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  2. Looool, regular notepad Anyhow Did you search the entire mod folder or only your scripts folder? If you only searched the scripts folder go and search your entire mod's folder. If you did search the entire mod folder then i'm not sure what to do. Seems like you have a lot of mods there that could be one of the causes?
  3. Alright... you asked for it... Here goes... No turning back now...
  4. A Clawed Cork Tree that slashes your during aporkalypse will be quite fun. its a bug that hasn't been fixed yet for a long time, just enjoy the low damage.
  5. I've been using regular Notepad lol. I went and got ++ and it didn't find a thing.
  6. Ban ivo because Rosalina currently has the worst standing in Alpharad's CPU Championship Series.
  7. Am I gonna have to bust out... the meme?
  8. that all together seem OP.. really that weapon always deals 68 dmg? same as a cutlass supreme? I can't even... this is just so OP
  9. Tree guard will be unoriginal just saying And why Spider monkey still do 20 dmg?
  10. Wormwood worst than wes

    Wes doesn’t have any upside so wormwood win here. His health only change by damage, so having helmet above your head and being aware for your surrenders will help.
  11. Your using Notepad++ are you not? Should be able to do a quick "Find in Files" search and search for images/avatars/avatar_superwilson.xml P.S. It's probably in modmain.lua
  12. Hmm, seems temperamental. Bottles are no longer rising on the door.
  13. Making it block shadow attack will be kinda a nerf, Refueling the armor is already expensive so using against enemy with low damage will be a waste. You can wear football helmet with vortex cloak to block shadow creature damage, that will save more durability for vortex cloak when you fight bosses with sanity aura.
  14. I don't really know what to do about this as I've looked around all the files and haven't found any request for the "missing" one. I used the "Super Wilson" mod as a base for mine and have since removed all references to the old file names, or so I thought. Any ideas?
  15. is this gonna turn into another sad.. we want warbucks back thread? the "empty space" is actually the ruins.. pig ruins are at surface level
  16. I'm fairly sure #2 - Pacu going through closed pneumatic doors, regardless of orientation - is intentional. It's really, really useful that Pacus can go through horizontal closed doors, and it'd be weird and inconsistent if vertical doors were different. If you're really dead set on blocking Pacu, I'd use airlock doors. #1 obviously needs to be addressed.
  17. Technically don't need to clear regolith from rocket silos, as the rocket destroys it itself when launching/taking off, so once the rockets are fully automated you can just seal off the silo completely and forget about it more or less (some will pile in on the sides of the rocket where it won't destroy over time due to meteors sneaking in during launches/returns, but it won't matter since you never have to back in there). Before then can just manually clear it while still building/making changes. Rocket and fuel pipes/conveyor rails/automation wires/power cables don't take damage/get melted if made out of the right materials and the astronauts never need to leave the capsule anyways. Gantries are totally unneeded in the long term in rocket silos.
  18. If you look at the text immediately above what you circled, it says "batteries sufficiently full." This disables the coal generator, and so Dupes won't fill it with coal. You have your battery threshold set to 50% in the dialog box right below the tool tip. That's the default. It means that the batteries in the network must have 49% or less power before Dupes will fill the generator and turn it on. If you want the generator to turn on earlier, raise this percentage.
  19. I remember reading a theory on cancer being a mechanism to fight fungal infections. The idea being to outgrow and smother the fungus.
  20. I find that I can usually get away with the minimum morale being below their requirements, as long as their average is above. Small amounts of stress here and there are fine.
  21. 1) See attaches image. It gets stuck saying it’s connecting. 2) Klei User ID KU_45sljSF- 3) Playing on an Xbox one X 4) I’m in Tucson Arizona USA 5) yes I have an Xbox live gold account
  22. I did say steel for walls. Gantries, at least the extended part of it, don’t take damage from meteors either.
  23. Most annoying thing about the matter conversion is it forces you to vacuum and then seal/liquid lock every single Cold Steam Geyser you use if you don't want it to eventually overpressurise or have reduced throughput. As for fixed temp outputs, tbh with the addition of a powerful early game magical heat destroyer (Ice Machine) I was thinking they were going to patch them out, but apparently not, so idk. For PW offgassing, I mean you can make oxygen for free by farming Morbs, which is arguably more 'OP' (not that people usually bother due to the amount you need plus hassle of disinfecting the air). Fixed temp construction pretty much has to stay unless they add some way to control exactly what batch of material is used, or at least some way to filter materials in storage based on temperature so you can lock away/sort out the hot stuff in a convenient fashion. Low temp printables don't really matter as unless you save scum like crazy to get specific ones (which isn't really intended gameplay anyways) the amount of free cooling from this is pretty low on average. For SHC manip, the biggest example I can think of that people use regularly is regolith > magma. Not sure if it will ever get changed tbh as most people don't use it and it doesn't really come up 'by accident' very often.
  24. But the walls will, unless you make them out of steel bunkers. It's less expensive to put bunker doors over a rocket silo to put steel bunker walls all the way down. That, and steel bunker walls conduct heat easily, which they'll pick up from the exhaust gas, and you may not want that. Even ignoring that, you're going to put other things in there that can take damage from meteors. Gantries at the very least, and the miners for clearing regolith you mentioned.
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