[Game Update] - 492125

Release Date: 01/19/22

Update Information:

Greetings, Hot Lava fans. The winter update you’ve been waiting for is here, and boy is it a good one!

Get ready for Mutant Mayhem! A whole new in-game toy universe set in a world that’s been transformed by an evil alien mutagen bomb. Rambull and Stinkbomb arrive in this update, complete with their own unique unlockable items, taunts and Action Files. Jump in and try them out! (psst - there will be more Mutant Mayhem arriving soon!)

Keep your eyes peeled for an amazing new trial we’ve sprinkled into all of the main levels. Much like the Pogo and Tiny Toy trials, entering a Jetpack trial will launch you into whole new gameplay where you zoom through a unique new area with a high-powered jet engine strapped to your back.

We have refreshed the main menu making it easier to access the choices that matter! Over time new features have been added to the main menu, with this update we took the time to reorganize it so each option is easier to find.

We’ve also thrown in some free new Night Fight camouflage skins for all your favorite G.A.T. characters. Additionally, the ever-helpful Sue will now lead you from course to course in the level overworld so you’ll never get lost finding your way to the next challenge. And we’ve added plenty of bug fixes and optimizations to improve your Hot Lava experience.

As always, stay cool, stay safe and stay off the floor!

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