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  2. For me PvP in DST is just ummm retarded... In this form currently have no sense. If people really want PvP than Klei would make something like Forge. With small/medium arena, time for wearing items and next fighting as characters with classes skills, no personal. With tour system or "the best fighter" system. But I think then Klei will make team for doing new PvP system with arena ect at the expense of normal game.
  3. This is easy to reproduce i'm sure. Entered new caves with as Warly, full inventory, no portable crock pot. Game detects Warly is missing it, spawns it right by the rope since inventory is full. You now are unable to use the rope or pick-up the crock pot. I've been thrown into ironman mode.
  4. Yah hopefully their doing all this on purpose. Maybe the new areas will be super hard? Or maybe they're just making the game a little easier.
  5. "downsides" seem a thing of the past. If you look at Wino and Wortox, klei is slowly but surely making everyone really good. That's not that bad of an idea to achieve balance, sorta. The new main downside is "is not another character".
  6. Because Klei is like Shrek! Sorry I cant find better clip!
  7. PVP is not the core of DST and should never be. The reasoning "Lighter was too strong in pvp" just shows how little Klei pays attention to what we wanted out of this. The Willow mains (people whose opinion on this should matter more) want fire immunity, a useful lighter and for her to be different from Wilson.
  8. As long as we get quality, that's all I want. PErhaps the torches and pitchforks won't hurt klei too hard.
  9. currently the majority of the don't starve together community oh thanks!
  10. I’m also looking for a response. I hope same day as PC. I had a friend purchase the game when I saw mid-April. We’ve been waiting since. I took a break from DST in early 2018 after 2-3 years of playing and am returning after reading the 2019 roadmap, expecting the new content soon. I missed The Gorge because of the lack of news and I watched The Forge.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    (listen this in bg while looking at the image for optimal effect.. after seeing the video ofc, hehe) PS: @R00KIE - epic avatar you got there, makes for great meme material as well
  12. They should make Bernie work like Willow's ghost and have no durability but go on cool down after being used
  13. Exactly. And everybody wants more perks to her. I would like fire immunity only if they add another downside.
  14. People forgot - Oryginal first Willow had fire immunity and was OP. Without any problem she won in PvP, being the best pick for grief. Last time I heard cry about PvP in Don't Starve Together - in my opinion PvP in DST have no sense, sorry guys - and now you want fire immunity? Are you good bro? This attitude just showing how community is divided and without one specific trend of thinking. Half want fire immu, half dont want fire immu, half is happy, half is angry. Nobody can please you. Her revamp sounds good, 100% better than current Willow. More options with Bernie are the best part of her rework. I dont know what should I think about freezing and overheating, but for me - as common Willow player - sounds good, something fresh? Im sure legendary Willow's player know better I want to test she after release this refresh. And I want one for revamp Willow ... bigger dmg during using fire weapons. Not 50%! But maybe +10% aganist mobs? As master pyromaniac she should know how powerfull is fire! In game we have fire staff and fire dart. Both arent so usefull and people just dont use they. In game melee weapons like spear or hambat see the lead. It is the best time for making unused items more used! Im little sad about channged dates in schedule. But I understand that was the last resort. I accept it with distaste and I hope that you will develop everything as you imagine. Also I love Klei attitude, they can write apologize (?) and explain why they must do update in other term. I've always respected studio for it, for being open for community. Which happens to be more hungry than lions in a cage.
  15. I vote for Willowpool to be the next update. Bernie can be her pikachu.
  16. Wait so is the only downsides that she takes more damage from the cold?
  17. [Gameplay] Platform Nintendo Switch Do you use mods? No Issue title Season Change (Summer to Spring) by exploring the Caves and Ruins. Steps to reproduce Enter the caves, Enter the Ruins, stay some days in the Ruins (day 140+) Describe your issue Entered the caves many times on this save file without any problems, but on day 140+, during Summer, when I was exploring the Ruins, the season switched back to Spring, went back on the surface to check (temperature, music, etc etc) and confirmed that it was, in fact, Spring. It seems like this bug didn't die but just got rarer. Extra: playing on RoG with compatibility with shipwrecked ON.
