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  3. thanks but I've figured it out. It's been more than a month after all.
  4. Sooo we finaly got to try the return of them beta with my friend. We both play with 360 controler and when it came to setting up the boat, we couldn't place in on the sea, as the boat was under our character's feet, so couldn't be placed here. We had to set our input mode to mouse and keyboard in oder to place the boat on the sea using the mouse. Also, maybe it was lag but my friend couldn't use the paddle on the boat, it worked like 3% of the time, why I was able to use it just fine. I was hosting the server so maybe it's linked to that.
  5. I keep looking through this...but I'm still confused. The only thing I could get was the request to have @DragonMage156's Victor with a clipboard. Everything else I'm confused. Edit: I'll get on the Victor request after I take a nap.
  6. In my other post, I wrote about the upcoming DST character Warly having new dishes that give buffs to whoever eats them. In this post I'm going to propose some ideas for their recipes, effects, and names. In addition to my previous post, I propose Warly also have a "Culinary" crafting tab, it would have his portable crock pot, chef pouch, and additional food stuff that will be used for or with his special dishes. These ideas are rough, I am open to change them if you think they should be changed, lets begin. The Culinary Tab: Portable crock pot: x4 gold, x3 boards, x6 charcoal. Warly's signature crock pot, lets him cook on the go, anyone can carry and use it. Chef pouch: x2 papyrus, x1 rope. Backpack, halves spoilage, 8 slots, does not keep ice fresh or cool down thermal stones. x3 Salt: x2 nitre, x2 rock. Can salt food to regain freshness. Ice Maker 3000: x2 boards, x1 thermal stone, x2 Electrical Doodad. Functions the same as it does in shipwrecked, just uses wood instead of bamboo . The following are all crock pot components: Gold Tea Leaves : x2 gold, x4 Petals. Meaty Stock: x4 bone shards, x1 morsel, x4 ice. Horror Sauce: x4 nightmare fuel, 1 electric milk. Red Pepper Powder: x1 red gem, x4 seeds, x1 rock. Iceberg Mints : x1 blue gem, x4 ice, x1 rock. Warly's Specialty Dishes: In addition to his standard unique crock pot dishes, here are some that give special buffs. (Note that with the gourmet mechanic I proposed before, Warly's food, and his unique food, are 33% better than the said stats, but I'm not doing that math) Mint Smoothie: 3.0 fruit, x1 Iceberg Mints. Give a passive cooling effect for 5 minutes. Gives health +20, hunger +25, sanity +20. Red Pepper Chilli: 1.0 veggie, 1.5 meat, x1 Red Pepper Powder. Gives a passive heating effect for 5 minutes. Gives health +20, hunger +40, sanity +10. Chicken Soup: x2 drumsticks, 1.0 veggie, x1 Meaty Stock. For the soul, regenerates 75 hunger over 2 minutes. Gives health +40, hunger +75 (over 2 minutes), sanity +30. Creepy Pasta: 2.0 veggie, x1 Horror Sauce, 0.5 meat. Immunity to all sanity auras, positive and negative, for 5 minutes. Gives health +10, hunger +37.5, sanity -10. Gold Tea: x2 Gold Tea Leaves, sweetener, ice. Gives +2.5 speed for 2 minutes. Gives health +3, hunger +12.5, sanity +33. These are the ideas I have now, I'm sure there are more and better ideas to be made, but that's what I have now. they will probably add more food stuff with the next big update that sits between now and Warly's DST debut, so more recipes are feasible than the ones I have made here. If you have any suggestions or criticism, leave them down below.
  7. Rooks or giants can't mine stone fruit by running into it. Since it's an item, you can't collide with it, and these mobs normally need to collide with things to break them. Something like a bearger doing a ground pound would probably break it, though.
  8. Wormwood Arm Chop Anim Error

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. A fairly straightforward method on doing this is to create a post-hook for it and do some checks for the outcome. Caveat is that if Klei updates the code to change it for whatever reason, then the code may become nonfunctional. AddPrefabPostInit the shadowmeteor prefab, and in the callback: local SetSize_old = inst.SetSize inst.SetSize = function(inst, sz, mod, ...) local retval = SetSize_old(inst, sz, mod, ...) if sz == "large" and inst.loot[1].prefab == "moonrocknugget" and math.random() <= 0.05 * mod then -- Code to edit the inst.loot table end return retval end The '...' and 'retval' are to help future proof the function in case something changes to have a return result or more parameters. It won't help if Klei edits the drop table generation internally.
  10. hoverer.lua crash

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Change the characters diet to include rocks... not sure what diet that would be but rocklobstars or moleworms probably have it.
  12. Festive/Christmas Tree Missing?

