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  2. So I entered a cave while holding the navigadget with aloe in it and I crashed, I tested this again and it just made me weirdly slide until I unequipped it
  3. Thankfully those grass jungles tend to burn themselves because the Beetles are dumb and try to fight Thunderbirds.
  4. Neat for Willow mains, I suppose. I sure hope Wendy is the next refresh teased/released in July, my birthday is in July! And I hope they do not remove Abi defending us, it's part of my play style. I do hope they give us better control over Abi though, stop attacking tentacles!
  5. Those savannas with 100 tall grass is what I dub as the "lag zone"... All lag zones are to be burnt to the ground until nothing but ash is left to make hamlet lag free again.
  6. So, with the new Willow coming up I was thinking about the potential tricks that could be done with her new-ish set of abilities. However since the information is pretty vague this is nothing more than speculation. Currently a fun strategy (not really efficient right now but..) that utilizes Bernie is to use all the insanity inducing items alongside several Bernies to fight bosses. Nightmare armor, night sword, blue caps, bat bat, and some others. If Bernie is actually capable of fighting there are interesting possibilities of creating Bernie armies to fight bosses as well as more effectively using the "Go Nuts" items/weapons. My hope for Bernie's buff is that he will make it feasibly possible to fight bosses totally insane without an annoying amount of preparation beforehand effectively giving Willow access to insanity inducing items with little need to prepare for the penalty of being insane. Not to mention if Bernie is strong then being able to drop a bodyguard at will is a pretty interesting concept to play with. Bernie also has the potential for being an EXTREMELY effective nightmare fuel farmer if Bernie is actually strong. Especially if there is a small army of Bernies. Equip a nightmare amulet, bone helmet, or just plain go insane and have Bernie knock them all out while you tend to other matters. IF Bernie is strong then Willow may have taken the slot for the most efficient nightmare fuel farmer. The only other two characters that have an innate ability to gather nightmare fuel faster are Wolfgang and Wigfrid since they can kill them easier and even then they have to dedicate their focus on farming fuel. (Maxwell/Wes don't count since it's easy to set up an insanity farm and they don't have any innate ability to kill them faster) Another interesting possibility is that according to the teaser for reworked Willow Bernie can now be equipped for sanity and warmth. Unless JoeW actually meant insulation this means that Willow could have a portable personal heater allowing extremely easy winter travel on the surface as well as easier winter spelunking. If the player has the hindsight to use Bernie for heat in the Winter that means that it will be unnecessary to carry around fire making supplies freeing up a couple slots of inventory space and being oh so very convenient. Here's hoping Bernie is actually strong. If Bernie ends up being really weak then I can't say i'm all too impressed with the rework since everything else is pretty meh for advanced players and she'll just be a new player oriented survivor. TLDR; If Bernie is strong then Willow could potentially the best nightmare fuel farmer, efficient winter/summer explorer, and have easy access to insanity inducing items. If anyone thinks of any more interesting possibilities with her new abilities please share. I'm definitely excited to play her because regardless of what people think she's definitely being buffed from her current state.
  7. Ban reverent because I shall not allow you to eat any of my Lumas, you glutton!
  8. Modding help defense multipliers

    Ok, so I was able to find out how to do the poison part of this, but I'm still stuck on the damage. Also, poke
  9. Thanks so much. The wiki was missing this and I wanted to do a Hot Lava crossover in the future.
  10. He looks so stupid lol
  11. Playtime record

    Playing on a laptop I fear that if I go AFK , the thing might catch fire. Still a measly 1291 Hours.
  12. I'm here guys! I'm here for the Woodie rework.
  13. But you're already penalized for burning mobs by burning the loot they're dropping too.
  14. Foremost it's not my job to make suggestions, however I'm more than happy to put my input in if you like. Fire immunity is not overpowered and if you think it is then you must be appalled by the entire existence of Wolfgang, Wicker, and WX It doesn't effect griefing at all as anyone can make a torch and just not stand in the fire, so that point falls flat. Also last time they balanced characters around griefing it didn't go so hot. None of the perks actually matter to a skilled player, and yes I'm aware that applies to a lot of characters, however I never said that's a good thing, in fact quite the opposite. What I'm saying actually is that Willow's perks should impact all levels of skill and all points in a playthrough. I'm glad you're excited but it's apparent to me (and obviously a lot of other people) that these perks have no real impact in the long run (or the short run), at least not most likely unless they go full Wheeler with Willow. My discussion was never about griefing beyond that it's dumb to balance characters around griefing, not sure where that's coming from. Also the only people who think Inventory Burning would be primarily used for griefing don't seem to understand I've stated I'd want it adjusted for multiplayer (ie dps capped and likely no ignition radius). They've also clearly never used it before, it never works out quite like the video, at least not until the endgame. And yeah no the extinguish thing was useless, considering half of the perk has already existed and literally no one has brought it up before. As far as solo play goes fun fact you can now change character (which most experienced players do now) so the "no maxwell" argument doesn't work. And regardless it's solving a nonissue, fuel is never hard to get. Not using clothes for winter? I get that there's different playstyles but even without clothes winter is still laughably easy, so yeah that downside doesn't matter still. To your last point, sure, maybe it'll somehow magically work out, however I'm speaking from 1700 hours and multiple years of playing both games, I can usually tell when a rebalance idea is good or bad.
  15. HD Textures

