[Game Update] - 451344

Release Date: 02/11/21

Update Information:

Hot Lava SDK Update -- Let your creativity run wild!


A new SDK update is now available for anyone who wants to create their own worlds inside Hot Lava. This release brings some major new features and lots of little fixes and improvements.

T.O.X.I.C. Moves
T.O.X.I.C. has invaded Hot Lava SDK! Lord Sludge and Poizone's new moves are now available to add to community maps. Explore new challenges with the double jump or slide jump movesets.

New LavaEmitter
A simmering new lava generator automatically makes better looking - and sounding! - lava. Just enable the excellent new LavaEmitter to fill your your homemade map's lava with vfx and sfx.

Improvements and Bug Fixes
We’ve also added lots of fixes and modkit usability improvements, including some great advancements in the Randomizer gamemode. We’ve ironed out a bunch of issues and added more Inspector info to make it easier to use Randomizer to create daily challenges generated from fragments of your existing courses!

Detailed Patch Notes - 451344

  • Upgrade to Unity 2019.4.7
  • Add Double Jump and Slide modifiers (Poizone and Sludge movesets) and corresponding Workshop tags
  • Allow multiple targets in ActivateTriggerLogic
  • Draw course finish checkpoint’s camera bounds and camera position in Scene
  • Draw direction player will face on spawn for SpawnPoint
  • Added Klei/GameMode/Draw All Checkpoints. Uncheck this menu item to draw only the current game mode's checkpoints
  • Lava planes (NavierStokesSimulator) can now automatically generate LavaEmitters for vfx and sfx
  • Add the material properties display so you can look up the different gameplay behaviours of PhysicsMaterials (select material_properties asset)
  • Add Edgy-X energy_drink_brk prefab
  • Add Trial_ChaseGrade avatar for pursuit trials
  • Detect portals to invalid gamemodes in Check for Errors
  • Fix prefab flickering when they contain FMOD events
  • Fix levels with lava always being marked as unsaved
  • Remove some unused animations to reduce size of Generic package
  • Fix limited prefab inspector flickering (when you click on one, but don't open it)
  • Fix rogue trial avatars appearing on portals using Pogo or TinyToy
  • Upgrade progrids and polybrush to more recent package manager versions
  • Fix “GameObject > Group Selected” command to maintain object order
  • Properly scroll and display text in mod upload window
  • Apply text length limits in mod upload window on modification and not just on submit
  • Uploading Workshop maps now automatically adds Unity and Modkit versions to Change Notes
  • Apply show/hide after teleporting to a new section of a Randomizer course
  • Prevent error with Randomizer when a course doesn't have a level intro
  • Fix Randomizer gamemodes in modmaps aren't visible in pause menu (requires re-creation of Randomizer gamemode to fix existing uses)
  • Explain Randomizers in GameModeContainer inspector and list the candidate modes
  • Add /cyclerandomizer chat command to give you a sense of how Randomizer changes day by day (only in editor)
  • Fix failure to submit leaderboard scores in randomizer courses

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