    It seems to be gone. I've just checked in my game and despite having it in one of my houses I can't craft another one.
  13. @PhailRaptor yes, the plan was announced - the database will be wiped and the upload mods will be available on steam @jSomko you don't need to find QOL3 seeds only. the world gen hasn't changed since Cosmic, so all uploads on the site are viable for current play
  14. I always get a sense of calm when things are going well. It's like watching an ant farm. Then Otto pees in the clean water, Marie steps in it and starts vomiting, and ashkan coughs up a lung on everyone in the dining hall.... Aaaand I'm back to tweaking everything and building new self sustaining systems.
  15. within the Shadowmeteor.lua is a function [ local function SetSize (inst, sz, mod ) ] which determines what items get spawned from meteor impact. local function SetSize(inst, sz, mod) end In the section for the large items, I would like to insert this.. ... elseif rand <= 0.05 * mod then rand = math.random() -- Randomize which chessjunk inst.loot = { { prefab = (rand <= .33 and "chessjunk1") or (rand <= .67 and "chessjunk2") or "chessjunk3", chance = 1, }, } ... However, I haven't been able to figure out how to modify an existing function. Any idea? Thank you
  16. worst duplicants

    Flatulent + Allergic + Anemic. 'nuff said
  17. Me:


    It's like, 291 Kelvin outside by the way. So I have no legitimate reason to be so cold with only one super THICC blanket.

  18. Even if Klei stated that Maxwell was the first who sat on the Throne it doesn't mean the portal was a throne all the time and somebody formed it (though it might be irrelevant how it was designed maybe to feel kingly, maybe there is more behind it). I have the feel we play Wagstaff's projection and his other fragment was thrown in the past and make some stupid things. This could explain why the megaphone was near the Throne and you need the Divining rod to activate the Nightmare lock and the similarities between Maxwell's and his teleportato base design. But I wonder...does the Divining rod REALLY activates the Throne. Theory time: Each portal could have its own key and the diving rod is artificial. Maybe Charlie "sent" the survivor to search for the original key and thus ended in the Forge and Gorge event (yeah "sent" not the right word but she had her plans that Wilson and co. might find something/someone they could bring back). Mumsy stated she saw somebody of their kind. This might be the gatekeeper who holds the real key for the Throne portal. This could be Wagstaff. The Throne binds its master on itself might be a trap built by Wagstaff however it was broken by Charlie. Could Wagstaff see the dangers of the Throne and tried to limit it? Well we will see it in about a year
  19. I'm not blaming Jambell but the combination of gameplay and music has made me sleepy during play. I was wondering if you guys ever felt the same at times?
  20. I've reported this bug before, but I have some new information on it that may or may not make a difference in getting it fixed. When playing Shipwrecked, the music that plays to announce dusk and dawn loops. It specifically loops only until two segments of the clock have passed since dusk/dawn, then the music will abruptly stop mid-song as soon as the clock hand reaches the end of the second segment. I used to think that it was stopping in response to something that I was doing in the game, such as starting a task that triggers the working music. But now I think this was a coincidence, whatever I was doing only drowned out the loop so it was harder to hear, and it was just the clock reaching the end of the second segment of time cutting the music off. I also used to think that the looping music was endless until the next time period (dusk after dawn, or night after dusk), but I believe this was just because dusk starts off very short in the first season when you start a new game. I noticed the dusk music loop stopping well before night (after exactly two segments on the clock, to be specific) even in seasons where dusk is significantly longer.
  21. Don't need a mesh tile, just a full block of liquid will do. When I build mine I start with only one block of space and fill it untill it overflows. The over flow on top is small enough not to over pressurize a vent.
  22. IF u play Meat on a boat, then sail the boat. the pigs still see the meat as " close " and still go for it.
  23. Ironically, the sun nymph egg is the one part I think they did perfect lol. They wanted zombie spores to be something hard that would catch you unawares late game. Like deerclops in Don't Starve. Let players die and restart 50 times and finally feel like they have a handle on the game and then throw them a curve ball. Sun nymphs being something that most players won't have ever ranched makes them a perfect prereq.
  24. Cool thing I noticed

    or to get to the constant
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    There is a separate subforum for bug reports for each game, here's the DST RoT one:
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