    Oh my, I didn't realize how much power I have. I can control emotions! Whelp, time to use this to my advantage.
  16. Why not offline wortox. Let me rephrase this: will there be offline wortox?
  17. So, being able to stun things is OP, however being able to make an infinite amount of catapults to shred bosses apart isn't?
  18. U can do this with her regardless and for longer with 6 seconds immunity even better.. This is a well known concept But then you want to stun and kill and yet get full benefit from killing faster with fire with full loot ? Yes.. I think it's op but we can agree to disagree
  19. Honestly, Despite me being one of the most vocal people for Fire Immunity (from the looks of it), I actually enjoy the buffs that Klei is giving Bernie, and I'm all for them.
  20. Welp, here's my opinion: I don't see the point of this rework, guys. I mean, it's like 10 different little things, and the character still feels boring. @Zeklo couldn't be more spot-on if he tried, Willow's new perks don't feel significant, like the other characters. For logics and reasoning behind my opinion, please refer to his reply, I couldn't have said any better. With that said, here be suggestions: ADVANTAGES - Go for big daddy bernie, dealing damage proportional to the target's insanity aura (might require some balancing, could go for 100% insanityaura-to-damage conversion for average threats and Nighmare Creatures, but nerf it to 10% for Giants) - Go for campfire-safety Willow, who no longer loses drops if her enemies die of... arsonistic causes (AKA Deerclops still drops Eyeball if burnt to death) - Go for the thing literally everybody wants, and give her Fire Immunity (which synergizes with the above suggestion) - Go for precision F-strike, where enemies burn longer and don't spread to nearby flammables, as long as they're hit by her Lighter (requires the campfire-safety suggestion, to incetivize actual fire-tactics, while giving use to her glorified torch) Bottom Line is: nobody really cares about Fires, because they're hard to kite, keep up, and end up burning the loot, so the idea is either making them fun to use as Willow, or ditching the mechanic entirely and focusing on Bernie. I don't know about the rest, but I'd prefer fun fire-related perks, even if they don't seem to fit the character as much as the bland temperature resistances. DISADVANTAGES - idk break her legs Fires made by Willow burn faster, and I'm referring to wildfires, campfires, endo-fires and torches. This will make temperature control considerably harder, forcing the pyromaniac to burn entire forests on Winter and Spring to keep the heat up. It also makes the player feel like the pyromaniac, where no fire lasts long enough, and the nights just drag on for soooo long... - Wetness drains sanity a lot more. being a wet pyromaniac just feels cruel, have some incentive to keep her warm and dry. FINAL THOUGHTS Redesigning a character based around the most-used Griefing method can be hard, but don't trap yourselves around the cliché and mellow things you're trying to redesign, go crazy, worst case scenario, it's still not bland. Willow is Fire, not Temperature. I'd love to hear back from the devs on these suggestions, but it's ok, I'm just another match in a sea of... wait what
  21. In defense of Bernie

    I wouldn't really want to make him not fight.. I think that's an interesting idea On the sanity.. I also hope the devs can work a bit around it.. I mean not like expecting her to be always fully insane.. The issue is her sanity pool is small.. So u really have to keep lowering you sanity constantly.. That's an important issue.. No doubt Rn I don't have many ideas on how to ask for a good balanced idea.. But Ty for bringing that up.. Maybe the other have some nice ideas about it
  22. Kill your dupes

    After the first sentence, I did not expect the 2nd to be that tame... I'm a horrible person and I suppose I could be even more horrible if I'd dare to say just how deep that rabbit hole goes but I don't dare indeed. But for my future reference: Spoon; Granite; Maschendrahtzaun; Hatch; 2+2=5; Meep.
  23. HD Textures

    My eyes are bleeding from just seeing this rip
  24. "You can wipe loads of mobs, by trapping them in a forest and lighting it up" You can do this with any character. Fire Immunity would just mean that you're able to stand in said fire, and I guess attack them while they're panicking? I don't see the problem. "You could stop fires from burning up your base with no damage at any point." You can already do this in-game as Willow's damage resistance makes her take 0 damage when extinguishing something that's smoldering. (Edit: This would also be the case with temporary Immunity so I don't see how this is even something to bring up in the first place) I still don't see how Fire Immunity is OP.
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