by wearing armour! (edit: I meant specifically the 10% base speed buff)
  7. Can crock pots explode?

    You know, this is actually something i now want. What if instead of gloop, the crockpot explodes, or mixing weird stuff together.
  8. Wheeler got a speed buff and buffs because she was super crippled like look at her. she broke her legs on release because she dodged too much like a god that she became disabled
  9. @JohnFrancis Volcano average output : 866,66g/s. Not that much, huh ? Can I think in adding a valve to the oil input, to reduce the magma uses for boiling it ? In your setup, did you find any oil input threshold for the system to work as expected ?
  10. If this is OP I would say just make the first .25 seconds or something provide invincibility, then it would really take skill to preform the dodge, but then it would be pretty pointless to preform when you can just kite edit: Didn't see the area of effect thing, yeah that sounds good I guess
  11. The +10% movement speed buff was already good enough to compensate her -5 Slots penalty: You could always craft yourself a Piggyback to get your 5 (+1) slots back or keep having the Backpack but with a movement speed boost. And thanks to her dodge, movement speed penalties aren't as bad as on other characters. Perhaps: There could always be an item near the Eye Bone or Fishbone which allows her to find Chester or the Packim Baggims quickly, just to get rid of her penalty. The shooter was on a good state too, only the attack delay was a bit problematic: *Aims at running Hounds*, *Shoots at him when he stands right next to her*. Farming ammo was pretty easy in mid-/lategame if you had a nice stinger farm (Elephant Cacti / Lureplant near Beehive) and the horn finally made stingers useful again. Her dodge ability is way too OP: You don't even need armor to kill a boss anymore, just dodge towards him to negate all the damage. Either remove the invincibility while dodging or remove the invincibility against 'area of effect' attacks which are mostly used by bosses. The Navigadget was mostly only useful in SW (Find the Slot-Machine, the 2nd Doydoy or every Thing for the Wooden Platfrom Thing quickly) or ROG-Ruins. About her stats: She felt like a Wilson who traded his beard for a dodge ability and his 5 slots for 2 new items.
  12. She needs her -5 backpack negative back, without it she has way too much utility without any downsides.
  13. No more spamming dodge for fun in the pig cities to feel cool
  14. I don't mind the 1.5 second cooldown dodgeroll but I feel like it's something that should have an energy cost to it. Like a very small (like 1-2 point) cost to hunger for using it. If characters like wilbur and wolfgang are going to pay for superior "sprint tier" movespeed with hunger costs then it would make sense that a roll would too.
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  16. If Klei will listern to SJW or politics, they would soon have to remove Wilson, Wolfgang, Maxwell and even their Canadian fellow lumberjack Woodie. Then politically correct employees will start looking at Webber, asking what skin color boy inside the spider has.
  17. "1. What do you think of the Trusty Shooter in its current state?" "STILL too weak." lmao people who vote for -5 slots to comeback and for her to get slowed down by wearing armor are masochists
  18. I know, I know, another thread about Wheeler. But this one is not like other girls, it has a poll! I want to collect everyone's thoughts on Wheeler and her changes in her current state to decide what the majority thinks of her right now in this neatly organized poll. What do you guys think of her shooter, her dodge, her movement buff, her previous drawback, her lack of current drawback? I wanna hear from all you guys. If you are not aware of the changes, I recommend you read over today's update log before voting.
  19. [Game Update] - 328827

    People seem upset about her speed boost yet fail to remember coffee's existance.
  20. @科雷娱乐你好,下面是我的建议 1、关于薇诺娜这次的重置,出现的双品质操作,两种皮肤除了品质以外,没有任何差别,所以我希望,更确切的说是大部分玩家希望让传家宝品质的皮肤有一-个特殊效果与可拆线的皮肤不仅仅是可交易和品质颜色上的差别。或者更换传家宝品质皮肤的颜色,例如:土豪金。另外,我希望可以把传家宝品质占用人物皮肤比例改回去,或者改为传家宝和红色品质的任意有一个就可以占一个比例。 2、我们希望克雷把一些人物的皮肤完善,比如温迪的眼球草装扮头上的花,与阿比盖尔的一致。这样,会更好不是吗?我希望修改的人物有:威尔逊的胡子、韦伯的蜘蛛网胡、温迪的阿比盖尔头上的花、麦斯维尔的暗影帮手、维斯的气球等等。 3、我希望可以把重生科技球刷新机制调整一下, 因为它有时候20天就可以刷新,但有时候400天都不- -定可以找到。 4、关于种地。希望克雷快点把农场改- -下吧,几片叶子上面生长作物,这个设定太不合理了!比如这样:加入锄头,可以耕地但需要特殊地皮;两种地皮,每种作物生长速度对应普通农场和高级农场;锄的地不可一-直存在,使用- -定次数后添加燃料或者消失,留下一片痕迹,痕迹挖掉地皮后消失;更换作物生长动画,就像The Gorge-样,那样会更合理也会更有趣。 @鹿小松酱
  21. I'm flattered, though I don't have much to add apart from: I have no reason to think SW is canon but Hamlet is poking a lot of lore-ridden strings. We have a robot seemingly created to combat the Shadow Creatures. We have a nightmare apparition that's one of the Ancients. We have a pig civilization & character that relate to our Pig King. Etc.
  22. [Game Update] - 328827

    Couldn't agree more! I play games for fun and Wheeler is definitely fun and I don't care if atm she's unbalanced, gotta go fast and noscope everything with rocks !
  23. [Game Update] - 328827

    even if the "hardcore" people are revolting in their keyboards.. you gotta admit .. her speed in fun
  24. I dont like her new buffes too, cause she becomed OP. But i have idea how balance it. Removing chest slot. No backpacks, no armor for her, only head slot. This can really balance her dodge, speed boost and range specialization.
  25. I've heard that this is one of the hardest challenge in the game, as it requires lots of heat exchange in extreme temperatures. I think these tricks are something well-known, but I couldn't find relevant posts. So here's an idea: 1. Hold the temperature of 600C sour gas and -190C methane, and use reverse flow heat transfer in the middle. This helps as you do not need an artificial heat transfer method like aquatuners, which is largely not abailable for its power and cooling/coolant requirements. 2. High temperature end. Most machines cannot work without space materials. My goal is avoiding use of them if possible, so external heat source is needed to keep the sour gas temperature. One can put magma when temperature drops. I don't know how much magma you'd need here, but judging by practicality of oil boilers, this shouldn't be too hard. I guess the hardest part here is low conductivity of sour gas, and there is not so much ways to go around this other than using materials which helps with conductivity. 3. Low temperature end. Here, machines do work fine but there's one problem: liquid methane has so narrow temperature range that it is quite hard to get it not condense into a liquid. Also no good liquid coolants with decent SHC exists. My solution? Let it freeze! I think it is not that hard to make a pool of liquid oxygen on its vaporization point - this will maintain that specific temperatures. And solids, it could be spread through storage compactors so that heat transfer could rapidly happen. (Spreading 500kg into 25 compactors of 20kg gives 25 times the heat transfer). It can easily be liquidified there, and later you can just apply the reverse heat transfer as it is easier to handle these fluids. You could do the same for sulfur, but Idk if it is worth the hassle because it has so low SHC to matter much. By the way, Heating the natural gas to 220C seems to achieve the heat stability, without cooling or heating needed - thus less machinery required. So I want to know, if it's possible to have the generators consume such a scalding gas. How do you think?
  26. As far as I know all dmg is nerfed when you touch base dmg... wendy and wes have reduced dmg on darts too...that's how it works and it's simply bad to nerf her base dmg cuz reasons
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