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  2. It would be nice to have a confirmation when assigning skill points. Currently I save the game prior to assignment. If I don't like the end result I reload my save file.
  3. Yes, it's Marilyn Monroe. However the analogies are many, if you think about it: they are both blondes I'm joking, Marilyn Monroe is also an incredibly tragic figure: she suffered from depression and took psychiatric drugs, up to the (probable) suicide. In short, not too different from what I imagine Wendy could do as an adult :'D
  4. Swimmin' DST

    I’m not too sure about swimming. It might take away the whole danger away from the ocean, since you’d could just swim if your boat sank. Maybe it’s just me though.
  5. Type - Graphics Platform - Steam Wortox's chest set items all look weird and cropped on human characters, when equipped without the legs. I tried it on Wigfrid, Maxwell and Wendy. I dont't know if this is intentional, or if it is just because the character just launched, but I prefer to bring it to attention just in case
  6. Why does fog exist

    i never said anything about bringing just needed a point of reference you brought up the topic to bring him back again seems more like your the obsessed ones here but they both have the same attributes that got one removed
  7. For "4. When you host your own world do you like it when other players join?" there should also be the option "Yes, if they are my friends" - aka my case.
  8. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this. Its completely okay to be disappointed and vocal if you are upset how a product turned out, I am not sure what this being Klei's forum has anything to do with this. You....uhh...are supposed to do that on video game's forum. I understand some people may not leave this criticism in the most polite way, but that's just how it is. If someone is disappointed in Hamlet they are completely allowed to say why. You used the words "throwing shade", as if everyone here is calling Klei a garbage truck. Gosh, people leaving criticism aren't laughing maniacally as their master plan to destroy Klei and ruin Wilson's life unfolds, trust me, even the people less polite with their criticism deeply care about the game. People leave criticism because they want to see Klei do better. We know they could have. Hamlet is the worst kind of disappointing for me, it had so.. so much potential, but they just abandoned it. I understand the reasoning behind it I suppose, it made them little to no money, but that goes into the other point you brought up about them giving away the 12k copies for free. Why did they do this though. Really, I would like to know. This didn't help anyone. The beta testers were the people most likely to purchase the game. They were also the people most eager to give Klei their cash to help support them, yet they gave it away for free. This undoubtedly hurt the development of Hamlet. It is a nasty chunk of money lost that could have went into Hamlet to make it the awesome DLC it could have been. Was this generous? I'd certainly like to believe that it was. But, seeing how Hamlet was rushed out unfinished, it almost seems that this may have just been an excuse to use to release it like this. This decision was baffling, they destroyed their resources and gave everyone a taste of Hamlet, but would never actually be able to develop it to its full potential because they... were making no money off of it!!!!!! DST is definitely what makes the most money and has the most players. So, that brings up one of my main questions to Klei. Why develop a DLC designed for their less popular game who's sequel was flying off the store shelves in the first place? I know for a fact their work would have been much better off and rewarded if Hamlet was designed from the ground up for DST. I'm glad they are listening, but why was the DLC released out of EA if they still planned on adding new content? Admittedly, this is most likely due to the high demand for one, but why was it not added before it left EA? And, its going to take a lot more than a teleportato to help Hamlet reach its full potential....... They have chosen to stay quiet too, which is also not helping. I believe they would be better off coming out and admitting they messed up, but their hasn't been a word. If anything, this is making people more upset. This is content that was promised in the roadmap, but never actually released. I hate to say it, but that makes it a lie. I do not condone rude behavior, but people absolutely have the right to be upset . Quite rude of you to say that, but anyways what he is saying is true. We love Klei so we give them free passes, but any other customer has no reason to stick around if they are disappointed in something. Saved this for last as it is pretty unrelated and really just my opinion. I would have preferred what Wheeler is right now to have been the Warbucks rework. Her perks fit him very well, and I am disappointed in the way she looks. I just don't like her design at all.
  9. I started working on a character project recently, and I managed to make the character and it's tools 100% functional, with a few bumps in the way. But now I can't for the life of me manage to put in custom animations. I can't seem to find any simple guides to people that never worked with spriter and other similar tools. I already tried a Hex editor, a build renamer, and at this point I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. What I tried to do so far was to convert the .tex into a png, edit it with photoshop, convert it back into .tex and then use the build renamer, but the item would just be invisible in-game (but if I change the ANIM path in the .lua to a vanilla animation it works fine, so it has to be something on my end). And if I try to edit the build.bin using a hex editor I end up with two different errors ("Out of Memory" if I just edit existing values and "End of Flux" if I insert a byte). If someone can point me to a simple guide or explain to me in detail what I need to do I would really appreciate it! I've attached the mod just in case Waldon.rar
  10. Why does fog exist

    This one: And this one: Does not match. i'm not sure what you're on about. There's a big difference between a playable character and a mechanic.
  11. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    are you happy now , *******, the thread is deleted by a mod? because of such educating ******* like you and Cairath, the whole modding community of ONI is very unfriendly. instead of writing some tools or tutorials, you, selfish ******* are just ****posting around. well, **** you )
  12. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    I really, really want a raft-based boss battle. Most of the mechanics to make a “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime” style of co-op ship piloting combat are already in place, all we need is something to fight (and preferably a cannon of some kind, because hitting an aquatic boss with a melee weapon from a raft seems tricky, but blow darts are too expensive)
  13. Getting Lost in mid game

    I'd say you're only in early game. In mid game you would dig down to the oil biome and harvest it for other options, late game you'd explore space. There is a lot more tech you can research and use, many more things to build, a lot left to explore, and many challenges to overcome. I'd say the next step could be setting up a proper electrolyzer oxygen supply for the colony, and build some exosuits. Then go down to the oil biome for the oil, and up to space. Ultimately you would crack into the vacuum and build all the space things, then some rockets to explore asteroids and planets. That is the end game for now. Each of these steps will significantly increase the complexity of the colony, and up the challenge by a ton, if that is what you're looking for. Your colony, as it is, you barely scratched the surface. Ultimately, the objective would be to play for many hundreds of cycles, build technology to solve problems and deal with all the issues that spawn from that. Atmosphere, gas build up, heat, lack of power generation, dupe stress related to working in a hostile environment, etc etc.
  14. Why does fog exist

    yo stay on topic this topic ain't about Warbucks only about fog again never said anything about Warbucks just needed a comparison
  15. Why does fog exist

    It is just matter of time.
  16. Why does fog exist

    i never actually said anything about Warbucks i only needed a comparison
  17. Why does fog exist

    Until Klei will add him back.
  18. Why does fog exist

    Wonder how long this whole Warbucks debacle is going to last.
  19. Why does fog exist

    U can disable the fog and look for warbucks mod
  20. Why does fog exist

    Neither is this topic.
  21. All of this makes sense, except for Wendy being Marilyn Monroe (I think that's her name, eeh?)
  22. I've noticed today that, sometimes, dupes simply stop delivering dirt to some farm tiles with mealwood planted, while others are normal. I've ruled out lazyness after a whole cycle setting one as top priority, while the farmers would happily deliver dirt to nearby plots. Uprooting and replanting fixes the issue, so it doesn't look like it's the plot itself. Save is included, if someone wants to have a look at it. Now, don't ask me why i'm feeding mealwood to my dupes, it's just an... experiment, we can leave it at that The Swanky Spaceprison.sav
  23. Everyone EXCEPT Wilson. He’s basically the most experienced survivor, he should get some sympathy for every threat he’s gone against.
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