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  2. Looking for modding partner

    That would be pretty straightforward. Let me see to create something today or tomorrow.
  3. Definitely not a pathing issue thanks. See the latest update where setting priority to Top/Yellow alert is a workaround. I have several build orders scattered around the map (which I hope isn't unusual behaviour!) and none of them are seeing any action. This is not a big priority or show stopper btw. I've started fresh with a new QOL3 build instead. I've kept the related saves around this and am very happy to work towards a fix in case this is some kind of late game (cycle 1438) bug.
  4. There's another one in @Saturnus image - pneumatic doors use 100kg metal ore vs two mesh tiles which use 100 each for 200 total. So if you're short on metal or haven't researched mesh tile yet or want the faster build time use doors, and lock them if needed to prevent dupes climbing over when you stack doors. Just remember that falling material will pass through doors when it wouldn't through mesh tiles. I believe he's also opened the active pneumatic doors (though this could just be automation) - in many cases setting them to open saves a bit of time as dupes don't have to wait for them to open. It won't disable access permissions to do this (though at one point in development it did). I tend not to use these if I can get away without, but there's nothing wrong with doing it if you prefer to or need to squeeze every ounce of efficiency from your base.
  5. Tbh I think there was indeed a fraction of the Mant people that left Hamlet... In the murals u also see some kinda internal struggle of power between 2 leading mants...
  6. Any chance for a shipwrecked together

    This is gonna keep popping up... Sw together is a fan concept.. Even if some peeps want to deny it Check sw together mods for an assessment on that
  7. i know i just find it funny how it completely reversed i mean what if the Womant is a defector from the ancient society?
  8. The pigs reversed cuz the pig King left Hamlet to rule away from the Queen's influence. Check pig King portrait icon in DST He probs got affected by vanilla/RoG somehow and that changed him to go back to a more animal state
  9. Today
  10. 1.5kg/cycle is actually nothing. As mentioned it's less then 1/3 of a single sleet wheat plant, and you can produce FAR larger amounts of dirt in other ways. Adding in other sources of CO2 isn't relevant; you would have them regardless of the existence of the geyser. And CO2 has so little heat capacity that a single wheezewort in hydrogen would do 5-10 times more cooling then that entire geyser even if you heated all the CO that came out by 100-150 degrees before consuming it. Honestly it's a textbook example of just not having enough throughput to be worth it. Generally I do agree with the sentiment that geysers don't need to be perfectly balanced in usefulness (that would just make every seed basically the same), but yeah, some geysers are just worthless. Even if you try to build to take advantage of them the benefit is so small it's actually not worth the trouble/there are easier ways to do the exact same thing. Hot Steam/Hydrogen/Both CO2 geysers/Leaky Oil and arguably the Hot Polluted Oxygen vent kind of fall into that category, every other type is more or less useful in some way. Personally I would like to see something like: -Slush Geysers output cut to about 1/2 or 1/3 of the current (it doesn't really make much sense for it to be one of the best sources of water AND coolant at the same time, so this would at least make it less of a ridiculous standout). They would still be very useful, but tbh nerfing them would probably actually help push people towards learning how to play without them and not relying on them as much as I see a lot of people doing. -Polluted Water to about 2/3 of the current values (it's not as cold but still at a moderate temp) -Hydrogen Vents approx doubled, maybe a bit more; it's a hassle to deal with the 500C hydrogen, atm they can't even power a single generator consistently, so it's not actually worth the trouble, but if the output was greater they would be a good source of hydrogen for either power or Liquid Hydrogen rockets if you can deal with the heat and would actually be worth building around. -Hot Steam output buffed considerably, probably about 5 times. They still wouldn't really produce a lot of water, but enough to actually be noticeable, and they would be a source of 'free' power with a turbine. They would still be a pretty weak geyser, but at least you wouldn't just ignore them outright. -The CO2 geysers honestly could probably be buffed by 10x and still not be very useful. I'm not really sure why CO2 geysers produce so laughably little, it's like someone left off a zero or two. CO2 is actually useful in a few ways, but it's terrible as coolant (low specific heat/conductivity), and honestly you can produce 500g/s with just a single Petroleum generator, so I'm not sure why geyser values are so low -Leaky Oil should be producing an average of about 1kg/s+ of hot oil before they would really be useful in practice. Volcanoes would still be way better heat sources, and 1kg/s of oil or petrol isn't really that much in reality, so I don't think this would be crazy (and certainly wouldn't make them anywhere near top tier, but again, the point isn't to make every geyser equal to each other, just to make them all somewhat useful). -Not sure what to do with Hot Polluted Oxygen. Obviously buffing output would help, but it's such a pain to cool the oxygen to usable levels (since pretty much every application of oxygen is pretty temperature sensitive unlike say Hydrogen which you just need to cool enough to get into the pipes and then consume it), that I'm not sure how it would ever be useful outside of producing truly ridiculous quantities (and even then, why cool super hot oxygen when you can get it at reasonable temperatures in so many other ways)
  11. Any chance for a shipwrecked together