  18. I really want to know how the new Bernie works, that could be really interesting! Also, thanks for the work! I'm really hyped for the new short I was hoping for some magic perk related to fire oh well. That fuel related perk is not that useful to me, but i don't exacly know how efficent it is... so i'm gonna wait. Fire inmunity is not that necessary but could be really useful for her, someone explained why already, is inmunity, do we really need arguments?. I also like the infinite lighter idea but both is too much i think. If not, she really needs some interesting perk related to fire, actually a useful one.
  19. OhMyGosh Willow is breaking the fourth wall and waving goodbye to JoeW! That's what the story is!
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The whole Don't starve together forum be like:
  21. Someone forgot the cursor on the roof on the picture...
  22. Personally I rather like the idea of her being immune for a time before taking damage. But it also depends on just how many seconds that would be and how it'll play into the pace of the event. And I would also wonder if there's a cooldown before her immunity resets, and she can go in again for a bit without getting hurt? Fire strafing? I've never really liked the idea of her being entirely immune all the time, but her being immune long enough for certain events. Like being able to withstand being in a forest fire long enough to retrieve items, or setting an enemy on fire and being able to get in a good few swings before having to step back. These few seconds and the damage reduction could be enough time to make an impact before you have to retreat. It's one of those things that might seem disappointing until you get in there and finally test it out? It's hard to know without experiencing it first hand. So hopefully it's a good middle ground in the end for those who do and don't want full immunity. I love this suggestion! 10/10. The "pyromaniac" title never felt like it fit as there's no real big drawback from her not setting fires. I'd be really cool to actually have to actively set fires or risk getting too stressed. Having to make some sort of "safe zones" to set things ablaze without causing too much actual damage to the camp or resources. Or just hoping that the forest you panicked and set on fire isn't, you know, super important or connected to half the map. On the bright side you'd probably rarely be short on charcoal if you had to go forest burning every few days!
  23. Can't wait to test her!! Thank you Klei! My comments on her perks: Willow no longer gets cold from low sanity. THANK GOODNESS! My biggest issue with her so far. Willow takes more damage and loses sanity from freezing. Thats a nice downside, since the best characters (wicker wx and wolfy) have really lame downsides that can easily be negated. Also, I'd like to make another suggestion: Make her wetness be an issue to her, make her wetness fills up faster than the others or something like that, or even make her lose more sanity from being wet (since water beats fire). I think it would add a nice touch to her downside. Willow takes less damage from overheating. Nice! Willow gets fire immunity for the first several seconds and then reduced damage thereafter. I think it is ok though I would love to see a full fire immunity XD Willow takes no burn damage while extinguishing fires and does it faster than others. hmm, ok! Adding fuel to fires is more effective for Willow. Wow, thats good! Nice touch to her. Bernie can now be equipped by Willow for sanity and warmth at the cost of durability. I'm a bit concerned about how good it would be in terms of insulation. It would be a head equipment? Or something that replaces the backpack? Hope it gets as good as a breezy vest or a tam o'shanter otherwise it will not be worth it have it from her. Bernie grows big and will taunt and fight most hostile creatures when Willow is nearby and insane. The spotlight of the rework, really excited to see this! Bernie will still taunt Shadow Creatures when any other player is nearby and insane. Good!!!! In addition, Willow still gains sanity near fire and can still cook with her Lighter. Glad you are keeping that! Also, can you guys say who is the next character rework to be done? Really excited about the next updates to come. Good work guys!!! THE HYPE IS REAL
  24. I realised I have yet to share any of my DS art here on the forum, so here goes! "Kleiground" is a fan name for crossover art that brings together things from different Klei games. No, I did not come up with the name. Thank @WilliamGreywind (You can find my art stuff under or .) I started off by drawing a lot of Wendy for Inktober Wendy and Abi I may be obsessed with Tallbirds, smallbirds, and everything in-between Then I started drawing DS/Invisible Inc crossover art? Draco (from the Contingency Plan DLC) would be impressed by Wendy's edge, if they ever met. DS isn't the only Klei game with a superior-acting automaton/cyborg character (I would be remiss not to advertise a mod my friend made that brings Dr. Xu to DST!)
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