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  2. Thanks for testing Could you post the full code now, then? Just so it's here if someone comes looking.
  3. I don't think it's fair to say Wortox made healing via healing salves or any other healing in general useless.. I would never rely on any character to heal me in general... Now... You never mentioned jellybeans here... Which is totally strange to me.. If we go from how healing items got over shadowed by anything in the game, jellybeans should have been in you list... On the top of that list in fact... Wortox was added just to make healing more varied.. Not to substitute anything... Or anyone... Healing salves still have their place and paultices too... Jellybeans and now Wortox in a support role.. But not as main sources of healing We still need glands for other purposes too.. Like hearts to revive people... So it's never a waste to have a diligent webber helping with that... If ever Webber and Wortox have the strongest character affinity.. They are both monsters and they work amazingly good together in great synergy for healing, food and combat... This is the only suggestion I agree with from OP. I've seen this before in another thread about Webber's rework and I believe this would be totally fun and in character..
  4. A wormhole?! In Hamlet?

    This is awesome! When was this change made!? Tiny islands like this are awesome! And I adore Wormholes!! Amazing!!
  5. wagstaff's fryfocal bug?

    I'm pretty sure if you use them while it's raining, Wagstaff has a chance to get struck by lighting. Wearing a raincoat would prevent that.
  6. Don't Starve Together To Get Her A New Reign That Is Even Newer Than The Last™
  7. Personally, I think it's kind of funny, how similar DS and DST code is, yet how different it is. Aah, that works just fine! Thanks! If I ever decide down the road that I'd like to have stuff in backpacks get cooked after all, I'm all set!
  8. I agree that Webber can be way more interesting considering he's half spider, but I disagree that he's boring to play. His quotes are funny and cute, and in my experience you can still be useful when not constantly spider farming, as long as you actually know how to play good n stuff. And if you don't need monster meat for food, you can just create one of the many farm ideas for spider glands and silk. On one of my worlds, I was pretty low on silk and glands I wanted stingers for darts. So I switched to Webber and started a small patch of spider dens in the middle of a bee hive area, and that started a turf war between spiders and bees. Now that place is littered with remains of fallen creatures. I think Webber is plenty fun and that he doesn't actually stink bite me
  9. That's OK. I choose to. It's interesting For the record, I just found out that the overflow works very differently in DS, so you'd instead have to do: if self.overflow ~= nil then self.giveItemExtension(self.overflow.components.container) end
  10. The way you can see these outside of tearing the files open is if you're using the emotes/skins mod. Wilba, Wormwood, and Wheeler's faces bug out and go blank when you try to emote with them using that mod, because they don't have the artwork. Wagstaff on the otherhand, has functional face animations and art that the mod seemed to have been referred to. The goggles will even match his facial expressions! You can see his right eye is lower than the other in the shrug emote. It seems very likely he will get added to DST soon as well, since he is a base game character too. '
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Where is WX beside him?
  12. Oh, I see. That would make sense, haha. Went back and commented out the 'end' this time, didn't get a crash, so you were right. Doing that makes the GetNumSlots issue come back, however, I do think I'll leave it so stuff in backpacks doesn't get cooked. Perhaps backpacks could be used for carrying meats and fishes and etc. you'd like to turn into jerky, and the inventory could be used to cook them? I really am sorry you went through all that work just for me to say this. It does work as intended now, though, which is good! Thank you!
  13. This sounds a bit more like a work around... Tbh I wish he had a bit more control over which telipad is he going to spawn from.. From the get go
  14. How do you all feel about wagstaff?

    I recall this working with Telelocators, so it makes sense.
  15. I just noticed that everyone except Lindsay is running and she's just standing there and I'm laughing harder than I should
  16. Today
  17. We need wifi

    I think a base station is necessary to provide wifi signal,that's more real,picture can use this one,already exists in the game
  18. How do you all feel about wagstaff?

