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  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always interpreted that as the frogs having Venus fly-traps merged with their heads, making them mash-up monsters like the jackalope "rabbits" and moleworms.
  3. Why do you play as your main?

    Maxwell because regardless of single or multiplayer servers, I can be a one man force in resource gathering and build up relatively quickly. Though, Wilson because he makes terrible puns, just like me. Considering I don't have a set playstyle, the normal guy works just as well for me. Particularly when I dress him up as a clown and manage to yoink the Eyebone away from the other player who just laid eyes on it.
  4. 1- on the sav, I badly set the first right thermal sensor on the liquid channel (on / of the production of corrosive gas) -160 ° c passed to - 167 ° c 2- I have to change the part of the thermal exchange below the natural gas tank because it is too much negative temperature over time
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    5 in dog years
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    How DARE you! I want to know Wortoxs age.
  7. I never heard it before, its pulsing noise that varies in speed and the pitch, it happens on private, public, modded, unmodded servers and on every character. Not sure what is the source. Any ideas? Here are videos, turn up the volume. In the night one the pulsing is slow and low, during day its very fast and more hearable due to higher pitch!AunP5uMVljGY7kKrRpJcSGaZ8_Sn!AunP5uMVljGY7kHqaqkP-JO1Cs6Y
  8. So with the creation of This Mod, you're now able to enter and create custom seeds when generating a new world! This thread I've made today is basically for showing them off. What kind of seeds have you found? I'm interested in seeing all of the weird and wacky world generation you guys stumble acrossed!
  9. Speaking of Merms and wurt having horns...I've never really payed much attention until about last week but I think frogs have horns as well! meaning theres probably alot of similarity between merms and frogs probably guessing some people got mermified into frogs instead, even answering to why they drop fishlegs. Though The dont starve wiki states "Don't Starve Frogs resemble real-life South American horned frogs in both appearance and aggression. South American horned frogs are capable of lifting items greater than their own body weight with their tongues; they also have teeth-like bony protrusions for biting large animals such as humans." so it could probably just be pure coincidence...( but probably not, FOR LORE!!!)
  10. Count to 200 without interruption

    181 I don't wanna compute it, but the faculty of 174 is pretty big...
  11. UPDATE: Game reset (my) survived days back to day 30, so I'm not sure if this was a mod glitch.
  12. The clocks are connected to the AND gate. It's for so-called time slicing. Since the sweepers really only need to be on 2% of a cycle the clocks turn the sweepers on twice per cycle but only if the tepidizer is not on. Time slicing allows you to have massive potential power consumption on a single wire without any chance of overloading since you allot the different system their own set time slice of a cycle they can be on. Reservoirs have perfect insulation. The only thing the content exchange heat with is the tile under the left corner. The aquatuner acts as a shut off valve. If it's on, liquids goes through it and get cooled. If it's off, liquids bypass it. I'll provide a picture at another time. The decontaminator is to process potential overflow that the pinchas can't delete. It's not possible, and have no use at this particular point but it could soon have when I install temperature controlled showers to keep the power plant temperature in check, ie. if above a certain temperature in the power plant the showers will get turned on for a cycle. That will create enough germy polluted water to overflow the pinchas if it continues several cycles in a row.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Every Klei server tomorrow
  14. Klei please how much longer is my waiting required
  15. Off all the oceanic horrors they may have been anticipating...
  16. Today
  17. I am selling some dst stuff. I dont play the game that much anymore so I am willing to invest in tf2 stuff. My tradeoffer link:
  18. This seems to work pretty well as a general rule. I do the same thing with slicksters, and they seem to get along fine.
  19. The answer to all your questions: 'Sand', probably... I tried to make a gif instead of the video, it had twice the file size and was only part of the screen, when re-encoding the tool crashed .
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    i could never bring myself to do it because I want to own all the dlc characters
  21. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  22. It's called Moon Moth Figure Sketch as an item, but Butterfly Figure Sketch in the crafting tab.
  23. the userscript: i've kinda grown tired of seeing a lot of animated avatars on this forum, so here's my attempt at stopping the eyesore what this script does is look for animated avatars, then convert the first frame into a png image so it can't be animated (as a bonus, this affects animated signatures too) example of how it should look like: to use it, install Greasemonkey on your browser, create a new userscript, copy+paste the code above, then save it tested on: - Greasemonkey 4.9 - Mozilla Firefox 71.0b3 - Debian 11 (bullseye) i'm not really used to writing javascript, so if you think you can improve or optimise the script, then please tell me
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