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  2. Warly came from the Single player expansion pack dlc SHIPWRECKED. And therefore does NOT count as a new dlc character. Ahem.. however- Wormwood comes from the single player expansion pack dlc HAMLET and somehow DOES count as a new character dlc. I am still confused on that part.. but- as far as HUMAN characters go there is still- Shipwrecked- Walani, Shipwrecked-Woodlegs, Hamlet- Wheeler, and Hamlet-Wagstaff that Can and most likely Will be added. and for Non-Humans.. theres Shipwreckeds Wilbur (A playable Splumonkey) and Hamlets Wilba (A Playable Pigmen Girl) As far as completely brand new characters goes- there’s still one more Unrevealed unless.. Wormwood does indeed NOT count in that case there’s TWO but it’s more than likely just one..
  3. I think Klei will maybe add more characters that are probably human but I dont think there cannon to return of them right now, so they dont interfere with the lore and the storyline
  4. Sailing is Fun!

    wow these guys have bad luck with boats or somethin
  5. Has anyone noticed that every new character (going by what Klei considered a new character) so far this year has not been human? The only new human character to DST so far has been... Winona... So that begs the question, when are we getting a new human character? (Yes I know warly was added, but Klei has said that they are a rework, and like I said I was going off of what Klei considered a new character)
  6. Best I could do in a slightly smaller footprint. I benched the original at 3.8ΔK, counterflow variant at 1.1ΔK, and this one at 2.2ΔK. Iron/Obsidian. (Conveyer bridges steel.)
  7. Stonefruits grow in winter, and considering just how much they produce, she's not going to have any issues in the food department. Healing on the other hand is going to be a bit harder. In most seasons she can rely on blue mushrooms, trail mix, butter muffins, and Dragonpies, but in winter she's likely going to have to rely on healing salves, due to most plant-based healing sources not being available.
  8. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    I will respond and add some more points! Lightning hit the house, router broken. Router firmware update failed, router broken Grandma crushed router with wheelchair, router broken Lightning hit cat and has to go to the vet first, before responding, cat broken Lost cash in casino, prepaid card empty, broken. Something with router or cat. Keyboard not responding, after lightning hit the hose. Lightning hit grandma, grandma broken. Peter Ulbrichant (1870-1967 † ) analyzed it much deeper.
  9. ,I guess she'll be pretty easy to play if your world is generated with Juicy Berries, a single bush with cooked berries will regenerate you almost 60 hunger, sounds like a good meatball alternative ! Also, JoeW have said on the announcement that she like eating Durian, so I believe a Wormwood/Warly/Wurt team will be pretty nice to play with, you can use the important crops for spices and cooking, while the others crops (Carrots, Corn, Eggplant, Durian, etc) can be eaten by Wurt, it's better than keeping those around till they spoil.
  10. You can farm alot of carrots with bunnymen wars and get some stone fruit bushes from the lunar island. For early-game healing you have options like blue caps,trail mix and butterfly wings. For late-game you can use Jellybeans for healing,they're pretty good and i think you can kill Bee queen with a alot of merm houses that Wurt can craft.Merms just got less dps than bunnies due to their kiting and they deal 10- damage than bunnymen,but one house stores 4 merms. Btw i'm pretty sure Bone Bouillon is a meat item,bunnymen despise it and i think Wigfrid can eat it.
  11. Bone bouillon is meat type dish.
  12. Were all characters 2700 spools.... i remember them being 1800 please i want a response also i like how Wurt will be....Great job Klei devs!!!! (Please make Wurt cheaper i dont have enough spools )
  13. vodyanoy.jpg

    @Russian Philin Do you recognize this animation still of a vodyanoy? I think the book I can't remember in my childhood is about a Vodyanoy.

  14. Does this mean that the next RoT update will be remwork swamps?
  15. партал плохой

    This grammar is WORST that I ever seen...
  16. I'm very curious how Wurt's players will be handle with feed. Having the vegetarianism as restriction will surely be a great challenge. By far the base feed in the Early Game are meat-based foods. Example: Meatballs, Meaty Stew, Bacon And Eggs, Pierogi, Honey Ham, Honey Nuggets.... I made a relation of the dishes of the crock pot that do not carry meats as an ingredient, besides values and difficulties to make a certain recipe. Which one do you think will be more viable for Wurt to handle in early game? Crockpot Foods: Warly Crockpot Foods Note: There may be errors in this list.
  17. Count to 200 without interruption

  18. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Request from @Canis to have him and @GetNerfedOn in a piece together. It was supposed to be a simple receipt piece but it got blown up. Yeah.... This alone wasn't enough. The text version of my father's webcomic. The university's name is California University of North Tarantula .
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  20. Does that mean the eyebrella skin will coincide with Wurt's release?
  21. Isn't 3 liquids enough to make them hop over a 1-tile deep gap, 1 in the "ditch"and 2 abovegrounds? I feel compelled to post my setup as well: Also inspired by @mathmanican. even though a different aspect . Way too offtopic but I love this geyser setup even more since I realized I can also pipe stuff into it without having to confuse the vents. (The left one got confused on its own and it bugs me.)
  22. Count to 200 without interruption

  23. Wait,,, Ripe Saladmanders can turn into dragofruit- Does that mean she can eat a ripe saladmander LIVE???
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