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  2. Aloe cream

    an craftable healing item made from: aloe,honey and an rock should heal 25hp. what do you think?
  3. After seeing the hounds swim, I had an idea that fully domesticated beefalo should be able to swim. It'd be a good incentive to tame a beefalo, and it'd be a good single passenger method of getting around the ocean. If they could swim perhaps they should take a 25-50% speed penalty so that you're not zooming through the ocean too easily. Here's a picture I edited so you get the idea. There's obvious issues like, when the beefalo bucks, you'll drown. But there could be easy workarounds for that. A tamed beefalo takes 13.33 minutes to buck anyways, they could just remove the buck feature on fully domesticated beefalos. Other than that, I think this could be cool.
  4. silly drawings i make

    we have to leave
  5. Small in DST is the equivalent of default in DS, so I just use small. I keep the caves the same or maybe medium since there's no longer a third layer for the ruins.
  6. No City, No Palace?

    I been recently going at Hamlet and decided to check out the Second Island seems like the the city is missing?? Theres only 6 of the shops from the second island and nothing more. I decided to map out most of the corners and there has been no luck. World gen glitch? Was planning to unlock Wilba on this run but it seems the palace vanished... maybe im missing something?
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Caption this! 2: Electric Boogaloo!
  8. [Game Update] - 335754

    What do you mean? Like, the throbbing pulse and colors? Because that's part of the mechanic.
  9. Make the Carrat a pet.

    rally the troops, we will let the heavens hear our crys "please let us do more with this gift from the gods".
  10. I use large/huge settings. More places to explore, more stuff to do.
  11. Boat Design

    This is an ideal design, but I finded out that an Ocuvigil on boat can be pretty fun for multiplayer
  12. silly drawings i make

    damn wilson loves skipping leg day i love drawing black and white its super fun
  13. Webber's Shamlet Mask (repost)

    Wear the weevil armor in the pig city to remove fatigue.
  15. Make Wormwood locked

    Wormwood should not be unlocked since the beginning like Wagstaff. I think there should be some quest for unlocking him, just like with Wilbur or Woodlegs. Maybe we could release him on the fifth island or somewhere in the ruins by bringing to him a special item?
  16. Banan's art n' stuffs

    1. yeah, the old one just didn't fit too well anymore, so i decided to change it. 2. Is your wendy designed to look like Gothorita?
  17. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I am sorry but I cant see how they are the same game, when 2 DLCs exist with entirely different stuff that DST doesnt have, jumping through multiple worlds, adventure mode, more than one cave, multi-world game play and so on. As I already said their basics are the same but beyond that they arent very alike. Even ROG alone is quite a bit different to DST because of all the updates to DST over the years. Bosses where added and changed, different mechanics like the sandstorm and so on. That sounds quite different to me. Obviously DS has some QoL problems and I am personally sad that Klei didnt adress those in the QoL update back then but that still doesnt mean that DS is a "lesser" game and that support for it should be stopped. Those are quite harsh statements to players that only play singleplayer. Not to mention that DST has some problems of its own and some changes to mobs and mechanics were at least controversial, some to me even bad. I didnt think I needed to name more than 3 but see above for more differences between the games. The reason I said it is an utopian view is because it seem very very difficult if not impossibe to me to merge single player and multiplayer along with 2 DLCs into one game without having to sacrifice a lot. That would annoy a lot of people who liked those and I just dont see the benefit in that huge change that would take ages to programm and balance when one could just buy both games. And if it is just multiplayer hamlet and SW that is wanted then there are already mods for that. I am not sure if @Crimson Chin wanted to come off as such. But even you say that one shouldnt make broad statements. When he then says that "everyone will be happy with this" and "this will work out better for Klei" without giving much reasoning if any for it, then to me that at least sounds arrogant or at least naive. I even asked him in the other thread if he could explain his views, but nope. And he is simply repeating those statements in multiple threads. If he at least explains it than we can work out where we stand and find a middle ground but this just seems off to me. I can see at least that it is a subject of opionion but to me at least it CURRENTLY seems very hard to favour DST solo play over DS. Are those small QoL things really that much of a problem to you that you would rather create a completly new singleplayer aspect for DST? That seems excessive to me. I would also appreciate it if you could name some of those since I asked @Crimson Chin the same and he didnt give me a reply to this. This is the crux between our disagreement. Because of the reasons mentioned above they arent the same game to me and every time a new player on reddit asks what the difference between the games is, ussually the answer is a big paragraph. Since they are so different to me, I dont see how this DST solo play option would be a good option and no one has given me a good answer yet why 2 games dont work. I am also quite sure if I show someone SW gameplay and then DST game play with multiple people that they could tell me if they are the same game. For the content in both games they are very cheap and I really dont think one should complain about the price here. Dont try to make it sound like I said anything like that! I never said it is cheap for anyone, but come on. 8€ for DS and 15€ for DST is pretty low when you consinder that DS without any DLCs takes about 15 hours at least to survive one year and you can add another 10 to 20 hours on top of that if you consider going into the ruins or adventure mode to truly see all content in the game. That sounds to me like enough of game time for 8€... Any DLC which are also cheap then add another 10 or so hours on top of that. Of course DS isnt for anybody but than just look for something else. Being down on the game because it wasnt your taste seems odd. It is quite well made and stands out among survial games. It is true that you can reach a point where you run out of stuff to do, but this is the nature of a sandbox. Simular to minecraft you have to find your own entertainment after you done the survial part of DS. If you dont want to then that is also fine. I dont think I made an outrages statement that DS and DST are worth buying. Or are you saying theay are?
  18. Seriously: Kill it! An allergic Dupe is beyond any help you can give it. It will destroy your colony if it is left alive. You should have never printed it in the first place. If you can reload your save file then do it. Otherwise lock it up in a room and wait until it's dead. Allergic Dupes are just too dangerous.
  19. i dont know if we see more sea update after this one and if they add waves to break our base we need more care i guess
  20. First aporkalypse is 10000 days, and then it's just 20 days.
  21. I don't think anyone loses sanity in ancient pig ruins the way they do in caves, though.
  22. Let's be honest here, 50% of our community is really stupid. This is also a joke. For the most part.
  23. Today
  24. My headcanon is that WX gets actually sort-a-ish possesed by fuel before he was ''living'' ( Wagstaff is confused about wx actually being alive ), that would explain the constant genocidal/hate thinking of WX.
  25. I always use the biggest setting as i like having the space and am not opposed to travelling great distances for important items.
  26. One thing i would like that will never happen would be the ability to befriend Splumonkeys... You give one an item(any item) and they become your personal collector for several days. You could then have a special craftable chest that you put a banana in, and when the Splumonkey gets near it they automatically put all the items they collected into it(only if a banana is in place). And if you want to unfriend the Splumonkey early, then just give it a banana and it goes home. Even using your Splumonkey Effigy idea, you could use those to keep them from collecting any items in there vicinity(specifically your base). This would turn them from the most annoying mob into a useful one. Also forgot to mention that a befriended Splumonkey can also come to the surface, making them perfect garbage men for servers.
  27. This idea is too ambitious, webber is in a fine place where he is at, he doesn't need such a steep buff. The best idea I could think of for the upcoming update is the ability to craft the various cave spider dens, they would obviously be expensive, but better for bosses.
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