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  2. Ban Pab for saying this as if babies aren't delicious
  3. What if Winnie comes?

    True but imagine she comes with one of those heat lamps for plant grow. Could be some structure with range like the flingo. That would be a game changer. And that would be nice to have more type of food instead of the classic icy meatballs. I really like the Winnie mod.
  4. Yeah... that's pretty overpowered to be completely honest, especially with the fact that you can stack even more now.
  5. Ban reverentsaty because that's a baby burger
  6. Last Speculations

    i hope they dont do it in May because knowing that two characters got refreshes in the same mounth would kill me with my need to be tidy
  7. Yesterday
  8. [Game Update] - 328827

    Wow shooting rocks does 100 dmg now. Wheeler got buffed big time.
  9. I haven't played for a while. So this is just a demo, not real game. I will probably return after the complete build release. Anyway, here is the demo, gif first as usually. My main input here is to eliminate the need of robo-miner, by letting magma turn into igneous rock debris instead of tiles. How? Magma turns into tiles only when THE LIQUID has more liquid on top of it. If there is only 1 layer of liquid, it will turn into igneous rock debris instead. ---------------------------------- That's basically it. You can continue reading if you wanna know the detail of my demo setup. Setup 1. the mechanical door in the middle to control heat transfer. 2. on the left of the door, volcano side, igneous rock tile layer has low temperature which will convert future magma to debris instantly. Don't dig them up. 3. on the right of the door, thermometers side, the petroleum temperature is maintained at 450 C. So every drop of incoming crude oil will turn instantly. When this petroleum's temperature goes below 450, door closes to get more heat, above 450, door opens. When temperature below 420C, crude oil incoming is shut off in order to maintain the purity of the buffer. These numbers can be adjusted anyhow you like, but it has to be well above crude oil's boiling point. 4. automation, controlled by 2 thermometer, apparently. 5. because petroleum liquid is always floating above crude oil, the right wall of petroleum room is lower than left wall, so that petroleum can fall to be gathered. 6. atmosphere is vacuum, obviously. A little More Info Everything inside is accessible. For the debris igneous rocks, maybe you can setup a auto-sweeper to take them to turbine room. To deal with overheating problem, you can use a super thin layer of whatever gas to keep it cool all time.
  10. Last Speculations

    I thought Klei announced updates a week or so before they came out? Either they're surprising us tomorrow, or the update is coming sometime in May.
  11. In my opinion, that's not how people think about it. It is more like "nothing suggest the DLC's could be cannon". Plus, there is no puzzles related to the Voxola in the video clip released for the DLC's, no character's DLC lore tied to the Voxola in any way. That's just not how the stories were told during the base game and the many puzzles in that era. There is just, no stories at all linked with the DLC's or even within. We can't say it is cannon, we can't say it is not, but to be honest, the absence of any story make it more no cannon than cannon. But that's just my opinion
  12. Wagstaff Lore

    Wagstaff has a giant head + the goggles already kind of look big on him in the first place.
  13. Ban Pab for questioning my PFP. burgers are delicious!
  14. I highly doubt that there's no QA on the project. From a player perspective, ONI is buggy, but from developer perspective, I can tell you that this level of "buggy" takes hell a lot of testing. QA efforts we are supposedly saving Klei by bug reports, if estimated from the corresponding forum section, are not comparable to what it usually takes to get the software working as ONI does.
  15. [Game Update] - 328827

    I think Wheeler's changes are fine. The point of her was to encourage using a smaller inventory, which she still does due to her speed boost with empty slots.
  16. Last Speculations

    wouldn't have it any other way
  17. No, it is not Wagstaff's: grey, straps over shoulders, no button, one pocket Winona's: green, lapels, button, two pockets Besides, I think Winona's is a vest more than an apron
  18. I apologize, the post was disrespectful and was probably the worst way I could've vented out my frustration about the situation.
  19. Ye, but the ones that are colored are for the Jungle Tree guard. Title says Mangroove, but refers to the uncolored sketches. Big boy there is actually complete, and in the files, he throws snakes!
  20. @The Noon Fish @MasteroftheTDS @ButterStuffed Crash fixed, edited post to reflect changes.
  21. The problem with the water sieve is that it's a massive newbie trap. Nowhere in the description on the machine it says that it significantly increases it's water temperature. Like Gus, I also learned about fixed outputs by reading this forum. I think it's ok if newbies lose their colonies because they built they farm next to a volcano or whatever, that's how you learn, but when the game acts behind your back and kills you with mechanic you couldn't possibly know without looking them outside of the game, well, that's just wrong. So, for those reasons, I hope fixed output machines are revisited before release. I know there are mods already that fixes these, but the mayority of new players will play without mods.
  22. [Game Update] - 328827

    exactly Wilba doesn't fit my play style but i see worth to her unlike a unique thing that completely opposes what your play style is for
  23. Move on please.Any further off topic discussion will be met with an official warning.
  24. Maybe the character isn't for you then. It's ok to find a character that doesn't fit your playstyle. I rather have unique characters then ones that are all the same. You're not forced to pick her.
  25. [Game Update] - 328827

    a sacrifice that shoots yourself in the foot by playing her...
  26. [Game Update] - 328827

    I agree that Wheeler needs a new downside (perhaps giving her a greater default speed boost, but losing a % of it per each inventory slot filled, with a maximum penalty that would bring her down to maybe 80% or so speed?), but I don't think it should be the old inventory space one. It only reinforced backpacks even more and was only a cheap annoyance once you reached the mid/late game.
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