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  2. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Do you have a gif of using the electric darts on them?
  3. Hamlet tries to do that. There are several "quests" to do, such as going to the BFB Island for the egg and scepter, going to the Palace Island to get the city building items, etc. Then there are more optional ones like the Pugalisk and Queen Womant (which there is no reason to do after the first time). The problem is that they leave several other islands and most of the ruins by the wayside, and are themselves rather devoid of surprise and excitement, being roughly the same each time.
  4. Best Way For Meat?

    Use moonstone to farm werepigs if you have enough pig houses, which solves food and armor issues once for all. You get hundreds of each every full moon safely. make lots of meat racks (I have 80), and jerky is all you need for food, sanity and health. I bundle extra for boss fights. I used to farm bunnies, but it's very easy to get killed, if you accidentally pick up a meat or hit a bunny when your befriended bunnies dead that you unaware of. I no longer cook other food for healing, because it's very time consuming. Jerky is all you need, it's efficient and does it all.
  5. As others has noted, Alzheimer's is too touchy a subject to be added as a mechanic. It's horrible, traumatizing. If we really wanted a 'forgetfull' character mechanic, short term memory loss would've been a better option if done right.
  6. Wes-a-week™

    I don't want to put any pressure on you, but I've got a great feeling about this. Eagerly anticipating future weeks!
  7. I assume this is a bug since all other thieves will ignore them.
  8. I put a bit more effort into figuring all this stuff out, based on other info that was posted here, and find a reliable, simple way to contain it or deal with it once and for all. - Infected or already sick dupes should not be allowed to share the same living space as healthy dupes in any way. Infected may get sick, and sick will emit packets of polluted o2 with germs that will infect other dupes. - Vitamin chews, immuno boosters and med packs are, imo, a complete waste of time and effort. As long as infected dupes share the same space, it will always be a vicious cycle. I did a little experiment where i built an isolated quarantine dungeon, with amenities, food, decor, all that stuff. Not a med bay room, it wouldn't make sense in this context, as i was not intending to cure them. At the start of this experiment, i only had 3 sick dupes, and no dupes that had been exposed to germs; picked all 3 sick dupes and tossed them in there. Any dupes that had been exposed would have been tossed in as well. Then just waited for them to get cured. As they did, i immediately kicked them out of quarantine. In the meanwhile, i deleted all the infected polluted o2 packets indoors so no one else would get sick. This would have been the ideal scenario where prevention would have been strictly enforced since very early on, having a completely germ free atmosphere indoors (which i thought i did in the op, and was completely wrong because i was silly and didn't properly use the gas overlay) Based on this, enforcing strict quarantine and isolation, instead of employing prevention and cures, seems to be the best course of action from very early game. This may significantly reduce the chances of outbreaks or maybe even eliminate the problem completely (still has to be verified) after exosuits are employed. It will slow down all the work that has to be done, but sick dupes are not very productive anyways, and the problem will not go away by itself.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Seeing as we on the topic of Wheeler...
  10. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    Thanks Majestix, believe me, I've tried to wean myself off meatballs since RoG but there just isn't a more efficient option. Pierogi need eggs which you can only get by feeding a bird - very inefficient. Plus you don't usually need health from food, you need to reduce hunger first and foremost. Turkey Dinner needs drumsticks, not exactly a reliable food item to get. Same for most other ingredients - they're way too annoying to obtain compared to 1 monster meat and 3 fillers for meatballs. Actually I've been complaining about the food system for years now. They made meatballs simply too efficient and most other recipes too much pain in the butt to get. I had hoped so much they'd fix it in SW but it's even worse. The comparison between how much work it needs to fill up from mussels or lobsters or fish vs. meatballs is ridiculous. Basically the core problem is most reasonably easy recipes only give around 30 hunger - if Klei fixed that they would fix 80% of the meatball problem.
  11. Text error for demolition permit

