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  2. if this pool was open to the whole player base we might have a different result.. most players I know don't like current autotargetting..
  3. [Game Update] - 327257

    She's a globetrotting adventurer so it makes sense she'd do some tomb raiding. She kinda reminds me of Carmen Sandiego. Must be the red. The one thing I don't quite understand is the horn. Like it's such an odd little thing to exist.
  4. Quote "Ipsquiggle : • Late game lag is now completely managed by game processing. No fps drop, no slow-motion, no hiccup anymore. Have a good week-end everyone !" ... Would be a dream, yeeee. :-/ I gave up tonight. Too much, was too much. Even moving the camera is a pain, and I'm feeling like I'm watching slides. My laptop is out of cause, MSI, i7, gtx1070, RAM 16go, able to handle latest games all set at the highest. Klei is the only one to be able to do somethin'.
  5. Never thought of it as the only outliner, but I would love if all bridges would behave the same. But my first thought after discovering the changed costs was: Nice, I like the high mass/cost and started building steel bridges as a"special kind of tempshift plate". (Really nice in combination with an automation controlled door as temperature coupler. 2 bridges occupying both tiles which the door covers will result in a greatly increased temperature transfer.)
  6. The main branch is still in Early Access and it was in EA at the time... EA and BETA don't mean the same thing EA is the grand phase of the game rn (meaning in development)... BETA is a test build inside the Early Access process.. again... A game in Early Access needs to be treated a bit differently from full released games
  7. Wagstaff Lore

    Please share us what you find or think. I think with this character so much lore is teased, like he is the one who built WX. I saw few things on the update post. This topic deserves its own page.
  8. this mod is doing it
  9. silly drawings i make

    we are getting more into headcanon territory!! i guess this is kind of a sequel to the wortox sanity loss image. i've always kind of imagined the reason wortox is like the way he is is because in his own head, his uncorrupted side has kinda taken the drivers seat to his mind. krampus's soul is in the backseat of his mind. together they make wortox who he is. apologize if this doesn't make sense. but loss of sanity can screw with who's in control. and this is basically my representation of what it would look and feel like. so basically wortox is trying to keep himself chill while the guilt of the many souls he has eaten PLUS krampus clawing at his mind is eating away at him. this guy needs some flowers to pick i swear.
  10. I just killed it first of all its insane second of all you lure all of the hulk parts together if a active hulk touches an inactive hulk they will fuse after this other hulks if active will be attracted to the semi fused hulk unless theres 2 active hulks for some reason. btw its a really laggy fight.
  11. Another art thread

  12. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    The thing is, the "early access" thing doesn't apply to the QoL update. It was released to the main game branch with no testing. That buggy mess was released as a finished product.
  13. i would never say dst is a base builder game. its evrything but not that. first of all evrything wants to destroy your base like bearger, dereclops antlion... firehounds... WILDFIRES and the placing mechanics arte the worst ever. if you make a chest area for example and then you change the view with Q or E then it looks completely different. from one side it looks like it fits perfect and form the other side its completely messed up. also the mechanic you cant place things closer together.... the mechanic you need to place first buildings and then walls... same with firdge and crockpots. the mechanic that you dont have geometric placement.... building a megabase without mods which looks good is 1000 times harder then killing all bosses solo imo
  14. Judging from how 50/50 the poll is, this would make for a great option or mod.
  15. [Game Update] - 327401

    Mine too. But there is not a single germ in the base, and thats the only place where they move without suits. The new system is somwhat weird. And the new storage for some meds are not really good. With normal meds we can setup a fridge, and automate endless production until the fridge is full. With storing in the med bay "machines", there is no automation. But enjoy the weeked. There is always a next week.
  16. [Game Update] - 327257

    yeap... already reported as graphic issue -------------- Wheeler has such a cool personality... I lover her quotes and her hair.. shame rn looks so low res T_T... her hair animation bounces... like real curls... so neat effect Found out Wheeler's interest
  17. The light might have an influence on game mechanics but players do not see it. It would be nice to make everything darker outside of the light area.
  18. I keep on forgetting what instrument they use for the voice, can someone remind me??
  19. I personally would not like to see the water consumed by the Ice-E. If that happens, the fan will go back to the status of the Hydrofan: Not powerful enough for the permanent water costs. My understanding is this equipment is a stop gap for early / mid bases before you go whole hog on industrial sized solutions. Deleting precious early water would make it a completely newb trap item again. Making it not transfer coldness to the local area makes it a dupe time sink better spent in other places, like insulated walling up the entire base to keep your mealwood cool. I believe the problem here is the Ice-E fan is actually fine. Take out the ice maker, and it does exactly as advertised for the mined ice/polluted ice you have from raiding an ice biome. However, with the Ice Maker overly powerful for temperature conversion, it can be abused heavily. There are plenty of OTHER things that do the same process, but not in the early game. For example, the sieve is actually a heating unit for the lavatory loop, since you usually want the plants around it about 10-13C lower than it resets any used water to. That same item, used to delete 55C+ of heat from PWater to water, is incredibly powerful. However, using that power requires a few other components... one of which is even a way to move heat into the water where it needs to go. Excess polluted water AND Cool Steam/Aquatuners/Etc. make the sieve as powerful as it is for the fixed temperature, not the sieve by itself. The only particular issue I see the ice maker creating is that it's too simple and straight forward for the deletion power it has. It is a one-step process. The problem is unless you're going to design heat rooms that have minimal dupe run times so their ice won't melt before they get it where it's going, a local heat exchange will become near useless. After using a stopwatch in 1x speed a few times, I'm seeing about 1F / second of cooling for the 50kg of water. That's 116.1 kDTU for the 4.5 kDTU of the ice maker. I'm don't know what the solution is. I just want the ice maker to be viable in early/mid game without making higher tech solutions (Aquatuner/sieve for example) to be outclassed before they even get there. The most obvious solution that I can think of is to make it dupe time expensive. So, it can fix spot level problems, but it's not a long term/fix anything everywhere solution. This would keep the heat from using it to be far too strong for an early base to contend with, but it's not something you'd use except in a pinch. If you want to keep it in line with the majority of the heat deletion techniques (using petro/NG in the generators, etc) then decouple the Ice-E from the Icemaker. Put in 100 kg of water, get 50kg of ice out. Tune to preference. Same cost as if you dug the ice from an ice biome. More complicated approaches (Wheezes and AETNs probably) could give you full kg of water-ice conversion (once they fix the mass duplication bugs).
  20. im also of the opinion we should get attacked by the table at new moon xD
  21. Hey there! 3D Duplicant ready to be printed. XD
  22. I remember this happened with Warly during the SW beta. Think they just need to re-export them at higher reses.
  23. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    When I saw wagstaff with his goggles on ingame, all I can think is derp. So I made this.
  24. All my dupes are slowly getting slimelung. If it shows the location it was contracted I might be able to deal with it.
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