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  2. Maxwell, although already dying in the past, would probably die in an attempt to save Charlie or his companions from Them one last time, thus serving as his true redemption for the tragic series of events that led to the events of Don’t Starve and Together. Wilson, like others have said, is the one with the most survival experience and is the incompetent yet somehow competent leader of the survivors. Plus, he’s the poster boy and the most recognizable face in the game, killing him off would be shocking and highly improbable. Also, him and Max did build the Portal and it was thanks to Wilson’s blueprints and Max’s magical knowledge and the Codex. Despite Wilson’s track record of being a crap scientist, he knows his stuff in certain places. Plus, like most geniuses that are lazy, when he applies himself, results happen.
  3. I like pubs in that I like coming up with new ways to start worlds I'd love it if players cooperated more but more often then not it's either •I'm carrying and sustaining trees rooted to the ground who leave because I'm not interacting with them because I'm sustaining them who leav..... Or •everyone dies/gets bored before day 12 and I'm the only one on the server left because apparently it's either day one base or bust for everyone I meet
  4. Wolfgang's new downside for his rework Woodie would just go beaver tho
  5. Woodie & Wolfgang can't swim based on quotes, so those two and WX-78 would just outright die, bahaha.
  6. ~*~ Return of Them Wishlist ~*~

    Honestly I really want some sort of tamable creature, maybe the puffins, that could send message across the world.I think that would be really cool, and you could choose who to send it to, and so on.
  7. Polluting the Oceans

    It contributes to lag though
  8. Polluting the Oceans

    nah it can be burned used as fertilizer and used for Wormwood when they arrive
  9. Polluting the Oceans

    Rot should disappear from everywhere if you ask me.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I've been wanting to do this one for awhile, finally got it done! loosely based off this botw vid:
  11. Why don't you like the final result, sometime ? And for this purpose, there's a skill removing machine.
  12. You should be able to swim and when your boat breaks you have to swim all the way to shore and most likely die from freezing or get eaten by hostile sea creatures and abandoning ship should be removed.
  13. Dont Starve fanarts

    Aww! So cute!! :'D
  14. silly drawings i make

    Oh god why is nobody making the macaroni he HUNGERS for that macaroni he needs it oh my god please hurry up i dont want to wake up in the marshes or die from bodily stress
  15. As far as penalty I would say full wetness, as is, and a health penalty. Wetness will lead to a natural decrease in sanity anyway, and I don't see much reason for hunger to be penalized for contact with water. The only other thing is I would prefer if you "washed" to a nearby shore. Might be a bit finicky to code just right, but just appearing at the portal seems really odd—and as you said can be exploited as a form of travel.
  16. @watermelen671 can you use some other forum weapon than a sippin dupe/constanteer, like that meep you extracted. The sipp is just kinda stale

  17. For the third question, I am among the first two alternatives... Losing the boat is a bad thing, depending on how much investment you've made to build it and what's stocked in it, but I also find it odd that the ghosts remain with items, however, I believe that the updates that will come, they'll fix it. Let that echo around here. Don't forget!
  18. Why does fog exist

    I'm sure they will add some interesting mechanic around fog in a year or so.
  19. Today
  20. Yeah, get to work! I'm starving over here!
  21. Polluting the Oceans

    they could add mobs that eat it
  22. Dont Starve fanarts

    Oh no, the wink is too cute. Baby boof is a cute addition too.
  23. The game has not come out of beta and already all those seeds spawned by birds at the sea turn to rot eventually and start getting around everywhere and polluting the ocean. SAVE THE CONSTANT OCEANS. (...maybe rot should dissapear from the waters...)
  24. Currently, the only thing separating life and death on a sinking raft is your ability to willingly enter the water before you're forced to. If you manage to do this, you'll be swept all the way back to the Florid Postern; soaked to the bone. A potentially life-threatening situation. But is it enough? Though what may seem like a bad time at first, many have begun to use to their advantage. Not only is wetness useful in keeping away the summer's heat, but the teleportation all the way to the portal might actually be an easy way to save traveling time. Is this really the same last resort our survivors go on about being so frightened about? Probably for WX. ... But for other survivors, I'm not so sure. I wanted to get an idea on other's thoughts, so a poll we go. There's been a lot of these lately, yeah? Reply below with your thoughts or ideas. Though keep in mind, we are still in a pretty early beta, so the aspects of the ocean might not stay the same as time goes on.
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