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  2. was actually removed for griefing concerns, along with woodie being nerfed.
  3. Fire immunity exists in DS, was removed in DST for balance. If you want the DS experience, play DS or mod your game. Some players want balance. Explain to me why you want fire immunity so passionately, despite you claiming it's meaningless. Makes no sense, lets add a feature for reasons, despite it being useless. Ok...
  4. explain where this mythical ability of otherworldly power i am suggesting for willow is and i may consider taking you seriously.
  5. No, they're saving that for the eventual Charlie character DLC.
  6. Asking for fire immunity is meaningless

    How is it superior? I want it because it is a unique toy that I will have fun trying, and likely failing, to make useful. It’s the foundation of unexplored territory.
  7. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    I agree, the other 3 Sw characters are generally better, yes even Walani/Warly at least imo
  8. ...except yes they are. A playground overflowing with food and resources and a hostile landscape teeming with danger aren't mutually exclusive, because that's literally what Don't Starve is. A hostile landscape overflowing with food and resources. Am I missing something? May I please refer you to the Wickerbottom/Wolfgang/Wigfrid Wars, that are still ongoing?
  9. You also have no suggestion to provide that and again, all I'm getting from you is that you want some perk that is overpowered. Many other characters need a nerf. What's next, Willow doesn't need wood to start a fire? Why not just continue to make all characters have easy mode. Why are we even trying to survive in this game? Maybe willow should get the button which wins a game, because reasons.
  10. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    His hat is only a one off.. he cannot craft it in Hamlet-- after 10 days is gone... same with boat.. the rest of the initial loot he spawns in it's useless cuz there is no integration of SW in Hamlet AT ALL
  11. Except that going off of your example with Maxwell, it wouldn't be that he wouldn't have crazy sanity regen, it would he wouldn't lose sanity at all. And what I mean by the "not being frozen" is the situational occurance that happens with deerclops, klaus and ice hounds, where you are frozen and immobile for a few seconds. Not being completely winter-proof like a overcharged WX in winter.
  12. You're not asking for quality over quantity, you're asking perks that is far superior than what other characters have. Furthermore there is a back and forth between fire immunity of being overpowered and just a neat feature. Which is it? If Willow were to get it, would that make a difference? No it wouldn't, because you guys will still feel that Willow isn't as good as other characters anyway. So what exactly is the point of this? Vent just to vent?
  13. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    Wx (hamlet only) has the fastest run speed, immunity to stale/spoiled food, easy health regen from lighting, immunity to poison and eventually have the highest stats in the game at the cost of light damage from rain Woodlegs (hamlet only) has 4 boards, spyglass and a lucky hat (can't craft another lucky hat); The lucky hat spawns random treasures both good and bad at the average cost of -60 sanity per day (silk/magic is harder to get)
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The character Annie from League of Legends. PS: and yes, some of her concepts (pyromania, Tibbers the teddy/bear) and persona are reminiscent of Willow.
  15. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    ?? Woodlegs cannot craft his hat Woodlegs cannot craft his boat How is Woodlegs OP in Hamlet ??
  16. I’m just not used to it. It drives me nuts sometimes.
  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    RTX off RTX on p.s. who know where from this gif?
  18. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    If world gen being random makes a character bad, then all signs point to WX being bottom tier.
  19. If asking for pyrokinesis is too much, then allow her to craft some flammable object that burns intensely and for long on the ground or as fuel.
  20. Currently food poisoning is gone instantly after a dupe takes a pill. Slimelung just takes a couple seconds of the doctor attention. It seems a bit too fast. My idea the medicine removes the syptoms (coughing, bladder change, breath debuff) but the stat debuffs remain for a small recovery period, about half a cycle. During that period the dupe won`t get exposed again to the same disease. For slimelung the treatment should last a bit longer imo. The time the doctor treats the sick dupe should remain the same but the dupe should spend just a bit more time on the bed (the doctor could treat other patients durining that time). It would make it look more reasonable when a medicine is applied the dupe should wait for all of it to get injected.
  21. Dupes on cooking supply missions tend to drop items while traversing ladders. I've observed a Dupe in an endless loop, carrying meat up a ladder, dropping it after moving a few tiles, going down to pick it up, climbing the ladder, and then dropping it again. There's a delay between the Dupe dropping the food and aborting the errand. For a second or two the Dupe is still executing a cooking supply errand while carrying nothing. Save / reload fixes the problem temporarily, so it's difficult to provide a save file demonstrating the problem. It's quite common, though.
  22. Agreed. That and the option to select which notifications I want on/off. Tired of the 'building broken/flooded' messages too for buildings in ruins. Yes, I get it, game. I have five broken buildings and 44 skill points to spend. Staaahp. Edit: Would be nice if there was an option on the building to disable notifications, like we can do with disinfect/repair. (Also, can we get a mass disable disinfect option? Tired of doing it one at a time. (Unless there is one and I'm just blind/stupid. Trick question, I'm both already.))
  23. Save File Editor

    I've been meaning to investigate a way to make the editor store itself in the browser for offline editing, but it's going to be a while before I get to it. You can instead download the source code from GitHub and run it locally. You need to install NodeJS to get it to work. Once you install NodeJS, run these commands using a terminal / command prompt in the same folder as the source code: npm install npm start Watch the output after running the start command. Near the top will be url where the site can be reached from your browser (usually https://localhost:8080), and the site will be functional once you see a "Compiled successfully" message.
  24. You can't but sewing kit You can buy hound's tooth and make one yourself but it takes some time
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