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  2. New Bug?

    Never had this. It's so cute.
  3. Why I will NOT be purchasing Hamlet.

    And we care because...?
  4. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    Here it is log.txt
  5. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    Here is the best mod I can make. In my game I get everything you wanted above ground in a large or bigger world. Caves and ruins normally give me around 3 bases together, I think because the map is small. If it doesn`t work send me the log and I will have a look. Za
  6. Ok I thought my Seagate HDD 1TB would be enough to handle this job. But I didn't want invest yet. I was giving up too early and try it again without mods and check what @Zillvr suggested. Thank you everyone! I thought I stuck on this problem alone. Maybe it's also a performance problem with the world gen I wonder?
  7. And that did not work either. Resetting the fridge by opening and closing the door below also does nothing.
  8. Do you mean when you light it on fire, scorpions and vipers come out? If so, that's intentional. Fire flushes the critters out of the forest. If you mean after the tree is burnt when you chop it, that would be a bug. But I can't repro that.
  9. There's no money in my Steam wallet. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a $10 card soon, then I can even get a cheap DST skin along with it.
  10. Year of the Carrat 2020

    Personally I'm more interested in 2021 - Year of The Beefalo. Maybe for Year of The Carrat there could be a new boss - The RATatouille.
  11. Hi Plenty of food inside the grill. BBQ & Pepper bread ordered, priority 8. Many dupes are under "no pending deliveries", with a quite strange description And for those under "low priority", Travaldo could be an example. Cooking is high priority, but when I'm checking grill errand list, nothing is high priority. It has worked well, but not anymore, and not from a long time. I've tried to unbuilt grills, then build it again, nothing better. I already had some bugs with grills where I had to deconstruct it to make it working again. But now, it doesn't work anymore. I've reload the game, back to normal. And two mintues later, back to this error status. Game restarted, back to normal, until it bugs again... OxCD's Factory.sav
  12. Just have a way for dealing with the fire caused by fire hounds (like Ice Staves, a Luxury Fan, or even an Ice Flingomatic). It also faces the issues of dart stacking, which is used in the Glommer Nuke exploit, though if you don't hold down the attack key and just shot one dart at a time, it may help prevent that.
  13. This just kinda exacerbates the problem with hounds. It really shouldn't be about just sitting at your base while you wait for hounds. When you're on the land you can easily outrun them until you either reach your traps or find something to distract them long enough for you to divide and conquer. In SW amphibious hounds aren't much of an issue due to boats working similar to how you would walk around normally. But boats are a little more clunky (in a good way) and a lot slower. So hounds don't work the same as they do on land. For that, I was actually prepared for. Water balloons can be a life saver. Especially if you forgot to put a lightning rod down and/or don't have room for one... Honestly, I can only see WX, Wigfrid and maybe Wolfgang being able to tank an entire hound attack. It's really difficult to get in any hits when their attacks constantly interrupt yours.
  14. Pikos can steal teleportato Things

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. Pikos can steal teleportato Things

    This isn't really a bug because you can get it back. They store what they take in their trees.
  16. Yeah, plus the quests in Hamlet are way too little compared to what I'd like. My idea would be basically take the vanilla Adventure Mode and pump it full of steroids - make it bigger, more complex, more awesome. And make 3 or 4 of those If Klei focused on that instead of trying to make another sandbox mode I think the fans would be happier.
  17. juicy berry bushes + a warp is better than stone fruits. you have to mine every stone fruit everytime you want food
  18. Never met hounds at sea, it seems annoying though. In Shipwreck, the ships are faster enough to run, but don't think you can out run them in DST. Most of the time, you should be able to tank it off, but occasional, if you are full of items collected from the islands, and low in health, sanity, and not enough armors around, it is a death sentence indeed. I am sure in the future, there will be more features to armor the ship, so it can fight back.
  19. CPU Usage

    @Captain_Rage Haven't fiddled with anything, like i said everything is set to default, even the tick rate (it's set to 15). Will try with adding '-threaded_physics' but from what I read I have my doubts would help. I copied the entire folder from my server to my friend's server and he said that it started to lag at 9-10 players, at 12 the host was red. One core that is running Main is constantly at 100%
  20. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Do you have a gif of using the electric darts on them?
  21. Hamlet tries to do that. There are several "quests" to do, such as going to the BFB Island for the egg and scepter, going to the Palace Island to get the city building items, etc. Then there are more optional ones like the Pugalisk and Queen Womant (which there is no reason to do after the first time). The problem is that they leave several other islands and most of the ruins by the wayside, and are themselves rather devoid of surprise and excitement, being roughly the same each time.
  22. Best Way For Meat?

    Use moonstone to farm werepigs if you have enough pig houses, which solves food and armor issues once for all. You get hundreds of each every full moon safely. make lots of meat racks (I have 80), and jerky is all you need for food, sanity and health. I bundle extra for boss fights. I used to farm bunnies, but it's very easy to get killed, if you accidentally pick up a meat or hit a bunny when your befriended bunnies dead that you unaware of. I no longer cook other food for healing, because it's very time consuming. Jerky is all you need, it's efficient and does it all.
  23. As others has noted, Alzheimer's is too touchy a subject to be added as a mechanic. It's horrible, traumatizing. If we really wanted a 'forgetfull' character mechanic, short term memory loss would've been a better option if done right.
  24. Wes-a-week™

    I don't want to put any pressure on you, but I've got a great feeling about this. Eagerly anticipating future weeks!
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