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  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This tallbird looks like it’s preparing itself for it’s 9-5 job that it hates so much.
  3. Meteors are flying through my buniker doors. The doors are not currently broken, but have been in the past.
  4. As wx, keep telelocater staff and a pet to heal 100 in surface.
  5. movement issue

    the character gets stuck in place and wont allow you to go back to last save
  6. about 15 athletics poles are superior.
  7. I have played ONI for 971 hours and this is the first time I actually paid attention to this building. OMG, Klei u r naughty. That's where the strange sound is from.
  8. I always carry an Ice Staff in order to summon or kill Abigail when needed. Oh and uhh, extinguish things on fire occasionally.
  9. The picture is self explanatory. I am not using any mod at the minute, the dupe can build through the solid wall (not corner)
  10. okay this time I’m back for real maybe

  11. What This World Has to Offer- Story

    Don't starve: non-endless mode. Welp, my main's dead.
  12. i can't believe maxwell can dance with his imaginary friends lmao
  13. Yup,i saved my arrogant duelists once by dancing a jig,it was pretty epic,but you also need to get away as you dance,so a mod like gesture wheel or binds is good for this or if you're the fastest typist in the west,it also works.
  14. However, tempshift plates made of insulation can be melted to get tungsten. Why wires would be limited to 3200K ?
  15. Wurt

    What do you guys think his skins will be? I’m guessing we’ll get a GoH, and maybe a skin that un-mermifies him?
  16. wait, that's a thing they can do?? they can just, do a little jig??
  17. Wurt

    Not if it's a DLC character, most new players wont have him.
  18. @Pop Guy Oh well, what can I say more than what I've already pointed: no matter their personal circumstances, if someone finds a post not to their liking (too long, too divergent, too complicated, too etc), just gloss over, is that simple. As for the people themselves, who knows. Am sure my punctuation plays a prominent role, being faulty - after all English isn't even my second language - but hey, in the end they don't say "average" for nothing I suppose. The bigger problem though is their potentially low-end Dunning-Kruger effect and most worrisome the suggestions they might propose based on that fallacy. @Crimson Chin The "uncompromising survival wilderness" part recurrently pointed is rather subjective; some linked it with DS style-usage of Life Giving Amulets and Touchstones - aka actual wearing of said amulets and activation via touching of mentioned magical paraphernalia - coupled with total lack of Telltale reviving option, also the elimination of Ghost mechanic. For me, related to said survivability mechanic, "uncompromising" would mean no reviving whatsoever. No amulets, no touchstones, no nothing. You died, that's it, caput, you kicked the bucket and your world progress. Then there's the "wilderness" aspect: for me that implies no bases, no decoration no nothing yet again. You have your backpack, your torch and your guts. You live off the land, picking fruits, vegetables, hunting wildlife.. and in turn be hunted yourself, as part of the food chain. Would all above be fun? For me they wouldn't, as it only means struggle, and - most importantly - without consistent rewards is pretty much meaningless. This is not a tier-based games with ratings of players to be motivated via such method and should remain tier-less, as it invites the toxicity one can find in competitive gaming well too much. I get what "uncompromising survival wilderness" is accepted as in general by community - yet, as JoeW stated, and was a pretty heated argument in past regarding a theoretical multiplayer component for DS when it was first brought up, that "uncompromising survival" aspect cannot be maintained in a multiplayer context if you also want to promote co-op; co-op implies you helping your friends and vice-versa, including in life-death situations. You want to have fun with your friends, and if you and/or your friends aren't adept at the game, is a bummer to restart maps all over again under 10 days, basically doing same stuff on and on just to kick again the bucket in a silly way, without any possibility to redeem oneself. Don't forget: bulk of player base plays the game casually. If they die too often, have world reset and are stuck in same first 5 days... will quit, in quite large amounts, even more so than presently (and I have friends that did so even in current state of game, precisely because dying too often). We all have complains, but then there's the proposals part too. I read some people wanting "harsher" conditions. One aspect is the food, other - the enemies. What can be done?! I for one brought in the 2-steps difficulty event to not have newbies destroyed day 1 by an Ent with 2,3,4-margins of attack randomization I presume some people would want for enemies amp-up. Because I for one see only this type of enemy leveling up: either have 2-3-4 types of attacks in a set pattern, or have 2-3-4 margins of RNG for one type of attack's recurrence. Let's take the punctual case of Treeguards: you have it alternate between 2-3-4 types of strikes or have one type of strike repeat in 2-3-4 RNG patterns - now it hits after 2-kites-window, then it hits after only 1-kite window, next window it doesn't let you kite at all and just strikes you etc. In this case your best bet is to tank about 50% of hits, and you'll need even more armor. You can imagine what such scenario would do to casuals if implemented from day 1. You can also point to Forge for a combat revamp. But that was an arena, where only fighting was done, matches had the span of around 7 minutes and the strategies were so-and-so, theoretically, easy to learn. But when you opted for random matches with .. casuals... Moon help the wicked, heh. Most such matches ended in total failure even late in the event. And, again, Forge proposed clear roles, had smoother learning curve and so on. Imagine now how such tight/heavily team-dependent combat system would fair in regular DST pubs, where pretty much anyone does their mojo and most of times they have no clue about that mojo. What I stress in the end is: it's hard to re-balance the game, redo the core mechanics and whatnot without either alienate the hard survival enthusiasts and combat-oriented competitive players or ditch the bulk casuals that cannot invest time, effort and the like in the game. But not impossible. Time will tell how Klei handles this challenge. For now I myself would be happy to only have 2-3 more challenging bosses come for you RoG style, have some more weather mechanics (winds, chills, haze etc), 1 more MacT mob for ocean, good loot table that actually helps you survive and is well balance... oh well, list keeps growing doesn't it?! But I surely know what I don't want, and that is a giant wave-based mobs/bosses Arena. PS: there's isn't just an issue of memorization with kiting and other stuff, but of dexterity from practice as well.
  19. I'd wager that this: applies to wires as well.
  20. I could also ask Instant noodles but he seems busy.
  21. I dance as Maxwell in order to control my shadow puppets so they don't get themselves killed or destroying things that i don't want them to destroy,like twiggy trees in my base for example. They just ignore everything so they can dance next to you.
  22. From what I understand, there is a maximum temperature, but it’s only relevant for flaking. If the heat isn’t rejected quickly enough the rocket will just melt the next time it lands
  23. i use epic boss hp bar and victorian hud sometimes. I like the "0 info" way of making the game difficult used by the game
  24. The Klei raid

