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  2. Back on track, I made this concept of what I think the tree guards could look like.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    There, sad now?
  4. This one/Sporkbill, the variant of the Peagawk, I don't think it's used, but I may be wrong. The Peekhen is another, the chicken (Mentally ill looking thing. I love it.) and 1 more, I believe. Discounting the flintstones style Roc.
  5. Update question

    It's not unheard of them to release stuff on Mon/Tuesday as a secondary. I expect we'll probably get some info this Thursday at the very least.
  6. Ban GerNerfedOn Becuase he didn't bring dixon cider
  7. I've seen a fair few calls for an actual airlock over the last year or so. I hereby propose an building that can separate gasses while also giving us a use for chlorine: the decontamination chamber, an amalgamation of mechanical airlocks and an ore scrubber for dupes. I see it as a building four tiles wide and three or four tiles high. It would block the lateral passage of gas (though ceilings would need to be low enough to keep gasses from passing over the building). It would require a moderate amount of power and have an input for chlorine. Dupes entering one side would get a blast of chlorine - thus decontaminating surface germs on themselves and anything they're carrying - before exiting the other side. The chlorine would be consumed, keeping the building's mechanics consistent with the ore scrubber.
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  9. Bluegeist's Fanart

    WX is ashamed of their horrible flesh father I'm saving you from a scene of gory destruction!! (aka I dunno what to draw for that!!)
  10. I'm looking on the survival tab as Wagstaff and can't find the pretty parasol
  11. PvP is fun and it is something that actually makes the game itself fun. Suggestions should always be acknowledged and I do believe PvP should be tinkered a little bit.Honestly, building bases all day can get super repetitive, and wheres the fun in that? Besides, if "PvP is broken" find ways to make it fun, like using really stupid strats. But lets be real, many things need to be fixed, and we as a community should help the devs find this problem
  12. Aqua tuner cooling?

    The thing to note is that an aquatuner has no net cooling. What it does is transfer heat energy away from a liquid and dumps it into another medium. This medium could be a liquid like water or a gas like steam. However, at the end of the day it means that you are using power to cool down one thing while heating up another thing. As noted by @bleeter6 you can use a steam turbine to cool the aquatuner. He's incorrect in that it needs to be steel for this to be possible. A gold amalgam aqautuner has an overheat temperature of 175C so plenty to run a steam turbine although you might need two steam turbines in order for it to work depending on the on time needed. There's also the option of skipping the middle man, the aquatuner, altogether. If you already have a source of fairly constant temperature water like a polluted water geyser, or just polluted water from the many pools in the swamp biomes, for instance there not really any advantage in having the aqautuner at all. Just pipe the polluted water through instead as it doesn't really matter what temperature the refined metal comes out as since when you build something from it the temperature is reset to about 40C maximum. And save the 1200W running cost of the aquatuner.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    he cant see without glasses
  14. Unable to join any Server

    Thank you very much for your report. Our team is aware of the issue that some people are having on Xbox at the moment and believe it to be fixed in a patch that we have coming to the game in the near future.
  15. Thank you very much for the screenshots and additional information. Our team is aware of the issue that some people are having on Xbox at the moment and believe it to be fixed in a patch we have coming in the very near future, barring any delays in the certification process.
  16. Aqua tuner cooling?

    Flood it with water and pair it with a steam turbine. The aquatuner needs to be steel for this to work though.
  18. Dear community, Recently I started tapping into the metal volcanos with below build from the forums, thank you for the one showing this build, I couldn't find the forum page back anymore, I deleted the bookmark. The build is working perfect for me but I have a question regarding the aquatuner. How can I efficiently cool the aquatuner or contain the aquatuner from overheating and breaking? Thanks,
  19. No one is belittling DST. If we hated the game, we wouldn't be on the forums giving suggestions on how to further improve it. I personally am not a fan of the "Don't like it, mod it" mentality. It works for some little applications, but with things as general balance/gamemodes, or even adding new features, is in my opinion something better done by the developers of the game themselves. -- Here's another one. I'm not even sure how to react to this. We're normal people trying to converse suggestions for a game, and you're once more trying to turn it into a hot-headed argument. Toxicity is relative, and from my perspective, you're being very toxic to us.
  20. The game is still receiving support from Klei after years of release. Is it really such a bad idea to criticize and give feedback to Klei so that with the new character refreshes they're doing they touch on forgotten mechanics? Telling those who're criticizing the game to move on is a very dismissive thing to yourself are here, arguing for DST to be a certain way. Should I tell you to move on if you disagree? You got called out for resorting to insults and jabs at the people who disagree with you and your reaction is to double down? If your argument is any good there is no need to do things like these. This only makes you less agreeable. You 're making a fool out of yourself.
  21. Bristle Blossoms make floral scent as well, but only while they're in bloom.
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