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  2. YAY! The question here, can I do the Metheus Puzzle with PC player? or I need a console partner to do it with?
  3. Screenshot showcase

    Perhaps tornado as in the projectile of a weather pain? First thing that comes to mind.
  4. My pips won't plant either. Pressure is higher than 100 grams. Is there an upper limit? There is no container which stores sleet wheat grain (I checked by having them sweep the grain on high priority, it says 'storage unavailable'). Anyone any idea what could cause this behavior?
  5. I just found an exalent, in my current game. This plant could give a special malus so that duplicants farts chlorine for a short time after eating it.
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Does that salt pillar have an ass?
  7. Renewablity of bone shards in DST

    For bones I think you should be able to make them out of Hound Teeth, since those become so abundant.
  8. The one thing that would save people who play on console would be geometric placement and combined status
  9. Man, I play on Xbox and I've played all of these, (except the forge) Also why do you keep on referencing alex legends? Just wondering (Also the Boomer thing is a joke) Hook line and INKer Ink and wax paper might be used to make the tapestry
  10. This is something brought up a lot, Klei can't make them available offline and make them weavable. The only way they could be accessed by cash or spools is if they were a skin in game, which is only accessible online. The Hamlet/SW DLC work offline because they are game DLC, the Wortox/Wormwood DLC only give you a skin in game that allows you to play the characters.
  11. Screenshot showcase

    I made a mistake: Though, what is this "tornado"???
  12. The rust biome always seemed unfinished. Could definetly host a critter producing chlorine, like some sort of reverse dasha saltvine. Maybe gassy moos should have different morphs. Like one producing chlorine, producing more than the grass uses so you can sustain it.
  13. I dont know if this is a mod but I would like personal dedicated servers to be added in console, that way if I ever (probably not ;-;) have a friend to play with when there off the world I can maybe surprise them and start building random stuff.
  14. I worked on a collab about pacus, and my part is done, here check the art.
  15. The ability to host a 100% fully and completely randomly generated world, where anything and everything has a chance of spawning ANYWHERE... i would call this mod or game mode Constant Chaos.. get it? Lol Nevermind.
  16. Basically on console you cant teleport using command so you will have to find the chest physically in the rune. When you finish the second puzzle, you in your partner will each get a set 6 symbole and rune each (lets call it that for now). That will reprensent the order, the items and the quantity of item you need to place in that chest that you need to find in your cave. The password will go according to this sheet here hope that help.
  17. i cant see. i went afk overnight and when i came back this happened
  18. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    I find it funny that Wolfgang called Wilson weak and big-headed indirectly, even prior to DST
  19. Showcase for tidy bases [3]

    I have some ideas, but it's a big project. If I were you, I'd make my base surrounding the lake to the left of your current base and make a floating base in the middle of the lake. That would be something fun and different.
  20. The Realistic Placement Mod. No clue why it isn’t in the base game, but I never play without it. It makes SUCH a difference.
  21. I really think the beach biome on the island should be renewable. Kind of like new things washing up on shore.
  22. Hey uhh guys, how do you complete the Metheus puzzle on console? apparently I’m supposed to type in some admin code at the end and teleport me and my partner I used to do the website puzzle with into some In-Game cave, but as far as I am aware.. the console version does not even have admin commands like that. Help? <3
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