    Maybe Shipwrecked together threads should be grouped together?
  12. But it's quite obvious that the positioning of the showers in/out are very counter-intuitive ... in at the bottom, out on top?!...I don't like to use the phrase ''in real life'' because its a game, but this little detail I would wish to be more close to real life...
  13. But the centipedes are on every mural.
  14. normal DS: pigs aren't smart ancients are advanced Hamlet: pigs are smart ancients are primitive a true role reversal!
  15. scripts/components/waterproofer.lua#L17-18 if inst.components.inventoryitem ~= nil then inst.components.inventoryitem:EnableMoisture(true) got an exception [string "scripts/components/waterproofer.lua"]:17: variable 'inst' is not declared should be if self.inst.components.inventoryitem ~= nil then self.inst.components.inventoryitem:EnableMoisture(true)
  16. Guess Who?

    indeed, we are just reminiscing about the memes shared with Warbucks and the fact you can still find traces of him around in the game despite his sad departure. Yes tell us more @ucw what happened after this exp bar?
  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I don't think anyone's done this yet... Wow I just figured out how to make memes this is fun
  18. There is way more evidence in the game suggesting mants are the ancients from the murals than against it.. I think the ancients are a group is mant-like species... Not all mants loo the same.. Compare Herald vs normal mants vs womant
  19. Call me biased, but this looks like a plague doctor mask.
  20. Hi there, Just got a random crash. I wasn't able to report it with the in-game tool... Clicked too fast The crash happened when clicking on the "Compost" button on a Mushroom located in a refrigerator. Unfortunately, I have try to reproduce the crash, but wasn't able. I suppose there are other unknown conditions. Dracian06 Cycle 857.sav
  21. Guess Who?

    @ucw did you fill the exp bar? what did it do? we really didn't do much arguing this is more of a woah this exists page
  22. Guess Who?

    I just don't want drama on this forums. Let's not make this forum a war.
  23. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  24. 1.5kg/cycle of dirt is a decent amount. Add to it the CO2 from NG and/or petroleum generators, dupe breathing, etc. You're right that the temperature effect was minimal, but it did have some effect. I reinstalled my OS in January, so I no longer have the saves from that map. Anyway, the base was stable when I left it.
  25. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    Dude... I'm known to be argumentative... But I never go over reason to argue to be a complete f annoyance to everybody without a solid substance... Key word ARGUMENT You just want to disagree for the sake of disagreeing and trying to be smug when you got owned already... Accept you defeats and move on... It's part of growing as a person
  26. do not recommend, I closed my ears and died due to lack of oxygen I crank that bad boy to max and use the volume wheel on my headphones if it's too loud or too quiet. I generally prefer having it loud so I can hear stuff that would people normally gloss over. A common example are the first few barks of an early hound attack.
  27. The green arrow on your pump is an "output." As are the green arrows on your sink/toilet/shower. The green arrow output from the pump should connect to a pipe that connects to the white "input" connections on the sink, toilet, and shower. If you look in the upper right corner of your screen, there is a dialog box "plumbing overlay" that gives you a quick reference. Green for output to the pipe, white for input to the device from the pump. The white 'input' arrows on your sink, toilet, and shower need to be connected to the green arrow of the pump. The green 'output' arrows on your sink, toilet, and shower, need to connect to the white arrow of the drain.
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