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  2. When I jump through the wormhole to the new area close the sea. I can walk on the water but can't go back to the land.
  3. Webber needs to get eaten on screen or I will riot.
  4. SPOM Noob Trap Edition.

    I've given up using bloody mechanical filters on my O2 supply, as every now and again, a single ****ty packet of Hydrogen pops out and breaks something, despite my system having 100% power up time and all other necessary pipe blockage prevention.
  5. Re: "coldblooded" creatures and infrared This a bug tracker, and these aren't bugs.
  6. shipping mass storage

    I like this. There is even potential to fill the top room with liquid and cool everything a bit.
  7. I get your point but you already confirmed you feel her dmg is a bit too much for single player and this is the point of this thread really.... Just because it's solo gameplay doesn't mean a character should be imbalanced for everybody.
  8. Yeah, i would like to know as well, and if I am not mistaken SW took close to a year to get ported *shivers*
  9. I meant that i want them to destroy the damage of the gun if they put her in DST, not in Solo. For example, i don't mind the "lanterns having infinite light when on the ground and you reload world" bug in Solo, but I am glad they patched it for DST. I don't really mind OP stuff in Solo and 1 player games, cause YOU put your own rules when YOU are playing, but in online games... Yeah, no.
  10. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    Very hard to powercreep a character who started all the balance discussions wars.
  11. This is a bit confusing... The argument that the devs should keep the dmg as it is to wait for a future rebalance in dst that is probs not gonna come anyways... Doesn't really make much sense. I don't think they are gonna add her to dst.
  12. Full disclosure: I'm not a pineapple person in general, on pizza or off. 'Cos I'm weak.
  13. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Most likely because it feels like this type of lag shouldn't exist when a player hosts a solo play world for a multiplayer game. It can be interpreted as a problem that Klei just didn't solve, as tends to happen. With how slowly the game is updated and how often problems are not seen, both because of the scale of the game and if you subscribe to the theory that the developers don't play their own game(not to the extent that its players do), it's not a stretch to assume it's something that they don't know about. I know absolutely nothing about multiplayer connection management, so I'd like a source on this if you happen to have it. There's also the essential question: if there's only one player in a solo world, why is this delay necessary?
  14. Flawless statement. It captures the essence of what i wanted to point out when I entered the post.
  15. I added a video attachment using obs to capture it more clearly
  16. i dug up a tuft of tall grass and stood in the location it was originally and this happened everything on screen started twitching and glitching all over the place and when i moved slightly to the left where or right away from that original location... then it was fine? I have no idea why this happens. visualglitch_hamlet_ds.mp4
  17. Help! I know so little about computer programming When I try to compile my png to tex and xml file clicking autocompiler.exe it immediately closes as soon as it opens. I tried cmd to do this and it doesn't work at all What am I missing?
  18. I agree with what you say, it is way too strong. But I actually kinda want them to let the pew-matic horn like it is right now (pretty much the first actual viable ranged weapon without the need of farming for days and then burn it all in one go) and then tweak it when they add Wheeler to DST. Because you are gonna add her, right Klei? Huh!? RIGHT!?
  19. And now think about why I have 1400 hours... I said, I played each 6 weeks a new colony because of the new content! Without new content, no reason to start over. Count the updates and calculate at least 600 - 1500 cycles per run. Nothing wrong here...blub.So, uh, nah, u need better reading skills maybe? @KittenIsAGeek We have different opinions at that point. Some things should be included in the vanilla game and not through the moding community. A story and a great map gen with various things to set up for example. Moding support is also nice, but some things should be into the main game. We will see what Klei will publish. The OP has maybe forget, that all answers are a bit biased. The pro ONI Faction would be bigger than the neutral faction without the pink glasses. And I know that someone who criticize the ONI mechanics in an ONI Forum is trying to make a fool of. The best example is the user @goboking. In this case, he/she didn't understand my words maybe, but if he/she did it, then the answer is what i have said. @Imagionary If u want neutral opinions around the world without the pink glasses, read the steam reviews. They are telling the truth. The game has good, but also bad sides. Read both. That is the best i can think of.
  20. Dup will not empty Bladder

    Even to weak to pee... sad.
  21. Wormwood Origin Theory

    snaptooth flytraps are literally venus flytraps but able to bite cause snaptooth.
  22. Today
  23. Lower dmg 17 Mid dmg 34 High dmg 51 This is much balanced considering u can use twigs that are the most abundant resources to stack 40 and shoot for 45. Pls move them low tier Also pls remove Nightmare Fuel from tier 3 dmg and add to mid tier dmg. NF is very ez to farm so it pretty much defies the purpose of making it high tier dmg for rare items with something as ez as NF
  24. Culturally problematic?

    Thanks for demonstrating my point perfectly. Nevermind the fact that they changed a lot of his quotes even before anybody made much of a public fuss about it -- a rather small and civil fuss, I might add -- if they change their mind, it's because they've been bullied; they're not capable of taking someone else's viewpoints and using them to finetune their own for any reason other than cowing. Just so everyone knows: if you were ever a kid who hogged a toy a little and your friend, classmate, sibling, whatever was upset about it and your mom told you you should share? Well your mother's a filthy communist, and if you buckled under the social pressure instead of flipping her and that other kid the bird without even giving it a second thought, you're gutless and unable to think for yourself. Your first inclination is always the right call.
  25. Wormwood Origin Theory

    Tbh, my point of reference was something like Swamp Thing - once a human, now a pile of magic vegetation in the shape of a human. In Wormwood's case, I'm saying that he's in an 'ancient species' shape 1. Indeed, others have theorized it's a regular green gem. It just seems so convenient to introduce the moon glass with a similar hue 2. I can see how they may be wearing thulecite masks now. But still, I see shapes on their heads that are horn-like...and the other ancients lack these, but I thought of that as a design aspect to make them 'less important' in relation to the regal figures. 3. You know what, where did that body come from? Maybe the creature that Wormwood is half of is the same as that horned, three-fingered body... 4. My logic there is that when one makes a giant killer robot, one makes them resemble oneself. If a human makes a robot, it is humanoid (ie Wagstaff and WX-78 actually). Is it a coincidence that the hulk has horns and three fingers?...maybe And again, maybe it's the same people that the ancient fuelweaver's body came from
  26. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Unfortunately, I have returned!
  27. If oil biome is an "exosuit only area", just ignore the sourgas until you got space age materials.
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