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  2. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    Just going to leave these here. It is absolutely within a paying customer's rights to request being given full service to what they purchased. Anyone who owns a copy of DS has purchased a license to play and use Wagstaff, and as such are entitled to get the full amount out of their purchase. Klei is not forced to make any changes, but alienating paying customers generally isn't a good business strategy.
  3. I find that every character that has his only upside a type of farming items buff to be kinda of boring. Webber has no other interesting gameplay aspect besides the spider stuff; He is cute, but that does not change the gameplay; The low sanity adds challenge, but is not a real perk; He gets even less interesting endgame after you get a bunny farm for food and your chest are already filed with silk and glands(also the bunnies can be used to farm silk and stuff), at this point with other players on the server you(me, at least) can start felling like you are not helping enough like Wolf with the DMG, Wig with the armor making and wick with the books.
  4. Wheeler Feedback

    I finish Wagstaff in adventure mode, now I'm starting Wheeler's adventure mode (drops pew-matic gun)
  5. well considering nobody visits the actual "Suggestion" forum, I'd say it's fair.
  6. Wheeler Feedback

    Well as long as Wheeler's dodge and gun aren't nerfed I don't mind whatever buffs she receives since like you said the other characters can do much more broken things such as WX being a god in hamlet and Wickerbottom and Wolfgang always being really strong.. Having less inventory space is a pretty big con and for most people probably makes her unplayable.. Also, her gun seems to become useless in the season of allergies always resulting in missing your target, so yeah she may not be the best character... Though, I wouldn't be able to have fun in hamlet if it weren't for her because all the other characters for me are just too boring and simple ! After playing for more than a couple hours there was moments which was very frustrating because of it ..
  7. A long time ago I tried to get the werebeaver to have more actions such as, shaving beefalo and pitchforking but the problem is that they're not inside the action picker and rather in componentactions.lua local function RightClickPicker(inst, target) if target ~= nil and target ~= inst then for i, v in ipairs(BEAVER_DIET) do if target:HasTag("edible_"..v) then return inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.EAT }, target, nil) end end return (target:HasTag("HAMMER_workable") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.HAMMER }, target, nil)) or (target:HasTag("DIG_workable") and target:HasTag("sign") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.DIG }, target, nil)) or (target:HasTag("hat") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.PICKUP }, target, nil)) or (target:HasTag("groundtile") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.TERRAFORM }, target, nil)) or (target:HasTag("beefalo") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ACTIONS.SHAVE)}, target, nil)) or nil here's the code for terraforming in componenactions.lua for terraform terraformer = function(inst, doer, pos, actions, right) if right and TheWorld.Map:CanTerraformAtPoint(pos:Get()) then table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.TERRAFORM) end end, shaver = function(inst, doer, target, actions) if target:HasTag("bearded") and not (doer.replica.rider ~= nil and doer.replica.rider:IsRiding()) then table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.SHAVE) end end, so um, can anyone help me please? In game what ends up happening is that the beaver has the option to shave but he doesn't complete the action, he sort of just stutters and as for the terraformer, he doesn't even bother to detect turfs.
  8. I feel his overconfidence is evidence he's likely some sort of clone or hologram himself, and the real him is somewhere much safer. Further proven by the outerworld degradation.
  9. My Ideas For Game

    Seems cool, but unlikely to be implemented due to the game being close to release.
  10. lol dude wtf. Although I like it, the name of this game isnt Slender Man.
  11. Is this a parody of endless forum topics arguing on and on about half-baked player suggestions?
  12. Wheeler Feedback