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Changed Status to Can't Reproduce
  13. I can't repro this. There was an old bug that did this that was fixed. Is this an old report by chance? If it's recent, can you send us a save file with the problem? you can do that through the main menu OPTIONS>REPORT BUG
  14. Crafting/Items Snow Globe - Used to change in-game events. Prototype with Alchemy, probably some gold, nitre, stone. Has two functional states: Ready and Recharging. When Ready, a player can click on it, and change events between 'None' 'Auto' and a list of past events. If an Event is started/ended, At the start of the next day, a lighting bolt will strike it, and the event would be activated. Cooldown would be 10-20 days, to prevent both tactical and mailcious spam. Visually, the globe would nominally be empty, but would fill in when events are active. No penalty/strike/cooldown to switch between 'None' and 'Auto', when 'Auto' dosen't trigger an active event/change PS. More Non-Gorge/Forge events Rare Blueprint Rework - Chances are, whoever picks one up will learn it automatically, because it's taking up an inventory spot that needs to be filled with the Boss' loot. Why not be required to bring it to an Alchemy Engine, like a sketch to a Potter's wheel. Or have an option to learn it, and then later add the knowledge (free of charge?) to the Alchemy. Essentially creating a 2nd Rare Bluprint, and then automatically giving it to the machine. Make your own Blueprints (Notebook) - What if you could learn something at the Alchemy/Science Machine, in a limited way. You would craft a "Blank Notebook" for 1-2 Papyrus. Then, at the Sci/Alchemy, you can then turn it into '<HAMBAT> Notes'. It adds that item to your crafting menu, as long as you hold the notebook, regardless of having the ingredients. Then, when you have all of the crafting ingredient, you can make the item, the notebook is consumed, and it's in your crafting menu permanently. Trashcan - Crafted using some boards/stone and a Lureplant bulb. Used to dispose of unwanted stuff in a safe way that ~~won't hurt duplicant morale~~. 9 Slots, and then it 'swallows' like Packim Baggins being given a fish. Alternatively, something that uses stingers Extra-Storage - Having tons of chests is annoying for Organizing, and not enough people are using the Storeroom mod. Maybey it's literally just me using it. I want Storage for Dayz Return of them boat - Boat 'Saddlebags'. Craft with three boards, and they are positioned hanging off the side. Think Cargo boat from SW. Marble Tree - Way to control what style of tree it is Statue of yourself - Exclusive to each character, Automatically unlocks at Potter's wheel after surviving 70 days. Other 'Mass-Crafting' Stations, like Celestial Portal Mid-level ranged weapons - Something between Boomerang and blowdarts "Infinity Gauntlet" - No real good ideas, but I was looking at a chest with all the gem colors, and it felt *inevitable* Mushroom spores can into Icebox. But Poland cannot into space Server Management/Word Generation Booted Players - Red Skull appears on the map for ~1 Day. Inventory is dropped and a skeleton, same as if they had been killed normally. Booted /Logged Off players - You can use 2-3 marble to build a 'Headstone' wherever you wish. If you have a pickaxe with you, you may carve a departed players name. Next time the gravestone loads (Same as baby Beefalo spawning), a grave (mound) will appear beneath it. Digging it up will give their inventory, at the expense of the digger's sanity. If they return, they'll spawn at their grave, same stats as before. Their inventory would be empty if it was dug up. You can offer up Foods/Medicine to the grave. Rots as if left out in the open, but when they spawn, they will gain the benefits. If they had died, you can offer a telltale heart World Generation Options: The jump between 'Default' and 'More' is pretty extreme. Can this get 'turned down?' For the nostolgic: Option to turn off the Ocean (?) Have an 'Advanced' Tab for World Generation Set Piece selection: Living Forrest, Triple McTusk, Tallfort, HoundFort, Reed Trap, Clockwork set pieces, Statue set pieces, etc Resource Options: Remove (or only) Juicy Berries, Grass Gekos, Twiggy Trees. Control if Grass Geckos can spawn Characters WX - Craftable 'Square Gears'. Use them to upgrade stats per usual. Cannot be used for Iceboxes/Flingos. Perhaps have a recipie that grows more expensive each time it's used. Or require use of Frazzled wires. Wilson - Permanent access to mad science station, possibly with different recipies? Honestly, I really want Plantable Evil Tree at all times. But this seems like a nice compromise. Wigfrid - An army marches on it's stomach. She gets her own, Portable Viking Crock pot. Won't cook anything she can't eat (or wet goop), and allows some exclusives. See below Wicker - Warly's 'Repeat Food' drawback. Foods eaten in the first segment (30s) of the day give 10% extra. Books hit 0% and can be re-bound with more papyrus Wendy - Ability to summon Abigail with RMB. Flowers & Garland drain sanity when picked. Evil flowers gain sanity when picked. Abigail flower crafting increases sanity by 50 (Cost 60 to make, so it's not a fair trade. No double sanity penalty for summoning Abigail) Exclusive Foods: Wigfrid - Stone Soup: 1 Meat, 1 rock, 1 fruit/veg. 50 Hunger, 5 Sanity, 5 health for Wigfrid. 15 Hunger, -20 Sanity, -20 Health for others. (It's an aquired taste) Woodie - Pouinette: No Idea, but it's so Canadian.... eh? Mobs Ice Chester - Acts as mini-flingo. If he has any Ice or Water ballons in him, he will spit them at any objects on fire. Clockwork Pawns - Regularly spawn (3-5 days?) from a set-piece, bouncing towards the Florid Posterm harmlessly. Really dumb, a stick fence and gate can keep them corraled. Killing them give some gear/frazzled wire/gold drops. Up to 8 can be in the world at once. Boss: Clockwork Queen - If one of the Pawns reaches the portal, it becomes a queen. Queen spawn turns any nearby pawns into Rooks/Bishops/Knights randomly, and kills any others that aren't nearby. Queen sometimes behaves sometimes like a Rook, sometimes like a Bishop (Gasp!). Powerful, Violent, will seek out players on the surface world. Drops gears and Gems, I guess. Or some cool custom items Miniboss: Clockwork King - When the queen is Dead, the pawn-spawning set piece generates the King. Same attacks, same frequency, lower range, higher damage. Far less challenging than the queen. After a cooldown, set piece resets, spawning pawns again. No Idea on drops Future "Year of the X" Mobs Rat? Unless Salamanders serve this purpose Ox - Beefalo Tiger? Tigershark crossover from SW? Rabbit - Rabbit Dragon - Dragonfly (I should start saving Gems now) Snake - Pugalisk crossover from Hamlet? Horse - Crossover with Stardew Valley? Goat - Volt Goat Monkey - Spulmonkey?
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    My sides hurt, my eyes are watering, and I'm short on oxygen. Congratulations, I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time. And this is coming from someone who likes Wheeler!
  16. But I already do own it. I'm just not a fan of exclusivity in general, even if it does benefit me. If the original bottomless pit became a timeless, and a new loyal pit was released for everyone, then I thought it would be a win-win. People who never had a chance to get it could get one, and the people who already have it will still have their badge of honor.
  17. i think this is intended so you can move your boats slowly
  18. Hamlet pig guard sleeping state quote

