[Game Update] - 219035

Release Date: 06/05/2017

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • dupes will not put themselves or their live friends into a grave if they're standing beside a corpse that's on it's way to be buried
  • dupes should no longer sometimes teleport into the ground
  • priority of planter box gets applied to the seed that gets planted inside of it
  • priority of the planter box gets applied to the plant inside of it when using copy settings
  • Microbe Musher/Cooking Station/Clothing Factory side screens should now properly update to show how many ingredients you have remaining
  • Microbe Musher/Cooking Station/Clothing Factory side screens should now properly reserve/unreserve resources when queuing single items to be fabricated
  • Remapping your panning keys in the main menu should no longer cause your camera to pan indefinitely when you start a new game
  • Clothing should no longer disappear after saving/loading. Unfortunately if you've already lost your existing clothing, you will have to make new ones
  • air filter should now only drop clay in 10kg chunks instead of dropping clay every second
  • liquid overpressurization should now happen less frequently
  • Wheezeworts and Bristle Briars should no longer enter infinite plant/die loops when entombed
  • massage table settings can now be copied
  • air filter will be prioritized over sweeping if both are set to the same user priority
  • plants should no longer get double the yield bonus from being fertilized
  • fixed bug where some translations were not showing the proper color style
  • loading a bad translation file should no longer crash the game
  • materials in the build menu should no longer be obscured by the scroll bar

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