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  2. In a very difficult mode you can even disable armors, of course. We go by degrees; but I do not exclude anything. I had also considered an "impossible" mode where the player has only 1 health point.
  3. I thought that “veterans” don’t need armor since they’re so good at kiting and thusly never get hit.
  4. Those days should have 10 times the hours. Also GF, you didn't put wife agro.
  5. Hmmm, I would suggest disabling mods once again and verifying your game files, as the sound related issue was fixed back then, this seems to be another issue, but given that I haven't seen any other reports of it I'd suspect it's still mods. If it still happens without mods and with game files verified please report back.
  6. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    How to Thomas your dragon. I tried drawing Mr. Axy Dent from memory but it turned out wrong.
  7. It would be cool if one of the mobs (spider maybe) had a much higher level of A.I., coordinated unprovoked attacks on player bases, etc. and the ability to roam far away from their nests.
  8. ..and base is not a total mess... I even managed to start working towards mid game goals at the end (getting atmo-suits, working my way up towards the surface to grab the steal up in the building there and planning a route down to get oil for plastic. After that I think it will be working on a volcano becasue a lot fo dupes are stuck in hamster wheel right now since I am going for super sustainable too. I did pick the map using []( not to make carnivore easier but to get hydrogen vent since I haven't had one in a single play-through yet. Main tactic was hard prioritize stables.Making temporary ones. They are not as good as late game fully automated stables but most of the eggs will at least drop through and won't have to be manually cleaned out. For some reason I started with 1 hatch I found when digging despite the map being arboria. I also got 3 hatch eggs not to faar in and a lot later on shove vole eggs I did re-load a couple of the really early printing pods because getting something you can use or not first 3 or 4 prints makes such a difference that you might as well re-start if you get crap the first prints. Screenshotsincluded
  9. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    @JanH mind explaining what you told me so the confusion can be cleared up? Inspired by the Felix Colgrave short HONK, I wanted to redraw a frame and replace the two kids with Wendy and Webber.
  10. In DST the armor protects well, and protects a lot. Having even a straw armor makes the difference. In a difficult mode I would reduce every defense percentage by half: Tier 1 (straw armor): 33% defense. Tier 2 (wooden armor): 60% defense. Light Tier 3 (thulecite armor): 80% defense. Heavy Tier 3 (marble armor / nightmare): 90% defense. Even this small change would make any battle more hostile.
  11. I've said it on youtube and will reiterate here : I really enjoy the way you present your content, very concise, clear, yet complete. Good stuff, make more please :>
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Why are you teaching us lesson four on the DST forums?
  13. I really like the idea; playing some sort of football player sounds fun.
  14. why did you join the klei forums?

    Can't recall what got me to make my first account, but... Initially started lurking due to trying to find information on the old multiplayer mod that was in the works by a community member with a dragon icon and some name involving a Y and a V that I just can't recall. This being back in the time that the response to any 'Can Don't Starve to be multiplayer ples?' thread, even on Steam, was a swift boot to the head and yeeting said thread into the abyss of lockedness. My, how times change.
  15. Cookie cutters eating pumpkin cookies would make my day
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  17. Well, I have no real idea what causes it so can't really ask for specific info, but - since you are an active Mac user you likely frequent news sources I don't. If you stumble across any lead in your travels I wouldn't mind hearing about it.
  18. Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Do you use mods? Yes Version Number Rev. 360464 789 14:48:49 Issue title Beefalo causing game to crash, possible due to a sound file issue Steps to reproduce Any time I get close to a beefalo herd, the game crashes. Including the crash screen. Describe your issue My base is right next to a beefalo herd, and whenever I get close to them within seconds the game crashes. This happened several months ago too, I made a report about it then too. I reinstalled the game, played without mods, but nothing seems to be working. It's RoG, Hamlet is enabled but I think it happened before I got the DLC.
  19. when playing DST on my Mac via steam I am unable to place the boat kit anywhere when using a controller. I should be pretty straight forward go to water place boat kit in water. but I don't get any indicator to do so.
  20. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    Your concept sketches even look like something you'd see from like Klei's concept art, geez
  21. Thanks, bizziboi! I appreciate the fast response! Also please let me know if I can do any sleuthing for you on the Mac side.
  22. Wurt

    "Mumsy says my friends can't come out to play." Remembered this Billy quote and now it has an explanation and now I'm kinda sad. still cracking up internally over the greenhorn thing though he has scales on his portrait, implying green merm skin and horns hAH
  23. I am stumped by this as it doesn't. I've been looking into why Catalina is saying it is - if you Google this message you'll see many apps have this problem. It's likely to do with how the game listens for keypresses or maybe the fact that we try to respond to Command-Q to quit. We're definitely not actively trying to monitor input from other apps
  24. Even if they want to get rid of the uncompromising label, I don't really think that should mean the only form of difficulty you can get in game is from severely crippling yourself. Again, this about being engaging in the least bit, rather than uncompromising at this point.... unfortunately.. The first example there is still broken even if its limited time. Not that it matters since there are so much more extremely cheesy things in the game, which again gets to the point where you might as well just spawn em in with console commands. And the 2nd, I still think its cheesy you can just run to a pig to get the tree guard to forget about you in a second. Pigs aren't exactly rare. Again, not that it matters. Like Ogrecakes said, tree guards are probably one of the easiest enemies in game. Just remember the number of hits and there is 0 chance of you even getting hit at all. This can be said for way too many enemies, if not all of them. Again, this is all present in DS as well, seems more like bad game design rather than a "forgiving" difficulty.
  25. I mean it's not like anyone considered talking about Wurt here off topic untill watermelen said so. Anyway... @watermelen671 do cookie cutters have an eating animation and if they do could you post it here?
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