    Changed Status to Fixed
  19. It's more about the hair than the navigadget.
  20. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    Ok but what the f--- is that profile picture
  21. Hi Can someone find something wrong here ? Plenty of food inside. BBQ & Pepper bread ordered, priority 8. Many dupes are under "no pending deliveries", with a quite strange description And for those under "low priority", Travaldo could be an example. Cooking is high priority, but when I'm checking errand list, nothing is high priority. It has worked well, but not anymore, and not from a long time. I've tried to unbuilt grills, then build it again, nothing better. I already had some bugs with grills where I had to deconstruct it to make it working again. But now, it doesn't work anymore. Thanks for your help. Ooookaaay. I've reload the game, back to normal. And sometimes that the sweeper just above that stop working. I've to deconstruct it, then build it again to make it works. And during all this time, all my food supply is roting from everywhere. This kitchen is turning me mad... :-/
  22. To be clear, I love Shipwrecked. Hamlet isn't bad but I'm on the fence about it so far, mainly because it puts so much emphasis on selling clippings and berries and buying stuff. Anyway I've always hoped and prayed for more adventures rather than more sandbox modes. I'd love Klei to give us more stuff like the Adventure Mode or some other challenge runs. I feel the game doesn't need more sandbox DLCs like SW and H. If there's still anything to add it's something different from a sandbox mode, something more akin to structured maps or scenarios with goals to meet. That would be literally Christmas for me. Am I alone in this?
  23. It's possible and has been done before, it it's really passing on the illegal road that Klei's laid out. You can't take skins and pass them around, or modify them, or any of that whatnot, but I don't think it's bad to simply look at them in Spriter. Using them elsewhere might be an issue, however.
  24. very low fps

    Could you please let me know if you still have low fps after the 336171 update? Thanks!
  25. I like Shipwrecked a lot actually. I'm on the fence with Hamlet so far, mainly because it puts so much emphasis on selling clippings and berries and buying stuff. That's not the reason people play survival games I feel. It has some great ideas though, I really love the new biomes and I WAY prefer Hamlet ruins to the vanilla caves and ruins. But introducing civilization and trading, yeah, not exactly a traditional survival features. I always hoped and prayed for more adventures actually. I'd love Klei to give us more stuff like the Adventure Mode or some other challenge runs. The game doesn't need more sandbox DLCs like SW and H. If there's still anything to add it's something different from a sandbox mode, something more akin to structured maps or scenarios with goals to meet. That would be literally Christmas for me.
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