    Love him. Best tiny crazy science man. Here's a note no one has mentioned so far that I know of, something many people seemingly don't know is that you can control his Teleportation. Only works with 2, but if you have 2 telipads, you can visit one another by standing in the center of one. Really neat.
  19. I want to preface this thread with a note, since I am basically going to trash Webber for the meme to get my point across: I used to main webber and I have hundreds of hours worth of experience with him. Hell, I made a steam guide for him that's on the front page of the most popular of all time tab. (You can see that here: be warned that this is like, a year and a half old now, and the way I narrate things have changed) So, now with that out of the way, let's get to the main point. Webber sucks. Now, of course, people are going to jump on me and say "he's OP! He can make an infinite amount of food!" Yeah but he still sucks, and here's why. If you want to be viewed as a "good" Webber in any server, you'll need to be constantly spider farming. Spider farming allows for literal chests-full of sanity restoration (silk / top hats), hunger restoration (monster meat), and health restoration (spider glands). And the real kicker is that with the recent release of Wortox, Webber is now no longer the best character for health restoration, so now he's just viewed as a "meh" sidegrade to Wortox. Even if we remove Wortox from the topic entirely, Webber is still not that great of a choice to pick as a character after you have more than a hundred hours into the game and you know how to keep your three stats up. The reason? He's boring to play. Think of it, your sole purpose to a base is to sit at your spider dens and spider farm every night. This also sucks because it's absurdly OP. A competent Webber can live anywhere on the map, by himself, and survive as long as he has a handful of spider dens, because each spider drops fills each three stats respectively. The only real reasons why Webber should leave the spider dens are either to prepare for seasons, or to go fight something. Hell, even hounds aren't a problem because you can use spiders against them. Hell, you can even get away with using spiders alone to deal with hounds after day 100. To sum things up, there are Webber has two problems: -Boring to play -Overshadowed by Wortox (healing) -Overshadowed by people who know how to keep their hunger and health up. Now, the fun part. How to solve them. The game discourages staying near your base 24/7, however this is not the case with your spider dens. A solution that sounds good on paper is to give Webber perks that encourage him to explore, or rather, be less glued to his spiders. Here are some ideas. Give Webber limited nightvision. As in, during the night, he will be able to see in the dark, however, he will only be able to see things closely nearby. In practical terms, he will be able to see the dark akin to a light radius smaller than a torch, but slightly bigger than Willow's lighter. Being able to walk around in the darkness will allow for more adventuring, however it's still needed to craft a lantern or similar to see more in the dark. However, his sanity drain during the dark should be left unchanged.Rework spider farming entirely. As in, change it's definition. You know how you can command spiders to attack each other? remove that feature entirely. You shouldn't be able to command spiders to attack other spiders, unless you have a spider hat. This allows more room to work with, and gives more emphasis on Webber regarding spiders as friends. Now the question is "how do you spider farm?" I put the rest of this idea in a spoiler because it goes pretty in-depth. Give Webber the ability to craft cave spider dens. Cave Spider dens should be able to be crafted with (and this is a subjective recipe for the sake of an example) 1 cave spider eggs, 12 rocks, and 10 silk. Now, what are "Cave Spider Eggs"? They should be new drops that drop when naturally-spawning cave spider dens are mined with a pickaxe. They wouldn't be able to be planted, as their only purpose is for use in Webber's crafting recipe. This would give Webber the ability to make spiders actually viable in killing bosses and such. The spider spitters and the cave spiders have so much unused potential in mob killing. Also, unlike normal spider dens, crafted Cave Spider dens work similarly to their natural counterpart, as they can't be attacked normally, and must be destroyed with a pickaxe, or mobs with the ability to destroy structures. It's also fire-proof, so that's a plus. However, to deter players from replacing normal spiders entirely, both cave spider counterparts should not be able to weave silk for Webber, nor be picked up. So, those are all my ideas. Yay? Nay? Klei? Leave some ideas of your own below, or bash me on the head and tell me why I'm wrong.
  20. Playtime record

    That would be about 3.5 years. Does ONI even exist that long? No accusing you of anything, but would support my suspicion these numbers are about as accurate as dupes trying to discuss philosophy
  21. Your crash was probably caused by you not commenting out the "end" of that if-statement. But it can work with backpacks as well. Damn, it's because I've been looking at DST code again. Just replace this: local backpack = self:GetOverflowContainer() if backpack ~= nil then self.giveItemExtension(backpack) end with this: if self.overflow ~= nil then self.giveItemExtension(self.overflow) end
  22. Ban GetNerfedOn for making me assume genders.
  23. Ban reverentsatyr bc i'm actually a guy who just wants to main Rosalina XD what her character has become is deplorable, though.
  24. Ban GetNerfedOn for adding me to her ban collection. Good luck that new merrio kart looks fun.
  25. Okay, I gave that a go. Didn't complain about the GetNumSlots thing anymore, but gave me this now. Wilkas the Hound's Friend/scripts/prefabs/wilkas.lua:394: attempt to call method 'GetOverflowContainer' (a nil value) I figured okay, since 'GetOverflowContainer' was in a part that could be commented out if I wanted things inside a backpack to get cooked too, I could try that and hopefully it'd fix it. Commenting out these three lines local backpack = self:GetOverflowContainer() if backpack ~= nil then self.giveItemExtension(backpack) led to a crash, but only commenting out "= self:GetOverflowContainer()" worked. Stuff got cooked as intended. I had to remove the thing where burnables get turned into ash, as it was converting even things that were cookable into ash, such as watermelons and seeds. The only thing is, things that can get cooked and were already in a stack before getting cooked, were cooked and stayed as a stack. But, if I were to pick up another one, it would get cooked but form its own stack of one. It's starting to work, which gives me hope?
  26. Ban reverentsatyr because he's another fine addition to my now-expansive ban collection. that is really solid advice thanks a lot gonna save up or a switch soon
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