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  2. @__IvoCZE__ This just resolved my doubts, thank you. Now we can let this thread go into abyss of nonexistence.
  3. Sorry, I guess I didn't explain it very well. Sorry! Say I have a stack of three limpets in my inventory already. That stack of three will get cooked and stay as a stack of three cooked limpets, but if I were to pick a limpet rock, giving me another limpet, that limpet would get cooked but form its own separate stack of one.
  4. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    These chester draws are very important we've been truly blessed
  5. Pyrochemistry

    Please post this in the appropriate forum area.
  6. Yes, besides everything else from cluster.ini works. Name etc...
  7. We’ve still got a bit less than a week and a half before the end of the month.
  8. I am perfectly able to remember that Klei mentioned a character refresh, and I can remember even better that they will release each once a month. I am not complaining... But I just wanted to mention that the end of this month is coming incredibly fast... And we don't have any news about any refresh yet... Here's my advice (read, you won't regret. I am just trying to stop a disaster): Please at least try to fulfill your promise and do as you said. I can guarantee that you don't want the same story as with hamlet...
  9. The biggest problem is the current ranking of the 3 ways of dealing with diseases: (Best to worst) Current: 1. Waiting out a disease without any interaction. 2. Using an (instant) cure. 3. Using a way to boost the immune system / prevent an infection. Optimal (hopefully not just in my opinion^^): 1. Using a way to boost the immune system / prevent an infection. 2. Using an (instant) cure. 3. Waiting out a disease without any interaction. => The current system makes ignoring diseases to the optimal strategy ...
  10. Plus the labor involved to make the boosts... it's a lot of time...
  11. As far as I'm aware it was never said he wasn't canon, just that he has no influence on the "main story".
  12. Guess Who?

    Well, that's not fair to you. I essentially baited you because I think you are funny and I didn't realize it was going to get everybody else so upset -- maybe I should have known. Truly, I was amused and while I knew this might stir up a little trouble I really didn't think you were going to get the bad end of it. My apologies -- this time with no wink and with sincerity. Oy -- that really is a lot to know ahead of time?
  13. Spider Monkey

    Loook out! here comes the spider gorilla! Is he strong? Listen bud the devs used the wrong tuning value (this doesnt rhyme, dont judge me) Can he swing, from a thread? No he can't hes a bit heavy. Hey there!, here comes the spider gorilla!
  14. I think it happends sometimes after you dash . It also could cause complete invincibility until you dash again. Atleast thats what happend to me once
  15. They chew and chew forever... UGH! I wouldn't mind if bathroom time was increased, but their eating time is seriously too long.
  16. Today
  17. I would disagree with this in one regard. If the Geyser isn't useful, it's just flat out not useful. I'd rather have an extra PoI roll in that spot, which could be a Vacillator or an AETN instead. The simple fact is that there will, inevitably, be some that are better than others. But the disparity between, say, the CO2 Vent/Geyser compared to NatGas, is ridiculous.
  18. Any chance for a shipwrecked together

    Currently, Klei has no plans of porting Shipwrecked to DST.
  19. Idk i just think this would be really cool
  20. One of the things I don't think are balanced at all at the moment with the recent changes are the mitigation stuff. Vitamin chews, Immuno Booster, and Allergy Medication are expensive and not very useful. Well Allergy Medication is in it's own category because you can't just cure allergies, but a bristle blossom seed per cycle per dupe is telling me I just don't want any allergic dupes in my base. For Slimelung, vitamin chews will cut slimelung chance from 12% to 8%, and immuno boosters will drop it to 5%, which is an ok decrease... but not compared to just using a cure. It will take on average around 8 cycles for a standard dupe (with no booster) to catch slimelung if they're exposed every cycle. A medicine pack is 1 balm lily + 1kg phosphorite, relatively cheap. Using Immuno Boosters for that entire time is 4kg pincha peppernut (1kg per 2 cycles)... and you also can't easily target boosters like you can just use a medpack on only duplicants that get sick, you'd have to give them to every duplicant that could get exposed to really be effective. For Zombie Spores, which is actually a scary disease you'd actually want to mitigate, full immuno boosters will decrease your chance from 75% to 50%, at which point I wonder if it's worth the effort. Zombie Spore cures are expensive, but the boosters are almost pointless at that rate. Honestly the boosters cost isn't that bad, but they are too expensive to aim to give them to everyone, and they aren't good enough to bother micromanaging their usage. At very least, they don't last long enough. Allergy Medication is the worst, 1 cycle of relief for a blossom berry seed, I dunno how you can reliably keep even one dupe on them for very long.
  21. Additionally, your hygienic setup could fail since your Dupes can use the lavatory and go towards the cots without washing their hands. Your toilets should always be setup to only have one entrance/exit so your Dupes must pass by a sink after using a lavatory no matter what.
  22. I confirm the steps to reproduce this bug. I also have encounter it.
  23. Spider Monkey

    I think they are Gorillas...Spider Gorillas..... Spider-Gorilla, Spider-Gorilla Does whatever a spider and gorilla can Spins a web, around a tree Punches anyone that gets near the tree.
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