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  2. Thanks bud. I thought the person would like to see these in accordance to the op's post.
  3. [Game Update] - 327257

    Hey, I've seen that base game Wagstaff cannot do any craft with doodads, since they don't exist in vanilla.
  4. Iron Hulk has hardly any payoff

    I agree that the loot should be a bit better BUT i don't think moving them is that hard... you can use the telelocator.. we can get purple gems pretty easily in the fifth island..
  5. Why did you make duplicate topics?
  6. Unfortunate Screecaps

    Not sure if a bug but the wrangling rope makes the glossy drecklet look like his organs are being exposed.
  7. VR Duplicant Simulator 2.0

    I said viola. As in...the cousin to the violin. Also, you're missing a key letter there...if anything I have a stronger case.
  8. [Game Update] - 327257

    All files verified successfully. The plot thickens. EDIT: I just made a new world and bought a slanty and now I can see them. Still can't see them on my other world though.
  9. Wagstaff Lore

    No kidding.
  10. Oof. I just finished catching up on a show....


    My feels. They hurt so much... :wilson_cry:

    And this isn't like a drama, no this is a wacky show that's self-aware in its sheer absurdity! WHY DID THEY DO ME LIKE THIS?!?!

  11. Wagstaff Lore

    FISH = "Remarkable! Upon its death, 'X's appear on its eyes." Okay, some of these are really funny. AMULET = "Finally a way to experience what death is like!" Wagstaff has a lot of... strange interests. SNAKEOIL = "Ah, I made a fortune selling such concoctions in my youth." Not helping your credibility, bud!
  12. Game won’t load in on ps4 Oceania

    Hmm, I think you guys somehow fixed it? because it's working for me! no logging issue! nothing! everything works fine.
  13. IMO they should just tweak the old system. Make the immune system fall more quickly on repeated exposure perhaps. Something that allows for people to control exposure like before if they want to go through the hassle, but at the same time make it more worthwhile to manufacture cures and boosters, which would free you from the micromanagement. In that sense it would be the same as morale/stress - we can assign a dupe to a job above the morale provided by your base facilities at the cost of having to manage their stress with decor and massage tables. In the same way we should be able to allow dupes to get exposed to germs without boosters or cures at the cost of having to manage their immune system.
  14. Wagstaff Lore

    SWIMMINGHORROR = "A creature made of the dark fuel! I must get closer!", ...when examining a Swimming Horror. It's odd, because the Swimming Horror is the only shadow creature that has examine lines despite the fact it can't be examined anyway. All character have a quote for it (ex. Maxwell says "I've had enough of your kind, fiend") but not the other shadows.
  15. [Game Update] - 327257

    i can see them in my old save file too in the beta branch
  16. Perk help!

    Okay! Thanks! Now to get back to work! You're a really big help!
  17. [Game Update] - 327257

    I don't think that should make a difference. I would try verifying game files, I just tested the beta branch and see them.
  18. Multiplayer is a great idea that works with every concept and is missing from every game that doesn't have it. Personally I am on the edge of my seat waiting for multiplayer solitaire.
  19. Perk help!

    -- means that the rest of the line is to be considered a comment and thus should be ignored by the code compiler. Not sure which -- you're talking about, but the lines I included with -- are just comments for you.
  20. silly drawings i make

    willow and SCP-457 (human shaped fire that seeks out fuel to put it incredibly simply) the fire is getting too big!!
  21. alot of these can be done with no knowledge. Just think what monster or player already has one of these effects. Then go in scripts/prefabs/ and find the thing's LUA file and explore how its done
  22. [Game Update] - 327257

    gonna go test in my old save file and I get back to you
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