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  2. I have played a lot with Wendy and WX-78, loving all their quotes. What a disappointment to read Wormwood's ones They are 1 or 2 words long, usually just describing the item in a bit weird way. Some are funny (Marble tree : Friend ? Not friend) but most seemed have been rushed. Ok for the Groot style, but I think the character and its lore deserve more love There is so much potential about what a talking sentient plant could say about axes, fires, other plants, insects etc ... To look the whole thing for the curious
  3. I'm building my own desktop computer and would like to run ~5 DST dedicated servers (all including caves) from it. I see the requirements (also why does the url spell it requrirements?), but I'm wondering the amount of power the computer will need to dish out in order to run ~5 instances. Do any of you run multiple instances on the same computer? If so what is your build and how much of your CPU/GPU is being used while running them? Thank you
  4. silly drawings i make

    Bernie looks like he's doing a Karate pose. I can't tell if Krampus is screaming or laughing in the background. I love the tiny bit of Charlie on the far right. It looks like she's pranking him.
  5. I don't know if this is intentional behaviour but I hope it is kept in the game. It's funny, for one, and also hints at Hamlet's upper-class pigs being able to perceive Them during bouts of insanity (perhaps due to their increased intelligence?) But otherwise, yeah, ethereal beings interacting with non-ethereal objects certainly feels off.
  6. I think SW has much more rewarding challenges than Hamlet. The elephant Cacti and coffe changes everything and thats why u should rush to the volcano. In hamlet the bosses drops are totally meh, seasons too short and nettles are super boring to get though... I am expecting a lot of new features and some serious balances
  7. Klei & Microsoft Store Integration

    Hey there, sorry if you felt like we were ignoring you, it is certainly not our intent to do so. We generally respond to support tickets with 24 to 48 hours of having received them (depending on the load). Did you by chance directly reply back to the original response email we sent you? We require a reply to the original response before it gets flagged for response. Regarding your reported issue - unfortunately, I am unsure as to why Microsoft Support sent you towards our way as this issue seems to be due to settings on the Xbox Account that need to be set up or changed in order to allow purchases in-game. From what you have described, it sounds like there is a setting on your Xbox account that is not allowing your account (and your system) to make purchases on the Xbox Store. We tried to reproduce your reported issue on multiple account settings and setups here at the studio but were not able to reproduce this successfully. That being said, I looked into your reported issue further online, it looks like other people are experiencing this issue with other games due to how their account settings are set up. More information and possible fixes can be found here: We hope this has been of help; should the issue persist, your best bet is to contact Microsoft Support once more and ask if they have any other possible solutions.
  8. Probably just a placeholder for now. Maybe they are planning to implement achievements with the official launch.
  9. When you swear on a Christian server
  10. Steam achievements

    True. Just saw that. I don't remember seeing them there before.
  11. In DS yuo can listen for the events pushed when the phase changes. local myDayFunction = function() -- Do something when it becomes day end local myDuskFunction = function() -- Do something when it becomes dusk end local myNightFunction = function() -- Do something when it becomes night end inst:ListenForEvent( "daytime", myDayFunction(), GetWorld()) inst:ListenForEvent( "dusktime", myDuskFunction() , GetWorld()) inst:ListenForEvent( "nighttime", myNightFunction(), GetWorld())
  12. Please address the actual arguments instead of accusing everyone who disagrees of being "in on it". Thanks.
  13. Sharp as a shrapnel! Spot on chap, that was exactly the essence of my post, rest... wastepaper. Clearly all circlej... cookies-loving PvP lobbyists here are one and the same person, not pen-buddies or whatnot. And that uber-person is... EdgyRick ofc!
  14. Guess Who?

    Oh... just a little warbucks drama, for the fun of it...
  15. Treeguard confused by the "character tree", Woodieguard and Lucy-bush try to merge, and Wortox explains how the tree looks like in Jouste's drawing.
  16. First hunchbeast character if that happened.
  17. YESSSSS! Samesies. One thing I love about Wagstaff are his long quotes -- he's got some great ones.
  18. Does anyone got some informations on those two bad boys that just pop up ?
  19. I wish I lived in a world where I can accuse everyone who disagrees with me of being the same person.
  20. Hi, I believe you can't tame that boi with the AETN's. Better insulating them off and using to cool other stuff.
  21. Battery switching - there's nothing wrong with the root idea, the issue is that it ignores batteries when considering overloads, so a battery switch can draw 1000 kw over a 1kw wire. I've explored what they would have to do to fix it, and while I would do it, personally, I don't think they will. Matter doubling, matter conversion - seriously needs to be fixed, likely to be fixed. Fixed temp outputs - not going to change. The Water Sieve in particular is Working As Intended. They've said as much.
  22. *looks at time of both posts; looks at liking each other's posts; shrugs; such cases* Sure, criticize. Do it constructively, with arguments and suggestions beyond "events were terrible/combat is terrible". And generally naming DST "open source project". What can I take from "I've already made it clear that I don't want it to be forced, but the game shouldn't focus on cooperative gameplay" when prior asking for cooperative game-play? That Klei should tell us via in-game pop-up "Well you all good people should shake hands and cooperate together...or not!" in lack of a co-op mechanic goading people towards a common goal?! Then other people asks PvP be a Klei rework priority while the game clearly has a lot of other problems (some underlined in previous posts) not to mention the present delays in announced updates? Same people getting offended by a "You don't really think this through on global scale do you?! To actually understand why a big part of this forum is vocally against current DST PvP (yours truly obviously as well)?!" or "get people actually invested in DST PvP for quality mushing (some "tip-dipping greenhorns" too, heh)" enough to nitpick past threads out of apparently hurt Egos? Bet they are some great PvPers, not keeping grudges and the like, heh. In the end what it should be stressed is Klei has limited resources and a small crew; yet are actively catering to player-base wishes in certain capacities some people deem way above most other devs/publishers do. However the catch is those limited resources and deemed prioritization in relation to scale of raised/pointed out by mass-of-players/etc problems: realistically in current circumstances you can't place PvP as an essential problem needing focus as a small-team developer when you have so much on the table already and knowing it has such a small audience to begin with. Sure, do lobby it with your friends if such is your desire. But don't complain then when new delays will inevitably arise as a consequence - and frankly that's my core concern as I ultimately don't care about PvP. PS: I'm not here to present myself in any shape or form, agreeable or not; all I want is information and trying to get across my point of view regarding how this game can be made better - inherent dose of subjectivity - knowing full well is only a point of view that very likely weighs almost nothing. Cheers and, as always, don't drink and drive! *winking intensifies* (love how peeps interpret non sequitur )
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  24. Perhaps you should try it out some more. There is tons of exciting things to do, and its so much fun with friends. PvP has potential to be a great sub-category gamemode, and the skill ceiling for PvP can be pretty high if you can kite opponents. Its also really satisfying to get a kill on it, and to be frank, with all the weapons that we have, and new content arriving to the base game, PvP can be quite an experience. Again, I think it would be optimal to have a small rework for PvP though. It could attract new players that are fans of Rust and like PvP.
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