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  2. No City, No Palace?

    On the bright side you have all the mossy turf you could ever want.
  3. That sucks, but there is tons more nearby. Should have taken a zag instead of a zig
  4. [Game Update] - 336171

    The tragic reality of playing a Beta.
  5. Bug with mealwood?

    I doubt any decent decompiler would screw base types up. This is probably a reliable finding. Thanks. One thing is faster memory I/O, since you only need to move half the bytes. The other is smaller memory footprint. It may not be raw computing speed. A very simple benchmark (just addition) I just did shows pretty much the same speed for float and double. That is with gcc on Linux and the assembler source indicates that SSE2 (which does double) is used. Of course, if this is mostly some vector processing and the SSE unit is fully used, it may have an impact on raw computing speed as well. Would be interesting to see what happens if ONI is compiled with double instead of float. As it is, rounding is tricky and getting it wrong gives the effects we see.
  6. Yellow in the murals most commonly represents Thulecite. And I mean, just look at them, and then look at every other Ancient.
  7. Cant connect to any servers

    Are you, or the servers in question, running the open beta? might be a compatibility issue
  8. This stinks as I'm not anywhere ready to go to space and I'm going to have to set up an awful lot of infrastructure if I want to deal with it.
  9. You cannot link boats as of right now. It may be possible in a future update, however.
  10. I'm with Variant here, I was replying due to James Bucket's video. Looks like some frames are missing.
  11. shipping mass storage

    @geniusthemasterYou have 10 dupes.. set up shifts and cut it down to 3 or 4 outhouses... I can see it in my head... suddenly there's a line to the outhouses and a race to see which 9 get to the clean ones... ... oops, sorry, Mae.. guess you gotta clean yours first. Just don't be slow next time, because Travaldo just filled up #7! Seriously, though, you have an interesting idea. One thing to consider is using a conveyor chute to just drop everything next to a sweeper. If you have your drop-off where dupes can't get to it, then you can use one sweeper to feed material to a second sweeper that loads up dupe-accessible storage bins and turn that map-wide hallway into a 10x4 room. Or maybe something like this: Set the bins appropriately and your dupes will have access to what they need, and everything else stays in the box where nothing can interact with it. Or if you need more variety, add more loaders.... Or even MOAR LOADERS!!!! ... There's room for one more loader, but I couldn't figure out how to route the rail out. Anyway.. one box to store EVERYTHING!
  12. Good info. Thanks. And good info as well. If it is a short-float with kg resolution (once it reaches some upper threshold), it should display up to around 8400t.
  13. Somewhat new to sea-basing, so forgive me if this sounds noob-ish but... How can I link boats "the intended way" and how strong is the link? For example, can I have like 10 interconnected boats and sail away like a moving man-made island? america eggsplain
  14. I am still going to keep this up for the creators to consider Beefalo taming needs a rework too when the item you leave to keep them tame doesnt even work This is still why best option would be to give an item that you can take with you to log out with the beefalo tied to the item like how the lavae tooth
  15. [Game Update] - 336171

    what about existing worlds with the wormholes close to the water? @ScottHansen
  16. Hello, In my recent world(2nd Turn of Tides world), MacTusks hut spawned at the edge of the forest biome and the sea causing MacTusk to spawn at sea. This ables him to run on water where he is unreachable while he relentlessly hit you with blowdarts.
  17. Banan's art n' stuffs

    i had to get my brother to explain the joke lol
  18. The Recipe Book Interface from the Gorge is something I would have liked to see implemented in the game. I would argue that for newer players, it can show them that there are many recipes that one can make in a crockpot, in several different ways. It also forget how to make stuff that I rarely make from time to time, such as Ice Cream. It could also encourage me to eat a more diverse palate and I would say it would be a great addition to the game alongside Warly's release (though I can only dream). That's all I wanted.
  19. Renewable Gears

    Another - much, much much, much, simpler option When meteors fall, a chance for one of the following ideas Option 1> Ore/Metal/Iron falls from sky - make gears craftable - (possibly make Winona's machines require gears) Option 2> Broken Clockworks falls from sky - making the resource available even without enabling caves (but also makes Thulecite available on surface world - unless the surface version of 'Broken Clockworks' has different loot table) Option 3> Satelite/Machinary falls from sky - can salvage gears, possibly frazzled wires, and other items (basically similar to option 2 above except can't spawn clockworks, and different loot table)
  20. Dont Starve fanarts

    I remember you posting that in the dupe-a-day thread. If you want to do any more, there's a art and lore section for it.
  21. [Game Update] - 336171

    Worldgen fixes? amore! <3 big props to the bug-swatting team, tackling the oddities right on the money, hoping to see more solid landmasses and less "lakes on the desert" in the future, too ...God, I sound like an 90s car salesman... By the way, IIRC WX-78's water-damage quirk is not being applied when miss-timed oars and ship-abandoning wetness is acquired, only the generic sanity debuff. It'd consider an even bigger health loss with those specific scenarios since saltwater is more conductive, but that'd roam into suggestion and balancing territory.
  22. WormWood abilities.

    Just gotta be *real* careful when playing Wormwood, don't go catching fire anywhere near base. O_O (Would other players be able to extinguish a smoldering Wormwood? Would Wicker's Applied Horticulture bloom Wormwood? Will Wortox's souls heal Wormwood?! SO MANY QUESTIONS.)
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