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  2. Actually, you can use the Lazy Forager to put the entire moon island in your inventory, then you can drop it wherever you want
  3. "With the memories of her tragic past reignited.." Reignited I always had a headcannon where some characters had their memories removed upon entering the constant. Possibly willingly. Such characters are Woodie, Wigfrid and Willow. Possibly due to truamatic experiences, or to stay in-character. Willows vignette also states that she sees being brought to the Constant as a blessing, as she was allowed to leave everything behind and start fresh. She feels no remorse because she don't even remember these things happening, untill recently. These memories clearly upset her to a point where she tapped into formidable powers.
  4. I have set attribute and skill experience to 100, do that work ? Or maybe the value is too high ? I Don't get more xp i think @trevice
  5. I actually failed to notice that sleeping quarters buffs had been changed to single room only, instead of the commons we used to be able to get away with. That could certainly help reducing the amount of exposure in the case one dupe got sick. I haven't had a single exposed or sick dupe for some 40+ cycles, after i corrected all the mistakes i had made. Needless to say i won't make the same mistakes again
  6. I'm trying to give a character a growable beard, however I don't want it to effect their stats in any way other than giving them beard hairs and sanity. (I want to remove the beard's insulation). I am using "inst.components.beard.insulates = false" and "inst.components.beard.insulation_factor = 1". Neither seem to work at all. willow.lua Alright, I'm just a big idiot. "inst.components.beard.insulates = false" doesn't work and "inst.components.beard.insulation_factor = " should be set to zero. "inst.components.beard.insulation_factor = 0" removes the insulation.
  7. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    It would give the pickable component a time to wait before returning the slabs to a pickable state, except that they're deliberately set up in such a way that this function will never get called. I assume the function is still set so that the game doesn't fall apart if this does get called for some unknown reason.
  8. I mean, half of them sound like names for Cryptocurrency. Yeah, that isn't supported, oddly enough...
  9. Gonna say, I didn't even know half these existed. Wow.
  10. With an obsidian spear, you can get hands-free heat and light just from planting and killing a meat bulb. The spear'll start giving off light and heat when it's charged enough, and both of these things will still work when you unequip it.
  11. Drawings and Drivel

    Brought that one thing to a level of relative finish. And have been thinking about that "Who would be the traitor" thread and all the DRAMA and EMOTION Wilson gets aggressively manhandled by oversized shadow hands a lot.
  12. So I decided to give up on making Victor using the animation, mainly because I can't get Spriter to cooperate with me long enough to NOT completely screw everything up! But I'm still working on it.
  13. They aren't GIFs, they're APNGs, or Animated PNGs. And they're not Chrome exclusive, they work on most browsers, since the mainstream ones run off of Chromium anyways. So, you know, if you're cool like me and using a browser that ISN'T Internet Explorer or Netscape, you're good.
  14. Should it be Lazy Deserter instead of the auto-pickup?
  15. RoT wish-list

    Wouldn't this be good in the RoT wishlist in the RoT forums?
  16. image.png.a97144f33add4bb81b9bc0e1a72365b9.png

    Straight to the point. :wilson_ecstatic:

  17. DST Forum polls

    I've always loved these pictures with Wilson in a natural environment like this. Are there others?
  18. I won't dabble too much in this nonsense but DO keep in mind that: - Klei separated both games because they didn't wanna disrupt game balance for those who played SP (since a lot of things like fire are really different, nevermind some characters). -they designed SW and HAM in such a way that the singleplayer community could have more stuff like classic DS; a pretty harsh game balanced in such a way that a singleplayer could feel as a part of a breathing-living world. They didn't make HAM for dst because it was never meant for it. They made it oriented to singleplayer, just like the original DS. But apparently that's wrong, because we have a community of whiny fellas that don't really understand how much they actually get because they feel some things must be a certain, specific way. Gee, some of you guys make me feel like I'm in some sort of manchild kindergarten. Only thing this is missing is the completely ridiculous "Warbucks best char" resurrection plea.
  19. DST Forum polls

    You honor me so greatly with this poll You even turned where is base into a question... and to think i was one of the people who started spamming GenDisc with all these polls... I love how this has went. Words cannot express my pride rn, ughhhh Cheers to more polls!!!!
  20. Hi Is it me that do really care about in-game music, or a shared thought, but I think they should really add more musics, and get a bigger soundtrack. I do like the fact that ambiant music is changing depending on your zoom and location, but I mean, even I like actual tracks, we're spending so much time into ONI that I would love to have a bigger track list... This topic just to gather opinion, if no one care, of if I'm supported Have a nice day everyone ! PS : the default zoom music makes me feel I'm in Besaid Island...
  21. 1- Deerclops doesn't DE-Aggro from the Player / Players. 2- Ancient Fuel Weaver is immune to gunpowder. 3- Spread but lessens the amount of food on the map. 4- Remove the Instant kill boat bug. 5- Guide Book In-Game to help new players get to winter. ( you would be surprised with how many people that die in the first 20 days ). 6- La-.-*(g||\\]}. 7- Fighting improvements. 8- eating animations, seriously you can't just shove a Dragon pie straight down your throat, i tried it. 9- " Danger " or " Cruel " style of worlds, where traps and such affect the players, and Griefing is allowed, with people claiming lands as their own and fighting it out, ( not just PVP, Cause PVP in DST basically relies on Luck ) 10- Umbrella : a structure that can be placed, lowers the players temp. and has durability. 11- Lunar Boss ? 12- ~~re-skins ?~~ ( not generally skin for items and such, but re-draw of some of the old classic items ? 13- a new mob after day 250, that comes in waves to replace hounds, or to come with them. 14- Separate " darts " from their ammo, Dart : 4-5 reeds, ammo for Darts : stinger and according feather. ( darts have higher durability than 1 or no durability ) 15- " that's not how you use a spear " 16- Level system with rewards, XP and such shenanigans. 17- make Beefalos travel around ( Savannah, grass lands and forests ) 18- make more use of Volx goats, they sometimes go un-noticed or not used. due to their 'Home' moving. 19- Boat attaches ( Please, i want to be captain sparrow, with a huge ship and some wes slaves as pirates. 20- make a use of pengulls :/, they are cute, but go useless throughout winter. 21- Nerf Wes. [ Feel free to share your ideas in the comments, just reasonable ones. xD ] oh last thing, this is a wish-list and my opinion and my ideas and im not 'demanding' anything, i think RoT is a great update and im excited to see the end result. so, let's not turn this comment section into WW3 simulator.
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  23. Showcase for Boats

    Oh hey, I didn't see this here. Want to see my Maxwell galleon? No? I didn't ask you if you didn't want to. It ain't exactly a flashy boat, or decorated one, but it had Maxwells on it.
  24. There's also a command to drag specific people over, and also one for yoinking over everyone in the server. I'll see if I can find it, but the Lazy deserter is actually a brilliant idea. I hadn't considered that one yet.
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