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  2. Wurt

    This makes little to no sense.. Woodie in Werebeaver form shares the same large hunchback size as a Merm..
  3. Wurt

    I remember that the devs were making this new character even before the woodie rework.They stopped the progress a little bit only to refresh Woodie They must be doing something really cool. I can hope at least.
  4. Wurt

    Yeahhh I'm a little afraid how hes going to look, especially if he ends up being a merm. Are they going to... squish a merm like thing into a character model? I'd love to actually get a new kind of character model, of course that would be a lot more work, but these characters cost money after all.
  5. Wurt

    Some people think Wurt will be a dragon cuz of those things around their head. That's obviously incorrect
  6. Wurt

    Wait,what dragon part? lmao
  7. I use them for some really expensive viking funerals for my beefalos/other slaves when they die.
  8. Wurt

    Honestly, a merm/goat/dragon hybrid sounds like an OC character in a cringe fanfiction.

    If someone destroy base u can always do backup , but what to do when someone took all your very important resources and exit your world ???? I really tired of this ..
  10. @minespatch sent your friend - I presume Melon is your friend - a private message when you need some asset from them, no need to ask them "officially" on forums, in posts. Am sure they will help you in your endeavors (even if they aren't your actual friends - and if they don't and only do so on "official summons"... well, then that would speak volumes about one's character I suppose).
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  12. I forgot this topic existed lmao
  13. The gameplay and game runs fine without any "geometric placement". If your mind is constrained to think in terms of grids you are free to use said mod. Most quality of life mods are making the game easier (read: more boring). The thing with Don't Starve is to figure out how to work around the quirks. Having wormholes color-coded from the get-go is plain boring, for example. You can put up a specific marker, for example two signs, and two signs on the other ends, and viola, you have made a coding system yourself. In my opinion 99,9% of the mods throw a barrage of zzz at the game.
  14. But what about their plans on making things HQ? They've already made a multitude of things in game HQ, such as a handful of clothing items, and even some normal items/foods. Carrot for example. That's what the DYN thingy is for, no?
  15. Same issue here. I found that if i played around with the mac resolution outside of the game while it is running (using RDM) I could sometimes get it to behave, but haven't found repeatable steps to doing that yet. Like changing from 1680x1050 hiDPI to 1680x1050 not hiDPI and back flipping from desktop to full screen game a few times and eventually got it to show clearly. Might have more to do with the switching desktops than the resolution...who knows. This is on a 2018 MBP freshly updated to Catalina.
  16. Do not forget: We are the minority The game is hard for 95% of players. I just met with a guy IRL, told him I was modding DST, and you know the first thing that he said "Yeah, I know that game, it's such a cool game, but so hard" "Yeah, I am working on a mod collab to make it harder rn" "Even harder than it is?" Was funny in retrospect. Klei are doing a good job, and we are just entitled.
  17. After loading a save game one of the storage bins had changed its filter. I had set it to 'seeds' but after a reload 'raw materials' was suddenly checked as well. I've seen this happen two times now. There's no real pattern to it.
  18. Count to 200 without interruption

  19. If you have a ceiling of pneumatic doors and robo miner above it you won't need to worry about it being entombed. Since they won't cross the doors along the ceiling.
  20. Well that was one hell of a ride... huh guys
  21. I definitely do understand a good chunk of the playerbase are new players that struggle. Which its confusing to me that Klei wanted to move away from that "uncompromising" label, yet the game is currently still extremely unforgiving to new players. I don't get that, why would they want that label not associated with DST, when THAT part of the game hasn't changed at all. Is the reason behind making unengaging content REALLY just the new players? Either way.. catering to just one chunk of your audience is never a good idea when its definitely possible to strike a nice balance and keep everyone happy. Not to say the new players will ever see this content, so seemingly they are missing both targets!!! And I definitely am all for your world changing event suggestion, an easy way to add significant content without affecting new players at all really. Like many have said in this thread, the content currently getting added seems to pointless. Its more of the same, and it suffers the same flaws as... the same. I think the idea here is to make content that can't just be memorized. Its been pointed out many times now, but making difficulty or any kind of content only work if you don't know about something is silly in a game meant to be replayed constantly. And I also don't think anyone here is really advocating for DST to become a battle arena , but rather get some kind of new combat system that takes skill.... and not memory. I know its probably tiresome at this point to compare DST to terraria or minecraft, but there is a reason those games are so much more successfull. Its not impossible to make difficulty that lasts even after experiencing it multiple times. Its also definitely not impossible to keep old players and new players playing. These games aren't meant to be "uncompromising" by any means, yet both of them still take a lot more skill and are far more challenging that DST ever will be.
  22. About 15 in Athletics nullifies tile speed bonus, duplicants run/climb with equal speed(plastic vs usual no difference). This do not include natural blocks. Is it bug or some speed cap?
  23. Broken bunker doors let the meteor shower and sun pass through. These are the two counterparts of a broken bunker door. More than that, the game don't work the way you suggest. The only way to make a building dissappear on it's own is to overheating it, so that it melt. For all other cases, it just take damages.
  24. Dupe-A-Day!

    drawing dupes being cute is my specialty
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