    don't forget the meatballs
  25. That was the whole point of making it cost more to pump 1 ton of liquid into a pipe, than it gains from moving that liquid all the way down the map. Remember, this works by moving 5t of water at a time, but a pump only moves 10 kg or 0.01 tons of water at a time, so given a large enough body of water, it will still produce a substantial amount of power for a while. Assuming the asteroid for example is 8192 tiles tall, since you need a space above and below the water wheels, you could have at most 2048 water wheels going down which is 6144 tiles of generation. A pump would require 24,000 J to pump up 1 ton of water, so that is how much power we need to stay under per ton of liquid. This means if it costs 3.90625 J per tile to pump a ton of liquid up to the top of the map from the bottom the pump would break even. If you set the power output at 3 J per second per ton, the water wheel would not produce more power. Now how much power would it produce though? It takes in 5 ton per second and outputs 5 ton per second, but it takes 4 seconds to move the liquid down, so there's a 4 second delay between taking in water and outputting it. This means that at max speed it is moving 20 t of liquid down one tile each a second. That's 60 Watts. It's lower than all the other generators, but not a useless amount, and certainly won't support a pump running forever. A few of them running to move a water reservoir down could have their output captured and stored till it is needed, allowing dupes to not use the treadmills for a few cycles. Later on when you might have an ocean to move down, you could get some bonus power as a result. Going through all the machines that take pump from the world and put them into pipes, the normal pump is the cheapest one that consumes power, and the steam turbine is the only one to not consume power. We've defeated the pump, but now what about the steam turbine? The steam turbine at max rate will put 2kg of water into a pipe a second, or 0.002 tons per second. It would take 500 seconds to produce 1 ton of water in a pipe. 1 ton of water produces 18432 J falling from the top to the bottom, so 0.002 tons produces 36.864 extra joules per second. That's just above 37 watts of extra power from a steam turbine. To make it worse, the water needs to be cooled first, and then reheated for the steam turbine. You can't even do a reverse cooling system like some oil boilers as the water wheels have a max operating temperature of 60C, so whatever method you use, you're likely going to lose more energy as a result. Result for steam turbines: Maybe you could exploit it for some free extra power, but at what cost to the efficiency of your steam turbine design? This was all assuming the asteroid is 8192 tiles from top to bottom. If it is not, we can adjust the numbers to suit it, but as you can see, no matter what the size of the asteroid, this can be made to be a good early unmanned power supply for an early base without allowing pumps to run rough shod over it.
  26. Ba38R7ZJSX1570416027.png
    A scene from GAT where Hazard finds out that Sludge put one of his minions in his place.

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      oMg DiD ThEY PuT CaNiS I/N HoT LAvA??????//??? 

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