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  2. All batteries are drained at the same time, as long as they are all connected in the same "wire" without transformers between them. the automation turns on the generators when it reaches the minimum set in the "control" battery, so if you set a minimum for each type of generator it will only work if the production is less than the consumption, causing the battery level to decrease to the set in the other control battery
  3. Well if you're going in that direction Devie Ayy and Devie Bee
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. i just watched some youtube videos about the new update and i looked here in the forums but looks like no one discovered this. you can abonden your boat and you will spawn at the portal. a friend of mine discovered this at the first time we were on a boat if you didnt know that already then have some fun finding it
  6. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    I think it would be cool if after you "Killed" it, it would fly away Dropping special feathers specific to the BFB for drops, this would allow players who still want it to be in the world to still get some drops and maybe after 20 days it comes back healed, OR you could go up to the nest and find it resting and climb into its mouth through a weird dungeon esque maze of innards until you find its heart and kill it, allowing you to get its heart to maybe use on the living artifact (or in one other craftable) for some weird upgrade also you could technically treat t he inside of the BFB as a new Huge cave-ish biome to explore, i know its crazy and alot of work but even if 99% of things anyone suggests dont happen its fun to just say stuff sometimes. Also does anyone know what BFB stands for?
  7. An item to link rafts?

    Or similarly structured sea base platforms that you can dock the rafts to.
  8. I want to say Maxwell but since he is effectively the forgetful god of the Constant I think he realizes there is nothing really to gain.
  9. Make the Carrat a pet.

    I love the idea! On a side note, your post made me realise that the carrat is made from the words carrot and rat. Somehow I thought it was from carrot and carat. Tho where that carat thing came from, I have no idea. The carrat doesn't have much to do with gold, does it?
  10. WX-78, surely. It is completely devoid of empathy, it reveals a cruel will, in the forge was defined "a machine for kill". Surely a cold calculator, which helps the survivors only for mere rational calculation. Otherwise, if we mean a more "stoic" betrayal, I would have voted Wilson: he is a man of science, but for knowledge, he would also be willing to perform acts of cruelty. Not surprisingly, if there were alignments in DST, I think it would be "true neutral" Finally, a naive traitor would surely be either Woodie or Webber: they seem the most "manipulable", but they would not intentionally hurt other survivors.
  11. My prediction

    Sammy and Pipton could cheerlead confusingly from the sides.
  12. Oh, you're right. How lovely. =) Thanks. ^_^
  13. ONI is a special kind of game that focuses on a certain niche of players. Just give us a short summary of the game on how you perceive it or what you would expect from the gameplay and we will tell you if you are right or wrong. ONI is about solving problems in a semi realistic physics engine. These problems are solved by constructing machines which will consume resources but also emit waste products which have to handled with other machines. This core gameplay is packaged in a survival game where you can loose if you are not solving your problems fast enough. However, this survival aspect is very shallow and easy to handle so it mainly serves as a purpose to build certain things or provide short term goals. In a way, ONI is a mix between dwarf fortress and factorio if these games are known to you. A short example in practice: You want to water your crops which only grow on temperatures around 20°C. The only renewable water source is 95°C hot so you can't use it to water your crops. You can cool down the water with an Aquatuner, however, the Aquatuner will overheat if operated in normal air. To prevent the overheating, you need to submerge it in a liquid (cold water) which can soak up the heat. Now the water in which you have submerged the Aquatuner will eventually start to boil and you can't replace it with your renewable water source since it already has 95°C. As a solution you use a steam turbine which will cool down the steam produced by the Aquatuner. And there you have it. The simple task of making water cold enough to water your plants. And then the optimization potential kicks in: The surroundings will overheat because the steam is 125°C hot. You need to insulate your water cooler. The Aquatuner can't cool down your water to 20°C in one go, so you need a reservoir and loop it back into the Aquatuner, using automation to detect the right temperature. The steam turbine generates small amounts of electricity that is too low to power anything but you don't want to waste it so you need to find a way to integrate it into your power grid. If you like this kind of tinkering around with your self designed contrabtions, then ONI is a game you will enjoy.
  14. Preview Branch today or Thursday ?

    The secret unlock code for obtaining a preview: get 42 people to each open a thread asking for it and then wait 42 days. Evidence: do you need any? Why else would people keep opening threads about something, which has been answered.
  15. In this world gen, I only got three sets of wormholes (6 wormholes all together). From my experience, you normally get 4-5 sets of wormholes, but I'm not sure anymore. Attached is the world in question, with the wormholes marked and a map pre-made at the spawn portal. Cluster_1.7z
  16. Link the RoT bugtracker

    I noticed there is a separate subforum for the RoT DST beta bugs (yay, new funny bugs! ). However, this isn't listed under the DST or DST/RoT subforums, only under the Bugtracker subforum. To make it easier to find, I think it should be linked in the DST or RoT subforum.
  17. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    There needs to be a way to kill the stupid bird. Yesterday he destroyed half my guard and pig houses and I couldn't do anything but watch
  18. I was thinking more of the harmful traitor. The one that'll play the team like a fiddle, only to stab them in the back. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  19. Make the Carrat a pet.

    Only if the Saladmander can become one too. Even if only as a dragonfly reskin. With Year of The Rat coming up, the carrat may indeed become a critter.
  20. Betraying why? For lack of empathy? For willingness to harm? Or without realizing, playing the game of "them" involuntarily? Because the word "betray" has many nuances, I would like to understand better what you mean before voting
  21. If one character where to betray the survivors for his or her benefit, who do you think it'd be? And why would they betray the team? Added Wagstaff because he's important to the lore and will most definetly show up to dst later I learnt my lesson from last time and didn't add Wes. Because Wes memes are unfunny. There, I said it!
  22. Gestalt

    OC-creating senses start tingling. Wamu. Wuma.
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