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  2. You get extra hits on mobs when they're on fire because they flee, along with that extra fire damage from making be on fire. Also fire is a mechanic in the game, it shouldn't be immune to any character. You will deal with fire, whether it's from mobs, summer, or whatever. I already mentioned this several times throughout the forums. Imagine being immune to any other aspect in the game which is supposed to be a challenge, how fair is that?
  3. as a closing argument, well, at this point its more a few last words to what i have deduced to be a gang of people beaning me, willow is the fire starter, not the bear troupe leader.
  4. i am very excited for willow's new perks and so is my wife, hopefully by the time the update is released, klei will be working on a nintendo switch release for dst so her boyfriend can play along with us anyway i believe willow's new perks change up her playstyle very significantly and i feel the way she plays no longer matches up with how she looks, so maybe willow is also deserving of some rework on her design personally these are my suggestions and i think it will fit her new abilities: - willow should wear a white shirt and red skirt for a more colourful look - willow's hair should be blonde to give her a more youthful appearance - bernie is now completely white and can float hope u guys agree and if not state below why and be very polite with how u discuss it
  5. I have to use the priority menu as a job focus. All the hats are now is a bookmarking system now.
  6. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    Lucky hat spawns burried treasures. He can keep the hat with sewing kits. I never even played him in Hamlet, I'm just saying everyone who has says he is amazing. I was surprised too at first.
  7. Asking for fire immunity is meaningless

    That is not an explanation of how or why. If you call something superior, back it up.
  8. Then why not give her something more interesting than fire immunity? Like... self-emolation? Actually that'd be kind of interesting. Willow could light herself on fire in emergencies, trading health for warmth and sanity, and acting as a literal walking fire for other players. Think extra adorable lavae. Exactly what you guys wanted, yeah?
  9. I was being kind of serious. when you were talking you sounded like a griefer and I'm really against griefers.
  10. I really don't get what these people want and why. Every challenging game on the steam market has to be ruined by casuals whether it's for ez mode or griefing purposes. When will the gaming community ask for a challenging game for once? So what if Willow might not compare to other characters, so nerf the others. I just don't get it. Willow didn't get a recent nerf, she got a buff. There is more reasons to actually play her now and people still feel like nothing happened. What?
  11. at this point, im pretty sure that trenix has been beaning me this whole time with nonsensical arguments, i would prefer that to be the case, actually.
  12. No...because those are kinda core mechanics of the game for ALL players. Fire immunity isn't.
  13. well, we sure aint removing torches and hammers now are we?
  14. Wouldn't be surprised, there is very little to do in the game after you've done everything possible within the game. PvP is broken, there is no real end-game, so what is left? Just playing characters with "fun" perks to disrupt public servers.
  15. alright, these arguments are just getting more absurd by the minute
  16. I NEED HELP!

    Thank you!
  17. So...we should add in MORE ways for them to grief?
  18. Barracks requires "single bed"

    Same issue with bedroom “room” i think it’s text issue that needs to be adjusted to: ”at least 1 cot” ”at least 1 comfy bed” since how it is now is somewhat confusing. Or maybe the bedroom really is intended for single and barracks for multiple. whatever the case they are inconsistent with text and effect
  19. Are you saying your a griefer?
  20. It'd be a shame if the Memelord himself did something to it.
  21. >changed nothing because griefer's dont just vanish when one of their ways is removed plus, rollbacks and bans exist for a reason.
  22. Also PvP...but nobody really plays DST for balanced PvP, but gosh dangit they did try.
  23. Griefing is fun to you too I suppose.
  24. If fire immunity was taken out for griefing concerns, then why would they ever put it back in DST
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