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  2. I power my doors so they take 40 seconds to open (I reckon the actual time is 38,2 sec, but I round it up for "safety"...
  3. If you refuse to toggle, you still can predict safe periods using automation. You get 10 days of showers and 4 days of peace. Keep track of this, then launch your rockets when they will return during peace.
  4. Wurt

    Uh, guys. What have you all done!
  5. whoa hold on. it's not 0.000256%. You need 150s of warning, that's how long the doors take to open. Call it 160s because there seems to be some variance. So, you're measuring the odds that at least one sensor detects your rocket within the first 40 seconds. It's easier to express the complement of that, what are the odds that every sensor fails to detect my rocket for more than 40 seconds? I.E. failure. The probability of one scanner failing = 160 / 200, or 80%. The probability of 8 scanners failing on the same return = 0.8^8 = 17% The probability of 16 scanners failing on the same return = 0.8 ^ 16 = 3% (build more scanners)

    That is why my worlds are never open to the public when i know i'm gonna be away for more then 4 days. Once i've finished whatever it was that kept me away i'll restart the the server and open it up to the public, even then i restrict the amount of players that can join(if its an established world).
  7. What you're saying makes sense however are you sure it works like that?! I have 8 scanners. 6 of them for meteor shower (100% network), 2 for rockets. If it works like you describe, this setup should give me 20%^8 = 0,000256% chance of failure (warning < 40s). That's low. When there is a meteor shower, my rocket door is opened as soon as a rocket is detected (no delay), just green -> open. Not taking any chances. Heh. My rocket still occasionally smashes the doors. So either I'm the unluckiest dude ever, either... something ain't right.
  8. Unironically great idea.
  9. Screenshot showcase

    I rather get that than x10 buttoned shirt, same color.
  10. doot doot skeletal. ... TIME TO FALL DOWN STAIRS!
  11. Each scanner on the network can detect any object, even though each scanner only individually sends a green signal for one object. That is, if only your 1st scanner is set up to send green for your rocket "Venus Crane III" but your 5th scanner sees it, even if your 5th scanner is outputting for meteor showers, your 1st scanner will output green even though he didn't see it. * A much better way to put this is that if you have 10 scanners, for all intents and purposes each automation signal you hook to checks 10 times. The 10 are in a network. The answer is to just build more scanners. It doesn't matter which object they're selected to. If you have 10+ scanners the odds are VERY low to not get at least 150s of advance warning for doors to open. You can still every once in a rare while smash some doors but it becomes a rarity.
  12. Many moons ago I made a meteor water clock that as the name implies just output a signal if it's peace season or meteor season so you can predict when the next meteor season is going to be. I've finally gotten around to updating it to the current meteorology in the game which is far more complex but as you can see the water clock is fairly compact none-the-less. Note: typo in the image. Above 60kg should be above 66kg.
  13. I wish this was still a thing. Me and my friend have a boat set up in our donut shaped world so we can easily get to the Bee Queen, but she's way on the other side. Too far to consider bringing the beef. It's rather annoying, really.
  14. There is. It's called "feeding the poor little things because they're only crying because they're so hungry."
  15. Today
  16. I previously submitted a bug stating my controller was not working specifically with this game. I'm now realizing the only way it will allow me to move in game is to hold all four of the xbox controller buttons down and then moving the joystick. it works fine if you do that, but otherwise no bueno. very strange.
  17. Yeah, I just wanted a quick building you can throw up rather cheaply and tear down once the water has moved on. Requires a little more prep work to prepare a water fall, but you get something out of it.
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Took me a minute but it was worth it. For those that reacted confused, think where "human Webber" sees through.
  19. My xbox controller is not responding to this game specifically. If i mash all the buttons at once, the character makes a small jump and i see a green flash. Besides that it wont function at all
  20. I suspect this is the case. I notice sometimes after i disconnect a pipe network and deconstruct a gas filter, some residual gas gets released. Even after the whole pipe network is allowed to run dry and then powered down. What wow O_o I did not know Morbs spawn slimelung. That may explain why. The chamber did have 2 morbs in there.
  21. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Day 8 of Inktober "Frail" was perfect for Maxwell
  22. Here it is with a hot tank dedicated to heating H2 to 320C before burning it for electricity. So now we preheat water to 98C before electrolysis, and H2 to 320C before burning. The engineering space evolved a fair bit over time. Also I let a little heat out of the steam chamber while building the new hot tank, and temps haven't recovered. Oops. Pipes. My regrets if you open this spoiler. Everything really has a purpose even that dangling dead end on the left. What it boils down to is this: (1) Each hot tank has a heat exchanger running through it to dump heat into some piped material that's getting heated. On the right, it's water to the electrolyzers. On the left, it's Hydrogen to the generator. (2) Each cold tank has a primary side and a secondary side. Primary coolant is coming in from the A/T cooling the tank down. Secondary coolant is coming back from radiators in the base, circulating through & dumping heat into the tank. (3) Each primary A/T loop buffers through a reservoir for stability. (4) Returning secondary coolant goes through a pair of two reservoirs with a full pipe sensor in between. The full pipe sensor drives a fill signal when it's "not full". (5) The outlet for cold secondary coolant is on a load balancer - the inlet on the left (heating hydrogen to 320C) gets selected if that cold tank's temp is below -4C. If left cold tank temp is above -4C and right cold tank temp is below -4C, we use secondary coolant from the right (heating water to 98C). If neither condition is fulfilled, it reverts to a timer that switches sources every 200 seconds. But.... my automation needs work. It's not really load balancing the way I described above. (I'm not the best at automation, but I keep trying)
  23. Ghosts of Gravitas not completing?

    I've opened security doors and inspected buildings in two saves now, and neither triggered it. Hoping something will in the current save, but who knows.
  24. I need help with the forum itself

    Sorry, I meant that it is my opinion that it is rigid in the sense that someone has already written about a topic their way and in order for my addition to make sense, I would have to either add it in at the bottom and write it how I want even if it is duplicating information or rewrite what they had written in order for both of our additions to make sense. That is the part I'm having trouble with. The wiki does a great job at narrowing down information, but I'm having trouble posting new information from existing sentence structures.
  25. When the sky is clear, my network quality is 100% so it's very easy and reliable, I open the doors 160 seconds after I receive the rocket signal. When there is a meteor shower, my network quality drops to 0%, so now,my scanner will detect a returning rocket with a 1 to 200 seconds delay, meaning there is a ~20% chance they will not detect it in time (any rolls < 38s), and thus the rocket will smash the doors. And I really don't know what to do about that, in fact it seems there is nothing I can do about that. When there has recently been a meteor shower (that much I can know, with signals), then the quality is "somewhere" between 0 and 100%, because of the regolith tiles still being processed. Meaning not only I do not know what my network quality is (it's not 0%, it's not 100%, it's... anywhere between those 2), but I also do not know what the range of warning delay is. Odd-wise I'm probably fine, but still, there is much unknown here, even more than during a meteor shower. Now yes, I've heard there is one way around it, or almost around it. That would be to power toggle your scanner on and off, because they appear to reset their "event detection" every time they get powered on, basically just forcing the odds in your favor. It's very smart, but I consider it exploity and do not want to do that. Also, even this "trick" will only give you much better odds (than a normally powered scanner would) ; this is still not 100% reliable. -> Is there a way to reliably detect a returning rocket on time (that means a 40 sec warning signal at minimum) during a meteor shower? If not, why? I have all the techs, materials, a lot of power, give me/us a way...
  26. What games have you been playing?

    Figured I'd share my dingy shoggoth farm in Sevtech Ages.(What I've been playing recently.)
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