    Yes, it is a powerful but so is (Wicker's books) (Wx-78's stats/speed) (Wolfgang's 2x damage) (Woodleg's in SW), if you think that these buffs are too strong then give her lower stats like hunger-125, sanity-150, health-175 As is the PEA-GUN is nearly useless, twig ammo only does 17 dmg whereas a basic spear does 34; The ammo will have to change if the damage is 50 (only rock/sharp related ammo, like stingers) also a minor tweak I would like to have is 10 instead 6 max ammo. The Navi-gadget is nice but is only useful early-game (it's fine as is) Dodge is *VERY* situational (fire immunity better imo) Really? you didn't notice that 1/3 of your max inventory is gone for hours!?!, that 1/3 is for your basic resources meaning she has to frequently go back and forth to empty her pockets more so then others. 5/10% speed is barely anything, besides 25% works wonders early-game (as a explorer who travels light), remains useful late-game +1 extra swipe plus dodge ability for combat and to top it off she can uses items that usually slow you down (-5 speed while wearing marble armor instead of -30). Bottom line, Wheeler's pros are weak and don't make up for her downside (I honestly think Warly/Willow heck even Wes are OP compered to Wheely)
  13. Today
  14. Cold CO2 vents are the only ones that you can just straight up ignore the presence of, it can be in the middle of my base with unsuited dupes running around, it has no value and doesn't even work as an obstacle. Certainly can't cool anything with it. The hot vent is a little more dangerous but equally useless.
  15. silly drawings i make

    wendy's doodles
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The one and only.
  17. I feel like making an exclusive single use set of items for my character that can restore 20-90 sanity and be created similarly to Wickerbottom’s books. The character’s max sanity is going to be 100 and the downside with them is going to be managing it. I have the basic gist of the coding, but I need help with personalization for these books. It also can only be used by my character (because it’s supposed to be a really bad romance novel that everyone is too unnerved by to read). The better materials you get, the more volumes you can make. Like. First volume will be the least amount of sanity obtained while the final volume will have the most amount regained. Here’s what I have in mind: First volume: Papyrus x3, Charcoal x2, Grass x2 (+20 sanity) Second volume: Papyrus x6, Feather pencil x1, Pigskin x2 (+40 sanity) Third volume: Papyrus x9, Feather pencil x1, Tentacle spots x2 (+60 sanity) Fourth volume: Papyrus x12, Feather pencil x1, Scales x1 (+90 sanity)
  18. By Gameplay: - Lord Almighty. Very charismatic. Lovely. Unique. Challenger. - My main before Wes's arrival. I still have a certain affection for him. By Admiration: - Respectable mustache. - Valiant warrior. - What if I'm not a superhero? - It's good to have friends "to talk to". - Predatory monster.
  19. I get a sensation that my questions/answers were built so well that I changed people's mind if they either wanted the insanity revamp or not, because I see the "NO" answer percentage gradually decrease as the poll goes, because people start changing their mind as they continue... Were my ideas really this good this time?
  20. I wanted to draw Willow again -v-
  21. Rain and Freezing Perks Help

    Ah thanks for the scripting, I just need some more help. This is a single player character so I'm using the 'local fn =function(inst) part', right? But when I paste the code at the end of that local, the mod won't start up. Am I missing something? Oh, and here's the log:
  22. LOL. I voted for almost everything (where you can multi-choise). I just want most of those stuff to be in. I do agree we need the sanity/insanity to be expanded/reworked. At first I found it really scary and thought I would die if I had low sanity. But after time I got used to it and it was not scary anymore... Then I got better at DS/DST and it was not scary at all and more of an annoyance. I understood there are no random stuff, nothing you can't counter, so yea... and got to know everything it can do to me. Now it's just a way to get nightmare fuel - you go Wigfrid, 1 helm and 1 spear (really cheap to make) and you can farm fuel without a problem.
  23. Hi @Sasza22. I don't want to remove autosaves. I want to remove the entire base. After starting 5 new games for experiences, how do you remove the entire game/base from Load Game menu? I know that I can delete the .sav file from my computer, but from game's UI I can't.
  24. I love playing Wagstaff. I like his long sentences or declarations in response to things, instead of short, simple ones. Everything about him is hilarious.
  25. I have completely no idea why, but I have some strange sensation that Woodie has his importance in the lore. Winona on the other hand, since she is an important character's (charlie's) sister, she is probably an important character that has actual influence on the story, but we won't know until the lore advances, since it's been stuck for a good while...
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