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  2. Auto Unequip on 1%

    this is a DST only mod
  3. Hamlet Disappointment

    While this may go against my own self-interest, I wonder if Klei would charge more for Hamlet, they would have more incentive/time/resources to complete the DLC and take it out of Early Access. While I appreciate Klei's efforts to make the game affordable, is this lack of return inhibiting their ability to utilize time and resources to finish the game?
  4. New musics ?

    I fully expect they add one or more new tracks at release. It`s been a while since they added the last one and maybe they have something stored for us. I like the music and how chill it is. Also the fact that each has a loop for whenever you pause the game. I guess it`s a more relaxing theme than one might expect from a space adventure and unknown deep space dangers but ONI isn`t a horror game after all. It`s pretty good for whenever you juat want to watch your dupes do their everyday activities and build planned earlier projects. As for pipes they might be a bit too loud at times. Especially huge systems. But i don`t spend that much time watching those for it to get annoying. Btw each overlay has it`s own sound when opened.
  5. Can't find the Aporkalypse Calendar. Need help!

    I wish the character quote actually tell which crack is fake, i got two different quotes from Wheeler during my earlier run and none of it was an entrance. It so misleading.
  6. [Game Update] - 337090

    Wow, it looks like the design was changed. Look at the stamen! I think the new look is cute!
  7. That`s kinda confusing. So did you give up or not? Or did you jut take a break?
  8. At least for me the music in ONI is really bad. It doesn't fit into this sci-fi theme the game has. The soundtrack more closely resembles tropical island themes instead of an space adventure. It also doesn't help that every pump and pipe makes annoying repeating noises. The only really good thing about the sound are the interface sounds, for instance, drawing a long line of pipes or cables. All in all it's a shame but I play ONI completely mute by now.
  9. Actually, you can use the Lazy Forager to put the entire moon island in your inventory, then you can drop it wherever you want
  10. "With the memories of her tragic past reignited.." Reignited I always had a headcannon where some characters had their memories removed upon entering the constant. Possibly willingly. Such characters are Woodie, Wigfrid and Willow. Possibly due to truamatic experiences, or to stay in-character. Willows vignette also states that she sees being brought to the Constant as a blessing, as she was allowed to leave everything behind and start fresh. She feels no remorse because she don't even remember these things happening, untill recently. These memories clearly upset her to a point where she tapped into formidable powers.
  11. I have set attribute and skill experience to 100, do that work ? Or maybe the value is too high ? I Don't get more xp i think @trevice
  12. I actually failed to notice that sleeping quarters buffs had been changed to single room only, instead of the commons we used to be able to get away with. That could certainly help reducing the amount of exposure in the case one dupe got sick. I haven't had a single exposed or sick dupe for some 40+ cycles, after i corrected all the mistakes i had made. Needless to say i won't make the same mistakes again
  13. I'm trying to give a character a growable beard, however I don't want it to effect their stats in any way other than giving them beard hairs and sanity. (I want to remove the beard's insulation). I am using "inst.components.beard.insulates = false" and "inst.components.beard.insulation_factor = 1". Neither seem to work at all. willow.lua Alright, I'm just a big idiot. "inst.components.beard.insulates = false" doesn't work and "inst.components.beard.insulation_factor = " should be set to zero. "inst.components.beard.insulation_factor = 0" removes the insulation.
  14. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    It would give the pickable component a time to wait before returning the slabs to a pickable state, except that they're deliberately set up in such a way that this function will never get called. I assume the function is still set so that the game doesn't fall apart if this does get called for some unknown reason.
  15. I mean, half of them sound like names for Cryptocurrency. Yeah, that isn't supported, oddly enough...
  16. Gonna say, I didn't even know half these existed. Wow.
  17. With an obsidian spear, you can get hands-free heat and light just from planting and killing a meat bulb. The spear'll start giving off light and heat when it's charged enough, and both of these things will still work when you unequip it.
  18. Drawings and Drivel

    Brought that one thing to a level of relative finish. And have been thinking about that "Who would be the traitor" thread and all the DRAMA and EMOTION Wilson gets aggressively manhandled by oversized shadow hands a lot.
  19. So I decided to give up on making Victor using the animation, mainly because I can't get Spriter to cooperate with me long enough to NOT completely screw everything up! But I'm still working on it.
  20. Today
  21. They aren't GIFs, they're APNGs, or Animated PNGs. And they're not Chrome exclusive, they work on most browsers, since the mainstream ones run off of Chromium anyways. So, you know, if you're cool like me and using a browser that ISN'T Internet Explorer or Netscape, you're good.
  22. Should it be Lazy Deserter instead of the auto-pickup?
  23. RoT wish-list

    Wouldn't this be good in the RoT wishlist in the RoT forums?
  24. image.png.a97144f33add4bb81b9bc0e1a72365b9.png

    Straight to the point. :wilson_ecstatic:

  25. DST Forum polls

    I've always loved these pictures with Wilson in a natural environment like this. Are there others?
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