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  2. How greatly do you hate pineapple on pizza?
  3. AHH! I didn't realize what the question was asking! Can i get a do-over on that? I hate any sweet on savory or savory on sweet. or literally anything else on pizza other than pepperoni and sometimes sausage
  4. Apparently the mutation doesn't apply to any other flavor of hound aside from vanilla. Currently being made right now...give it some time.
  5. Culturally problematic?

    Technically, it's not hypocrisy. First, it's the internet, second, not many care about constructive criticism, third, don't underestimate the Death of the author, fourth, an art piece or a game will never statisfy all people because all people are different. There will be always a group who complains about something - it's normal and it's reality and this group isn't terrible. Nothing and nobody is perfect even Klei, DS and any forum user. So please don't speak about them that badly even if they have gone on your nerves. Without complains maybe DS could've been in a bad state, who knows? Maybe Klei chose the lesser evil and many liked Warbucks very much. I am happy they could release the game even with delay and listened to us to implement the teleportato after its release and left us Warbucks in the gamefiles.
  6. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    It didn't do a solid fill, and needed to have more than just one or two fills
  7. Well...not as easy as it looks. New map, huge gap between mainland land masses, spent 5 days, no islands. Found it in a much smaller gap. Bunch of Kelp was a clue but I could have missed it easily.
  8. Wow. 12 new notifications

  9. shipping mass storage

    When you start collecting iron from space that is at 200C+ building things in your base soon gets troublesome as you see the ambient temperature rise considerably and then have to start cooling your base rather than the materials you are using. Cooling the materials at the point of collection is a much better solution, storing them in a vacuum won't support this.
  10. I don't like the idea of my dupes going to bed grimy. I know that it doesn't actually affect the beds ... perhaps it should (hint hint devs). I don't use bathtime, just downtime. For now I'm doing as Sasza22 suggested and adding a block of downtime AFTER as well as before bedtime but usually all that happens is they eat some more. I like to keep the downtime general instead of specific for the morale buff. I've got the schedule set up so that my night owl can have co-ordinated downtime with my regular dupes so as to be able to socialise if they have leftover downtime after they've eaten, pooped and showered. So at least one group (night owl vs default) has to have the downtime scheduled either before or after their bedtime. ...I suppose I could just put everyone on the Night Owl's schedule ... I mean afaik there isn't any debuff if they sleep during the day instead of the night.
  11. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    Wickerbottom is an all-rounded overpowered character - she can farm plants, birds, Krampi, bosses, she can put mobs to sleep, and zap them (overcharging WX in the process, thus also contributing to map exploration). Winona can kill bosses (small-fry mobs too if you really like that/find it useful in relation to classic kiting via Spear/Ham Bat/etc), but also consuming a lot of resources in the process - so more of a mid-to-end game feature if wanting it done efficiently. Sure she can also 1/2 faster build.. a good bonus, yet not that overwhelmingly important in the end. So implying "Winona powercrepts Wicker".. kinda stretches it out. Sure you can make boats with catapults now... if WorldGen also proverbially smiles upon your map in DF or BQ's cases. For seasonal bosses though most efficient way is still the good ol' Hambat and Walking Cane - or use them boss-mobs (Bear and Deer), as others stated above, in farming Wood and Living Logs.
  12. shipping mass storage

    should one store everything in vacuum instead
  13. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    The delay is necessary because some engines do not support dynamic action response, which basically means if one player is like having over 200 ping and one player has just 50 ping then the 200 ping one will have about half second delay in each action they perform while as the the one with 50 ping will have about less then a quarter delay. The engine if interprets this by itself, it will cause the action of the user with 200 ping to occur at the same time as the one with 50 ping one. The same way if one players computer is weak thus is not properly running the game then he will have frame loss which will cause his actions to be broken/delayed like, but the Dynamic Engine will also know this and smooth this out as well. DST engine however lacks the completely and it was a big problem because some players Computers/Internet were causing lags which transported over to the server and the Engine did not interpret them properly, which meant one player was playing the game faster cause he had a better computer/internet while as other player was playing slower even with reasonable computer/internet, The quickest way to fix this was to put an overall delay on the entire game which then made the lag equal for all players regardless of computer/internet. Just like a Frame limit sort of thing. The same has been done in Fallout 76 engine which had a massive problem in it where Players with Super Computers were able to literally make the engine Physics faster for them (Bullet travel faster, Players move faster etc) it was quite hilarious and became a viral Youtube comedy.
  14. When I jump through the wormhole to the new area close the sea. I can walk on the water but can't go back to the land.
  15. Today
  16. Webber needs to get eaten on screen or I will riot.
  17. SPOM Noob Trap Edition.

    I've given up using bloody mechanical filters on my O2 supply, as every now and again, a single ****ty packet of Hydrogen pops out and breaks something, despite my system having 100% power up time and all other necessary pipe blockage prevention.
  18. Re: "coldblooded" creatures and infrared This a bug tracker, and these aren't bugs.
  19. shipping mass storage

    I like this. There is even potential to fill the top room with liquid and cool everything a bit.
  20. I get your point but you already confirmed you feel her dmg is a bit too much for single player and this is the point of this thread really.... Just because it's solo gameplay doesn't mean a character should be imbalanced for everybody.
  21. Yeah, i would like to know as well, and if I am not mistaken SW took close to a year to get ported *shivers*
  22. I meant that i want them to destroy the damage of the gun if they put her in DST, not in Solo. For example, i don't mind the "lanterns having infinite light when on the ground and you reload world" bug in Solo, but I am glad they patched it for DST. I don't really mind OP stuff in Solo and 1 player games, cause YOU put your own rules when YOU are playing, but in online games... Yeah, no.
  23. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    Very hard to powercreep a character who started all the balance discussions wars.
  24. This is a bit confusing... The argument that the devs should keep the dmg as it is to wait for a future rebalance in dst that is probs not gonna come anyways... Doesn't really make much sense. I don't think they are gonna add her to dst.
  25. Full disclosure: I'm not a pineapple person in general, on pizza or off. 'Cos I'm weak.
  26. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Most likely because it feels like this type of lag shouldn't exist when a player hosts a solo play world for a multiplayer game. It can be interpreted as a problem that Klei just didn't solve, as tends to happen. With how slowly the game is updated and how often problems are not seen, both because of the scale of the game and if you subscribe to the theory that the developers don't play their own game(not to the extent that its players do), it's not a stretch to assume it's something that they don't know about. I know absolutely nothing about multiplayer connection management, so I'd like a source on this if you happen to have it. There's also the essential question: if there's only one player in a solo world, why is this delay necessary?
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